Chicks dig cars

Posted on May 25, 2010. Filed under: What she said | Tags: , |

This morning we reversed schedule a bit and got dressed and ready for school first. Usually the first words I hear in the morning are “I am hungry, can you make me breakfast”. So after we were both all ready for the day I said how about we go out for breakfast. Of course she said yes and in the same breath “how about Starbucks?”. My fellow mocha junkie (a kids chocolate milk version for her)  and I headed to Starbucks. Of course there was a super long line this morning filled with a bunch of yapping teenage girls, but that would be a different post. After enjoying our breakfast and iced coffees we headed back to the car.

As I am opening the door Maddie starts yelling “Mommy look, look, look”. Now maybe the coffee hadn’t started working yet, but I was expecting her to be pointing to a friend from school or the neighborhood or maybe a dog. Nope I should have know better. Maddie is super excited to see a Porsche Boxster rolling by…and not just any Porsche but a white one with blue stripes. Oh that made her morning. As we calmed down and proceeded to get into our car, Maddie starts talking about how fast she bet that car goes. “Mommy, I bet it goes over a 100, it was a super fast car. I just love super fast cars” Yes, thanks Todd, she will someday be the cool girl who loves cars just as much as the boys.

As we continue to school and of course talking about cars. I tell her about the fun little drive that we took this weekend up into the mountains on the twisties. Mistake. Immediately she whines, you never let me go on the fun rides. Guess we will be taking a repeat drive very soon.  And I have flashbacks of her first drive where she sat in the back yelling “Faster, Faster, Faster”. This chick digs cars…expensive and fast.


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