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Ok so I know I have had alot of coffee posts lately…I can’t lie. Coffee is a daily must. However, this is a little less about coffee and more about how my little girl thinks.

The other day we were in Florida and after a long day at Disney and then a day of visiting family, I was in need of an afternoon pick me up before driving back to Disney for the evening.

So we hit the Starbucks drive through. I ordered my 3 pump iced mocha non fat and pulled around. I was greeted by a nice guy who handed me my coffee and wouldn’t take my money. He said don’t worry about it and waved me on. Now first it is amazing how a simple little gesture like that can make a highlight of your day. I have no idea why he did it, and I had my $3.50 ready, but just the same it was a nice little gesture.

I smiled to myself and said well isn’t that nice. Maddie immediately asked what- when I told her that he had given me my coffee for free. She said “that waaaassss nice”. I told her I agreed and said I wonder why he did that. Well no wondering for Maddie. She immediately responded, “well mommy he probably saw me in the backseat and thought I was a nice cute little girl”. Now I must admit for the last 3 hours she had heard from about 50 elderly ladies how precious and cute and sweet she was so it was ripe on her mind. But just to have a little fun I said, “maybe Maddie, but I don’t know if he could see you, maybe he thought I was nice and he did it for me”. Maddie wasn’t deterred for a moment, “Of course he could see me, look I am here. I am sure he gave you the free coffee for me being with you. People are always nice to me Mommy. I am glad he liked me cause he gave you a free coffee. That was nice of him”. Being caffeine deprived as I was had no quick comeback and so relented saying “thank you Maddie for being such a nice/sweet girl today and getting me a free coffee…now close your eyes and get some rest”.


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