One of those moms….potty talk (you have been warned)

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Ok so there are better Disney posts coming, but as my little one rests I will share my latest “be careful to judge” mommy experience.

After getting rained on for the 2nd time of the day, Maddie and I decided we would head back to the hotel and take a little rest before the light parade and fireworks.

Of course we just missed our hotel bus so we had to wait for about 30min for the next one. 25 min later Maddie had to go potty…I figured we could hold it 20min and didn’t want to miss the bus so we kept on. The bus arrived, Maddie was doing the dance, we settled in and were ready to get to the hotel.

Whoops…the enxt stop was Animal Kingdom. The bus driver informed us it would be another 20min to our hotel after Animal Kingdom. Maddie couldn’t hold it anymore. Knowing she had just drank a full bottle of water I knew that was true.

I attempted to see if the bus driver could wait, he said no we would have to wait for the next bus (another 30min). Ok, lets see options…..there was a grassy field in the parking lot where we stopped quickly at Animal Kingdom. I told Maddie lets go for it.

We managed to make it off the bus, hit the grass, and get back on the bus. Where a fellow parent (father) who had watched the potty dance offered up his seat since someone had taken ours during our short absence. Ahh those 20min back to the hotel were much easier on both of us.

So I will not judge…sometimes you just have to make the best of it and I am sure all my fellow bus passengers were happy at the choice I made. I won’t forget thou Maddie yelling “mommy, I am done” as she was still going…bless her heart she was trying to be fast to make the bus. I just laughed “honey, you listen to yourself, I don’t think you are done yet”. Something we both smiled about on the bus ride home.

Now time to wake sleeping beauty!


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