Grand Canyon….don’t let go of my hand!

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This weekend we took our first Arizona road trip. Todd’s brother and family were in town and after they arrived we jumped in the car and headed up to the Grand Canyon. Despite lots of traffic we got to the Grand Canyon pretty quietly and jumped into sightseeing mode.

Now the views were just amazing and even though I had seen pictures just not what I had expected. Maddie and I were both surprised that we could only see one small little part of the Colorado River peeking out and it was so so far away.

As a mother I must post…when you look at the breathtaking view you then look down and realize you have children with you. Those fearless children that love to climb and explore. Immediately I have to put into place the roll…ok I hadn’t thought about this so think fast on your feet, Mom. So I implemented if you aren’t on the sidewalk you have to be holding an adult’s hand. Of course to her that was a buzz-kill….so I had to explain I wasn’t trying to ruin the fun just keep her safe. She picked it up pretty quick– thank goodness. So we were able to enjoy the rest of the hiking and viewing. I was able to find a small place for Maddie to climb on (off the canyon) so it was a win-win.

Now on to my gripe. You would be amazed at all the liter we saw…I mean everywhere. Water bottles, fast food wrappers, everything. Here you look out at this gorgeous landscape and in the same second throw your trash on the ground. It was disgusting…I am sure it would be less so off the beaten path, or at least I hope so, but it just was sad to see.

On our way back home from the Canyon we spent the night in Flagstaff and poked around there in the morning. The Candle Factory had a section where you could dip your own candle, which Maddie enjoyed. We also discovered that we were driving on Route 66 (I see another little road trip in our future to explore that more!)

To wrap up the weekend Maddie and Sara spent the afternoon playing in the pool. There is nothing better than laying in the sun, reading your book, hearing two little girls giggle, splash, and laugh. Pure Heaven.

Maddie agrees…she just ran out here for no reason other than to give me a high five for the best weekend ‘everrrr. (and she knows we are going to Disney next weekend :P)

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