The smelly machine

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I have a serious smell problem. It lurks in my washing machine. After doing laundry it starts out as a small little odor till it eventually gets so overwhelming that it takes over the entire laundry room.

At first we didn’t know what the smell was. Then we finally figured out it was coming from the washing machine. We figured it must be the sulfur (egg) water. Our rental house had sulfur water out of all the faucets…talk about a horrible smell in the morning. We were lucky to find a house that had soft water and a reverse osmosis system.

Step 1– ok maybe all the water isn’t evaporating out of the washing machine. So we leave the door open after washing. It helps a little. Yet quickly we realize it just slows down the creation of the odor. Once it arrives it is just as bad.

Step 2- I try to drain the water out of the washing machine at the end of the week. That solves the smell issue, but at the end of the week just removes the odor…since it has already begun with the first load of the laundry.

Step 3- Now after each laundry session we have to drain the water out of the machine. The water smells when it comes out but that keeps the odor from appearing. But what a pain to have to do this after each laundry session. This week alone I had about 8 loads to do and didn’t want to do them all at once, so spread it out over 3 days. Which meant each night I had to drain the machine. Just annoying.

I swear they hooked it up wrong when they installed it…but I don’t really want to pay a plumber to come out again. So for now I will wash and drain, wash and drain. And if we happen to forget, no problem the smell will remind me of the chore.  For someone who already hates laundry, this just made the household chore even more un-attractive. Fortunately I only have to do it about 50% of the time. Now I just have to figure out how to do it 0% of the time!


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