Circus, Circus

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Greatest Show on Earth

Last night we went to see the Greatest Show on Earth!  What a blast we had. Our seats were 3rd row so right in the action and Barnum and Bailey do an awesome performance. Before I get into the special moments I have at admit I was a little surprised to see Peta protesters outside the circus….passing out stickers for the kids along with a brochure. I don’t mind them being there and definitely don’t support animal cruelety…but the strategy of targeting young kids with stickers didn’t go over so well. I didn’t want to start my night having to explain Peta to Maddie. Fortunately we were easily distracted as we entered the show.

We got into the show just in time and the lights went out and the fun began. I don’t know how many times I heard “look, look, look” as we tried to keep an eye on the 3 or 4 acts going on at time. There was laughing, clapping, and screaming. I even gasped a few times as we some of the stunts were performed. Our favorite act was the motorcycles in the ball….at first Maddie didn’t believe  Todd that was what the giant ball was for. Then we were all amazed when 5 guys went in there together. When they asked if we wanted more, Maddie was up and yelling more, more with the rest of them. They managed to do 7 inside the ball…amazing.

Maddie was disappointed when the acrobat missed his quadruple flip…she didn’t understand that it had only happened 2 times in 140 years…she wanted him to keep trying. Guess she has learned that you don’t give up!

Another favorite was the baby elephant borne the night before the 2009 inaguration…guess the name – Barack. Maddie found it really

Can't take my eyes off the show

cute that it was just like Okabama (Obama) …don’t think she realized they did that on purpose.

Nothing beats watching your little one staring in awe for 2 hours at all the tricks…the mouth gaping or smiling and laughing. We left the circus hand in hand…all smiling.

Now off to camp today (it is backwards day)….and after getting over being more goofy/funky than cute, she was totally into it!

Opposite Day


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One Response to “Circus, Circus”

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First, I have to say I totally agree about the PETA protesters method of targeting kids. That’s just not right. Talk to the parents and explain the issue, but there’s no reason to traumatize the kids. That said, however, I hope you did look into it after the show.

I have fond memories of watching the circus when I was a kid. I loved seeing all the animals doing tricks and I even got to ride an elephant once! But as I got older and heard and saw some the appalling cruelty that go on, I could never attend the circus (not one that uses animals) in good conscience again.

There’s info you can Google regarding this issue if you want to research it further.


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