Seriously…all in one night???

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Ok. So I mentioned in my earlier post It Never Fails how when TB goes out-of-town things break and my wish list for the week.

Scratch that list.

First off the A/C guy is not coming till tomorrow. Somehow what was manageable this weekend was unbearable today. Preparing breakfast in the kitchen I was sweating. Not fun.

Ok I can handle it. Go for a walk with my neighbor. Got my morning workout done and great convo.

I get home…am about to jump on another conference call. Door bell rings. It is my other neighbor showing where my irrigation system is making a river down the road. Lovely.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful.

Then about 45min ago I went to my closet to get an empty storage container. I pull out the step-ladder. I pull down the container. Then BAMMMM. What the heck?

A florescent tube has crashed to the floor into a million little pieces. What was that doing up there????? Oh yes I am barefoot…I tip-toe out. A miracle with no glass in my foot. Grab a bag, the vacuum and go to work. Did I mention I just got took a shower. Pointless. I am a sweaty mess. No A/C in closet. After getting 2 extension cords so the vacuum would reach I finally think I am going to get through this. Whoops spoke to soon….vacuum sucked the ribbon of one of my pairs of slacks. Ok back to clean up. Shit…now we got a plastic bag from the dry cleaner. I give up. Well not really but I was starting to hallucinate about the glass of wine I had just poured in the kitchen.

I manage to not suck up anything else. No laughing about my vacuum skills.

I think I am done. I come back to inspect. Pick up about 15 more silvers of glass. Oh boy how long before I get a sliver of glass in my foot.

However now I have my glass of wine, I have the fan on high, and have vented sufficiently. Let’s just hope tomorrow brings nothing more.


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