Allergies, Allergies

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Man I am so happy I don’t have allergies. Especially seasonal allergies. Unfortunately my daughter is not so lucky. When she was about 3 1/2 they started and we have battled them ever since. Fortunately, I have found that a daily regimen of Zyrtec does the trick. Unfortunately, others (that will remain nameless) are not so diligent. Meaning that every couple of weeks she is completely stuffed up and it takes a week of saline drops and medicine to get her unclogged. She is a trooper though, does the saline herself and has mastered the art of nose blowing. I remember when she used to blow her lips in trying to make the sound, until she realized her nose could make that sound.
A bonus to moving to Scottsdale is it seems that her allergies have gone out the door. Just in time since with the latest recall I can’t seem to find Zyrtec anywhere on the shelves at any store. I thought we were in the clear till when she came home this week from a trip to Washington DC. She was again all stuffy. Don’t be grossed out– but a sure-fire way to clear her up was a swim in the pool. We had our towel/Kleenex ready, but Todd did have to skim a few uglies out of the pool. What a good man! We are now 2 days in, with the help of Claritin and Little Noses, she doesn’t sound like a man when she talks and the nose is looking clean.
This morning we headed out for bagels for breakfast before going to camp and she got caught off guard by a few sneezes. I had to smile as she said “God Bless ME, twice.” A positive of having allergies she will always be the first to say god bless you…thanks to tons of experience. And beware if you are in her presence when she sneezes and don’t get a God Bless you out fast enough you will probably get one of her looks. Ahh the look that at first is cute….but I imagine will be the cause of grounding in the coming years. For now, I am looking forward to winning the battle of her allergies…bring on the desert!!!


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Oh man! I feel your pain. My oldest has allergies and he sounds like a cross between a freight train, a trucker, and a 70 year smoker when his allergies kick in and we have no Zyrtec.

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