Decisions, Decisions

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My little one has such a hard time with choices and decisions. To prove it she has $5 still to spend at the dollar bins at Target and about 1000 tokens from Dave and Busters. She just looks at all the choices and is lost…usually getting frustrated that she just can’t make the decision.

Yet we still press on…decisions are important and she is always going to have life decisions to make. Even though today’s are not that critical.

Case in point. This morning MB wanted to wear silly bands to school. I told her she could wear 5…she negotiated me to 6. We always use 5 as that is her age…but she said she is 5 and 3/4 which is closer to 6 so we agreed to 6. How could I argue with that?

So I leave her to make her choice while I clean up breakfast.

She comes over with about 6 on each hand and I told her no 6 in total…she starts to whine, “but I can’t make a decision.I want the princess and the beach ones.”

I sense a potential melt down coming. I go over and sit with her and explain that she can have 3 on each hand and I show her 2 sets of 3. She asks again for me and I said “no honey” you must make a decision.

I leave her again to her decision and then what a moment. She comes to me and says mommy look this is what I am going to wear. She had chosen 3 on each side. She showed me which ones and you could tell she was so proud she had made a decision. I gave her a hug and told her how proud I was of her. A baby decision but this was the first “hard” one she had worked out herself. Next step deciding how to spend those $5…I am afraid we will need a little bit more time before we can master that in the Target dollar bins. Even I find it too tough to make a decision at Target!


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2 Responses to “Decisions, Decisions”

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I think you did her a great favor by narrowing down the choices when you showed her 2 sets of 3 that she could choose. Perhaps she is overwhelmed with so many choices. Maybe you could do the same thing with the dollar bin…show her a few sets of 5 items that she could purchase with her $5.

You are going a great job of helping her learn to make choices/decisions. Some parents misunderstand about giving their child choices. A parent shouldn’t say “what do you want to eat for dinner?” unless she is prepared to feed them ice cream, if that’s what they ask for, lol. Instead the question should be “Would you like Chicken or Meatloaf for dinner?” Fewer choices are easier for kids and still teaches them about making decisions.


Very true…giving them options is always easier on everyone…though some nights I wouldn’t mind ice cream for dinner 😛

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