Don’t hang up on me

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This morning I got a call from MB. It was still a little early so I was in bed and my phone was in the living room. TB goes to answer it and MB is confused.

MB: I called Mom

TB: Yep, I just answered her phone, she is here

MB: Oh, ok. I don’t have your phone number in my phone. So you can take turns answering.

TB: ok

MB: Well I know how to read your name but I don’t have your name in my phone so I can’t call you. Just Mom, but you can answer ok. When I get home you can put your number in the phone and then I can call you by name.

TB: Ok, sounds good

The girl definitely likes to think things through and have a plan. We then talk for a while all 3 of us on speaker. Just this and that and the other thing. Then she says she has to go. She gives us both hugs and kisses and then tell us she loves us and misses us. We count down the days till she is home. Then she says bye. I say bye and hang up.

MB: Ring, Ring

Me: Hi.

MB: I wasn’t done talking.

Me: Ok, I thought you said bye.

MB: I did but I didn’t hang up.

Me: Oh, ok I thought you were saying goodbye

MB: I hang up when I say goodbye

Me: (knowing this reasoning will go nowhere) Ok…so what are you doing?

We chat for another 5 min or so and then MB says she has to go. I say ok.

MB: This time I have to go mom….I am going to hang up on you now. Have a great day. “CLICK”

I guess I need to teach her you say goodbye and then hang up the phone…CLICK and goodbye are not the same thing 🙂

Either way was a sweet call this morning and I can’t wait for her to get home.


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