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Refreshed…a great girls weekend

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Nothing beats family time…and I cherish every minute.

But there is something to be said for getting away for a day or two.

I was able to get away this past weekend and how wonderful it was.

I headed east to Kentucky. So on top of visiting 2 of my best friends. Yep, lucky me they are married! I got to get a little southern charm.

The weather was just awesome. 70’s. Sunny. Clear Skies.

Combine that with wine, long walks, good food, and good chats. I was so refreshed and thankful for everything I am blessed with.

The past few visits have been full of venting, talking about the crap in my life, and the dark cloud had just always hung around.

That is a thing of the past. What a difference it made. It was just wonderful. No black clouds. Nothing to really bitch about. Just shows how talking negative can make you feel negative. Talking positive leads to being positive.

About the only downer was leaving and realizing it was going to be awhile till I saw them again. Friends know no distance, but it sure would be nice to have them around for more weekly dinners, walks, and wine.

Oh and I have to mention I was reminded how the little touches for guests can make you smile. There was a note on my bed, flowers in my room, and she even turned down my bed one night. Oh yeah over the top. I must remember flowers in the room when we have company. They made me smile all weekend.

What little touches do you do when you have company?? (I am not afraid to steal them!!!)

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When it’s hot…go where it is hotter

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So we had planned a weekend getaway to visit friends. Something we were all looking forward to. MB to make new friends, TB and I to get away from work and home projects and just enjoy the weekend.

It was a hot week for us in Scottsdale 110 degrees most days so in my mind I was looking forward to going to Lake Havasu for some cooler weather. Right, cause Lake means cool doesn’t it? Well in my warped mind it did. That was too Thursday night when TB and I looked at the temps and I saw that it was 10 degrees hotter in Havasu. WHAT??????

Turns out its more in the desert than we are. Whoops.

Oh well…even turning up the heat won’t get this girl down.

We had a great time…bowling, playing in the pool, visiting, and just being. It felt so good not to have anything to do, nowhere to be, and just let the weekend happen.

Now refreshed and ready for the week ahead…well sorta 🙂

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Another day in paradise

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Ok I really am in heaven. I know this is probably getting to be an old topic but I have such an awesome neighborhood. Here was my afternoon.

We had plans to have one set of neighbors over for swimming and dinner…plus some outside TV installation. So when MB got off the school bus I was already in suit ready to head to the pool.

On my way to the bus stop I saw another set of neighbors and invited them over to join us! Figured MB would be happy to have some older kids in the mix to play with…and selfishly knew that would keep me more “free”…kids are more fun than mom.

Then the bus arrives…and MB invites the whole bus stop over to the pool. Well everyone shows up and what a blast. We had 9 kids and 4 moms all in the pool trying to beat the heat. The playdate only lasted about an hour till everyone headed home to get dinner ready…but we had fruit and fun.

I just can’t believe my luck at finding a house in such a wonderful neighborhood.

After things settled down we grilled out some grub and enjoyed a relaxing evening…I was so proud of MB as she took little G to her room to play after she had finished eating, giving us a little more adult time. Later as I was putting MB to bed I asked what they had done in her room. I had to laugh…she said she was teaching little G how to jump on the bed! Whooops…well at least they didn’t get hurt and they were quiet!

Now off to check out the outside TV install is going…so excited to think about football while hanging in the pool!

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Family fun and humidity

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A long weekend with family in Indy. 4 little ones ages 5 and under. Lots of giggles, a little whining, and tons of fun. Splash in HIGH humidity and bugs, which in the words of MB: “I know why people move to AZ, so they don’t have bug bites” reminded us that 110 degrees isn’t that bad if the humidity is low.

We spent majority of the weekend poolside at TB’s parents house. Unlike our pool they have a slide and a diving board. MB with her running splits & long jumps and TB doing flips. The favorite was the slide. For the first day it was just normal sliding. The 2nd day brought all different kind of combos. Forwards, backwards, on your stomach, on your back. Then the “big trick” was coming off the slide onto the boogie board and staying up. After lots of lots of practice and being told that I didn’t hold the board right (TB needed to hold the board) she had it mastered and could come down the slide, right to the boogie board and glide across the pool. What fun memories. I  know we are going to hear begging for a slide at our house soon. (wish I could post the video!)

We also had some of TB’s old friends join us with their kids at the pool for a BBQ and more pool time. Water guns were the toy of choice, for the big kids and the little kids!

Outside of the pool the kids played non-stop. I caught the girls practicing cheers in the gym. MB teaching lil Sis “up-up, down-down” with the pom-pom’s. The boys took MB for a ride around the yard in their Caddy. Enjoying summer nights…seeing fireflies. Setting off some pretty impressive fireworks.

We had a family dinner which was full of really good eats. TB’s sister-in-law makes some really good coney sauce. I say this as someone who doesn’t like coney’s but loved her sauce!!! I am waiting for the artichoke dip recipe too- another WOW. Bellies stuffed and the kids are quiet. I go upstairs to check on them and MB says “Mommy, we have been playing a really long time with no arguing, isn’t that great?”. Yes it is and I am running back downstairs quickly so as not to ruin the quiet :).

The visit was short…but one of those that fills your heart and soul with happiness and recharges you for life ahead! Even if I still feel sticky thinking about the humidity!

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Goodnight Moon

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Tonight we headed down the street to babysitt for friends. Maddie was a great help. Though at times she tried calling him like you would a dog. Better yet was when trying to communicate she asked me “how did I talk at his age?” in an attempt to channel some babytalk. Lots of giggles and fun for the 4 of us. When bedtime rolled around and he reached for Goodnight Moon, I smiled. My favorite bedtime story. I still know it by heart. Funny how doing a favor would really be a great treat for us.

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Hiking with Ranger Rick and Model Molly

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Hiking, Views, and Best Friends

So where have I been? Enjoying a long weekend with some of my best friends. We decided to split the weekend into 2 parts. One for Ranger Rick (hiking in the Grand Canyon) and one for Model Molly- this part includes, pool, pedicures, wine, and reality TV relaxing.

The first part of the weekend was hiking. After a fun 4 hour drive up to the Canyon where we covered about 1 year of catch up topics, had 2 bathroom breaks, and one good laugh after finding Molly had the seat warmer on in the backseat (making her a little uncomfortable in the car) we found ourselves ready to hit the trails.

We got a late afternoon start and had one mission…to see the Colorado River. Going down was a piece of cake and unlike most hiking odd experience to go down first. We had some amazing views and it was gorgeous. At times we got a little stressed as we hadn’t found the river view yet and wanted to make sure we got back before sunset. Around Skelton’s point we saw the river, and then began the hike back up.

The River- We made it

Oh boy, it was steep. Between some altitude making the air a little thin, the intense sun, and the steep incline we all kept ourselves going with the anticipation of knowing we could eat whatever we wanted when we got to the top. We made it out in a record 2 hours, well before sunset, and still with a little water left. Ranger Rick enjoying the hike up since we couldn’t yap as much.

We rounded out the evening having drinks and watching the sunset over the Canyon and then found some Mexican for dinner. Where thanks to Rick leaving the restaurant via the closet we had a few more laughs…a great day and while there was doubt our hotel room had A/C giving us a perfect night sleep!

Stay tuned for 2 more posts on our adventure. A) That’s my parking spot and B) Driving on Empty

Ranger Rick

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What is this, Grandma Town?

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So I still have to do our Disney post, but I keep putting it off. Partially because there are just so many emotions around it.

Any-who. Today we drove down to Vero Beach to see my grandmother and Aunt. This was the real reason for our trip to Florida. They are up in the years so hard for them to travel to us.  I want Maddie to have memories of them so have a personal goal for myself that we try to get a visit in at least once a year.

We drove down for lunch at their retirement home. Maddie and I picked up flowers for the birthday girl and arrive right before lunch. I would say the highlight for Gigi was taking Madison around the entire lunch room and introducing her to all of her friends (about 20 or so ladies all in their 90’s). I had prepped Maddie and she couldn’t have been more on her game. She shook hands, said nice to meet you, smiled and talked to everyone. As we sat through lunch more “grandma’s” came over to say hello and she would share in the chatter. Gigi was in heaven.

About half way through lunch, Maddie leaned over to me and whispered…”Mommy, what is this place Grandma-town?”.  Hysterical. Everyone loved it and Getta/Gigi proceeded to tell the story around and around…though it went from Grandma-town to Grandma-world to Grand-ville.  (can’t expect them to keep it straight :P) I think Grandma-town sums the place up nicely. It is amazing to see so many 90+ year old women walking around, looking quite healthy and vibrant. It was probably about 10% men, so I guess women do live longer. Scary to think I might have 60 more years of life to experience.

Maddie and I got a tour of the facility and then we went upstairs for playing organ, chatting, and some coloring.

We wrapped up the visit with Maddie singing Happy Birthday and hugs all around. Happy tears we seen as we pulled out of the driveway. Making me so happy I had taken the time out to make this trip possible. Even Maddie agreed it was “so wonderful” to see Gigi and Getta.

A visit to Grandma Town

Happy Birthday Gigi

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