The Wii decision

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I have no idea what I did to my ankle. I have just been working today but somehow my ankle is all jacked up. I am hoping while I sit here with it raised and the 2 Advil will make the pain go away. I was looking forward to my swim tonight (justifying my Subway cookie at lunch :P)- fingers crossed I can still make it.

Now back to the blog..the Wii decision. Mads wants a Wii. She has asked us a couple of times and she reminded me tonight that we told her we would get one. I have to check with TB tonight but I am pretty sure we did tell her we would get one when we moved out to Arizona…actually I think he told her yes. Now if we did she still is going to have to earn it, but I don’t know if I want to even entertain that being the prize she works for.

I just don’t like video games, it has never been something that I have gotten into. Now that might have to do partly that I stink at them, but it is also the thought of  kids wasting days away inside when they could be out playing. I would rather have her playing with her doll-house, reading books, playing with poly pockets- hearing her imagination at work. Then there is her coloring and creating in the kitchen while I cook, or one better helping cook dinner for the night. If we get the Wii will that be a distraction from all the fun we are having…or will it just sit there and collect dust.

We barely spend anytime inside watching TV. My hope is the Wii would spend as much time off…but then why even get it.

I know the Wii is different and plenty of people have great things to say about it. I know that they have fun games that we can play together and do Friday night game night of bowling, the Olympics, etc. And that does sound like fun- but we do that today with Guess Who or just a plain movie night.

So I just can’t decide if a Wii is something I want in the house. For now I will focus on distracting her from asking again….or maybe that can be the trade-off for the future puppy she is counting on when she starts Kindergarten. A promise I did make..when she was 3. I  learned the lesson the hard way that my girl has a memory like an elephant! She forgets nothing, well nothing that she wants to remember. We have 6 more weeks till the puppy campaign will be in full force.  Hmm…now maybe there is a reason to get the Wii. Though I think if given the choice she would choose the puppy…so that just solves one of my problems.


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