No more long emails

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Ok I am going to have a rare venting session.

I don’t like to do this too often as I want to close this door on my life and there are so many happier things to focus on, but tonight it a night to vent.

To protect the idiots I will not be as direct as I should…if they were ever to read this they will know who they are.

So here is my rant:

1. I do not need long emails. When I open up my email and see an email that requires me to scroll and scroll and scroll I do not smile. If these emails were productive or on “important” topics they might be ok, but they aren’t. So please this is not a novel-writing contest and we especially don’t need more than one a day.

2. I know you. I know you do not write these emails. Remember you only know how to TYPE IN ALL CAPS. I have seen emails from you, these are not from you. So again they are long and they are not you, so please. I can’t believe I am saying this but I would enjoy seeing an email in ALL CAPS. Cause it would be short as you hunt and peck you way to the words.

3. You need to look in the mirror. You have no self-reflection. None. None. None. You demand, yes demand things of me that you have never done yourself. That might have worked at one point but it doesn’t anymore. So write in ALL CAPS and look in the MIRROR. If you did so then the emails would never exist in the first place.

4. I will not let you control me, my moods, my life, or my happiness. I have let your black cloud control my life for too long. It doesn’t have that power anymore. Sometimes it might make a moment gray but only for a fleeting moment. The energy set forth in your emails do not have the same effect. My life and my happiness is my own.

5. I feel sorry for you. Yes as much as I wish I didn’t, I do. You are sad, your life is sad. However, you make your life what it is. I don’t see that every changing which is too bad.


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