Yes, I cried

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Ok today we went to go see Nanny McPhee Returns. You wouldn’t think it is a cry movie. Well I was in tears about 3 different times.

I won’t ruin the movie but those family moments made me cry. I kept the tears a secret but I couldn’t help but wonder if any other mom’s in the theater were crying. I hope so…otherwise I am a little crazy, but we knew that.

The movie was cute and had its share of giggles. MB and I enjoyed our little mid-day movie, but there was one exchange which struck me hard. It also made me realize how grown-up kids can be now-a-days.

Now if you don’t want to hear about any part of the movie don’t read on. 🙂 hehe I just thought I should warn and not be one of those ruin a movie people, even if it is Nanny McPhee.

The father has gone off to war in the movie. Somewhere in the movie a telegram is sent and it isn’t good news. (Yes this is a part where I teared up).

Maddie watches the scene unfold, then turns to me and with a very serious face and said, “Uncle B hasn’t died has he?”. It was a quick exchange when I told her no he was just fine…but as she went back to the movie I was struck by the exchange.

Inside MB’s head:

1) Man in military

2) Family gets message that father is dead

3) MB thinks about her Uncle B in the Army

4) Realizes that military (and maybe cause she hasn’t seen him in a while) can mean death

5) Wants to confirm that Uncle B is alive and not dead

She is 5 years old. Yet what a mature thought process.

Anyone who has a loved one in the military has had that thought.

Fortunately for now Uncle B is not abroad so we sleep a little better, but we know at anytime that could change.

I also am thankful for all the men and women that are there and the families that have to deal with the unknown.

During that brief exchange with MB it made me think about any kids watching the movie who had a parent in the military that was away at the moment, would they have the same thought? Would the thought process be the same? Would it bring up a new worry in their mind that they hadn’t had before?

Either way it was a sad moment for me to realize my 5-year-old had a momentary concern that her uncle could be dead since he was in the Army.

It is impossible to shelter them, but it can’t make me not want to.

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4 Responses to “Yes, I cried”

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Oh man I know how this is. My brother was deployed to Kuwait and then Afghanistan and then Iraq and then Korea while in the Army and we just lived with constant worry! Now my sis is in the marines and we are nervous for the end of her MOS when she gets her orders. It is so hard to explain this stuff to kids and then see that they understand why everyone is worried. They learn to worry and wait very early with friends or family in the military!

Wow…2 members of your family. It must be an emotional roller coaster for you all, but so thankful they make the sacrifice. Be forewarned on the movie…it was cute but getting a telegram that your dad was killed at war, even though it turns out to be false– could be more than they could take.

I love that big bow! I’m such a huge fan of those and those that are even bigger than that!!

Posh A La mode..bows and headbands…so great!

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