That’s my parking spot

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Sometimes I really can’t believe people. After a long day of hiking in the Canyon, my friends and I headed over to the lodge inside the park to have a drink and watch the sunset. We were fresh off the trails, dirty as can be, but ready to sit down in a comfy chair and relax.

The parking lot is full, really full. We turn down an aisle and people are heading to their cars to leave. Yes! The car in front of me gets a spot and I realize on might right hand side the spot is opening. So I got to back-up. I am the next in line. Well the lovely older lady behind me won’t back up. Nope not an inch. She honks and doesn’t move. Now this went on for awhile while the man struggled to get out of his spot. I must admit if it was just me she would have intimidated me into pulling away. However I had some encouragement in the car who helped me hold strong.

We got the spot and as we pulled in the lady got out of her car. Ok, a little embarrassing but my quick-witted friends had it covered. I was surprised she got out of the car to tell us we were rude, but ok that was her opinion and her right to do…though I stand by we were next in line and it was just as much my spot as hers.

Anyway then she went over the top and made those nagging feelings of wishing I had driven on go away. As we walk to the lodge she lies on the horn and she and her husband share a few words out the window to us. Then I notice she has grandchildren in the backseat. Great example lady. We wave and move on…but now it has caused a scene as we enter the lodge.

Needless to say it made for some interesting drink conversation but we decided to move on for dinner versus having another run in with the couple. Watching the door for anyone coming in doesn’t leave you too relaxed. So age and class don’t necessarily go hand and hand and hopefully she finds a way to not sweat the small stuff.


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2 Responses to “That’s my parking spot”

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It must be an old person thing (not putting down the elderly), but I was in a parking lot & this elderly lady was walking down the middle of the aisle very, very slow, so I honked so she would get out of the way. Well, she waited for me to get out of my car & then said I was rude.

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I agree it is an old person thing. Why don’t they mellow out with age…I mean I can’t imagine they have more stress in their lives. Not to mention I thought- do you watch the news…Nowadays approaching a car with road rage can be deadly…at least that is how I think when tempted to tell someone they are out of line 🙂

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