Seriously – teeth grinding???

Posted on June 10, 2010. Filed under: Me, Myself, and I | Tags: , , |

They say stress takes its toll on your body and mind. I always thought about the standard- not sleeping, getting sick, eating bad, headaches. But I found a new one- tooth grinding.

Recently I went to the dentist. Once again no cavities and lots of praise on my teeth. Then they pulled out a new mini camera and took some photos of my teeth– we checked them out on the screen. I noticed it before the dentist even pointed it out. Those sharp canine teeth– one of mine didn’t look so sharp- in fact it was pretty much flat. That is odd, right? Didn’t remember that from my last check-up.

Well the dentist pointed to the canine and I waited. He proceeded to tell me that I must have grinded that down in my sleep. He asked me if I was experiencing stress…chuckle. Yes- I have stress in my life. Are there alot of people out there that say no to that question? I know mine has been elevated for the past few years, but I know by reading FB statuses I am not alone with stress. Anyway he said that stress can cause you to grind your teeth. Bonus. I would need to get a mouth guard and wear it while sleeping for the next 6mths or so and hopefully retrain my mouth not to grind. I guess till life gets a little stressful again. Here is hoping the higher stress level goes away this summer!

The positive side, I realized that those headaches I was getting regularly were probably a result of the grinding so that should go away soon too.

Hope the mouth guard works, as according to WebMD the other suggestions are cutting out caffeine (i.e coffee, diet coke, and chocolate) and alcohol (an evening glass of wine). I am afraid that won’t work well in keeping my stress level down.

Off to the dentist…I am sure the mouth guard is going to look lovely.


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