What is this, Grandma Town?

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So I still have to do our Disney post, but I keep putting it off. Partially because there are just so many emotions around it.

Any-who. Today we drove down to Vero Beach to see my grandmother and Aunt. This was the real reason for our trip to Florida. They are up in the years so hard for them to travel to us.  I want Maddie to have memories of them so have a personal goal for myself that we try to get a visit in at least once a year.

We drove down for lunch at their retirement home. Maddie and I picked up flowers for the birthday girl and arrive right before lunch. I would say the highlight for Gigi was taking Madison around the entire lunch room and introducing her to all of her friends (about 20 or so ladies all in their 90’s). I had prepped Maddie and she couldn’t have been more on her game. She shook hands, said nice to meet you, smiled and talked to everyone. As we sat through lunch more “grandma’s” came over to say hello and she would share in the chatter. Gigi was in heaven.

About half way through lunch, Maddie leaned over to me and whispered…”Mommy, what is this place Grandma-town?”.  Hysterical. Everyone loved it and Getta/Gigi proceeded to tell the story around and around…though it went from Grandma-town to Grandma-world to Grand-ville.  (can’t expect them to keep it straight :P) I think Grandma-town sums the place up nicely. It is amazing to see so many 90+ year old women walking around, looking quite healthy and vibrant. It was probably about 10% men, so I guess women do live longer. Scary to think I might have 60 more years of life to experience.

Maddie and I got a tour of the facility and then we went upstairs for playing organ, chatting, and some coloring.

We wrapped up the visit with Maddie singing Happy Birthday and hugs all around. Happy tears we seen as we pulled out of the driveway. Making me so happy I had taken the time out to make this trip possible. Even Maddie agreed it was “so wonderful” to see Gigi and Getta.

A visit to Grandma Town

Happy Birthday Gigi

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