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We have a problem

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Yes it is a Chipotle problem. I swear they put crack in their rice. We must eat it at least 3 times a week. Now it is the closest lunch spot to the house and working from home means that we have a lot of run out for lunch days. Combine that with I can’t remember the last time one of the lovebugs said let’s have Chipotle for lunch and anyone disagreed. So we do have a slight problem.

When asked what MB thought about our problem she gave me a thumbs up! So I don’t think we will be going to Chipotle rehab anytime soon 🙂

What is your restaurant/food addiction?

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Family Favorite- Enchiladas

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A family favorite…brings back memories of Texas!

What you will need:

1lb Hamburger

Chili Powder

Cominos (Cumin Seed)

1 dozen tortillas (the thinnest you can find)- corn or flour

1 medium Onion, chopped finally

8oz Colby/Jack Cheese, grated


Chop the onion and saute with the hamburger. Add cominos, chili powder, and salt to taste. Cook together until the hamburger is browned. Drain. Add 1/3 of the grated cheese and warm slightly until the cheese is melted and makes the mixture stick together well. You can also use turkey or bison.

Warm the tortillas between 2 paper towels splashed with water in the microwave for 30 seconds

Make a gravy in a small saute pan out of chili powder, a little of the grease from the hamburger, water, and flour stirred together. Cook this on low untill it has the texture of a thin gravy. You can also use a can or substitute the grease for olive oil.

Prepare work area next to stove so you can work with the gravy in the pan, a plate for rolling the tortillas, and a baking pan for the tortillas. Take one warmed tortilla at a time and run it through the gravy to dampen and then place it on the plate. Do a few tortillas like this to stake them up with gravy between each tortilla. Using your hands, take some of the hamburger/cheese mixture, squeeze it into shape and place it in the tortilla and roll-up. Now, transfer the rolled tortilla to the baking pan.

Repeat till all the tortillas are full and baking pan is assembled. Cover with remaining grated cheese. Cover pan with foil and bake for 20min at 350 degrees. Serve with cooked beans, sour cream, and hot sauce!


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Food induced memories

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Mac and cheese

Image by moonlightbulb via Flickr

We were sitting down at the table for a dinner of mac and cheese, peas, and melon.

MB turns to me and says I miss Adam.

Adam was the owner of our favorite restaurant in NY and a good friend of ours there. MB loved to go to Adam’s as he always had hidden coloring books for her and made her a very special (yummy even for me) mac and cheese.

We used to go there at least once a week and MB was never shy of asking the hostess for Adam. Having me text him. Or looking for him herself. When she saw him she would give him the biggest bear hug ever. It was MB’s Cheers. She knew everyone and always felt special. I loved how she considered that her place. Made for some great memories and meals out.

One time we went from brunch together and stayed for hours listening to the band, coloring on the brown paper tablemats, and just enjoying each other.

Ahh food-induced memories. She does have my DNA.

I remember so many places and things by the food.

Always growing up there was excitement about going to this city or that city by the food we were going to eat.

It might be just mac and cheese, but it is the start of many more food memories to come.

Love you Adam!

What is your favorite food memory???

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First night out with the blog world

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What a fun little surprise.  When I first moved to Scottsdale I started searching out the area on the web. I came across Scottsdale Mom’s Blog and quickly became a follower. Funny to note I also participated in my first online giveway…and I won. These adorable headbands from Posh A La Mode.

Well tonight they had their first Mom’s Night Out. I signed up. I then last-minute got my wonderful neighbor to join in! We have had such a great time getting to know each other this week….walks & talks!

Steph and Joy did an awesome job. We started of at Chez Vous which served us delicious wine and some amazing crepes. They just moved from France a few months ago and opened shop. I will be taking TB and MB back soon…awesome atmosphere and yummy food. We then headed over to Moonbeams which I have to admit made my pocketbook happy I wasn’t having a baby or going to a shower anytime soon. They had the most adorable stuff and some many unique handmade or personalized items. I have my spot for baby gift shopping…not to mention a couple of wall hangings that I think I am going to have to go back and get for MB’s room. One said “I want to be just like Mommy when I grow up” well now it was a cuter saying than that but you get the point…and in the middle was a place to put a photo of me and MB. It was just perfect. As I write this I am wondering why I didn’t buy it tonight!

Outside of the fun venues…I met a few neighbors in the area and was surrounded by a whole bunch of local mom’s. A really cool feeling. So my first attempt of meeting the “online world” in real life was a success and lots of fun…look forward to doing it again.

Now I am just going to have to decide if I will eat the Simply Sweets cupcake now or in the morning….it is staring at me with its beautiful flower and pink icing…saying “Eat Me”

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A lazy day

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Tuesday was our lazier day. We had to do a room move, which wasn’t so much fun and we lost our view in the process. A little complaining didn’t get us much and after we were just too busy to care.

We started off the morning with breakfast at a local joint. We went for the pancakes but that was just the beginning. First off the bacon was some of the best island bacon ever! Even better was Maddie, who doesn’t much care for eggs. Fell in love with the “hawaiian-style” eggs. Now they were just scrambled and folded over like an omelet..but for Madison is was a whole new egg. She devoured one and wanted more. Usually we have to make her eat a couple bites but no longer. I see many more Hawaiian style egg breakfasts in our future.

We then went back to the hotel and enjoyed a good couple hours of pool time. Lots of crazy throws by best buddy and just plain goofing around in the pool. No complaints by anyone.

We made the room move and headed over to play 18 holes of golf. Maddie’s first time on the golf course (past the driving range) and she had a blast. She loved washing our golf balls, learned how to properly rake the sand, and driving the cart. The ranger told her before we took off she could have a chicken if she could catch one. Maddie took him seriously and tried her hardest to catch one…she wasn’t successful but it gave us a few laughs especially when she got a little freaked out that the momma chicken didn’t like her going after the little chicks. We ended up getting rained on a couple skipped a few holes to get to the ocean front tees. The 16th hole was amazing and Todd hit a perfect tee shot as we looked past the ocean to themountains…we quickly then finished up before the heavy rain set in. What fun to all play golf together…now just need to find more time to work on my game.

We opted for a nice dinner out..Roy’s. Wow, amazing is all I can say. The food was incredible. Incredible. Great fish. Unbelievable Ahi Tuna. We were happy to see that there is one in Scottsdale. I expect us to be back to Roy’s within the next month or so. That good! We finished up the evening with Lava Cake. Taking turns going around the table for our bites and resisting the urge to lick the plate…Lava Cake and the 3 of us is quite an entertaining site.

Next to Roy’s was a great little art gallery…and while I think I have my days confused we did at Maddie’s request one night check out the gallery.  She loved all the sculptures and paintings. On the ride home she talked to us about why she appreciated art. It was such a great explanation. Saying that art has meaning and is made for people you love so they can enjoy it. How she enjoys making art to share with others and how she enjoys seeing what art people have made for her to enjoy. Sometimes I can not squeeze her hard enough…so precious!

Just another day in paradise with my lovebugs!

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Red, White, and Berry

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The girls at the BBQ

Our neighbors had a BBQ for Memorial day and our task was dessert. I enlisted the girls to help. Well really I asked and they came running YESSSS! First we checked out Martha Stewart’s 60 photos of red, white and blue desserts.

Sara wasn’t a fan of icing so cupcakes were out…a few desserts I quickly passed over as they looked like scary projects to tackle. We decided on the red, white and blueberry trifle, but with a slight adaptation. We would make personal cups…easier for the BBQ and more fun for the girls.

Fortunately we had to double the recipe so each time the girls could take turn putting in the ingredients. Over and over again I heard as they were making their creations…this is so much fun, this is so much fun. And other than them eating the strawberries faster than I could cut them I had no complaints on all the fruit they ate during the prep!

We had one snafu when I had to run out for more cream cheese…but other than that the dessert making was a hit and the result was too.

Maddie was so proud to carry her dessert to Tini’s and both girls passed them out around the party- as any good chef would do.

The Recipe from Martha

Sara and Maddie ready to start creating

Proud Chefs with their finished product

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Brandy’s Restaurant and Bakery

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During our weekend getaway we tried out my first Food Network featured restaurant.

Featured on Diners, Drive-ins, & DivesBrandy’s Restaurant and Bakery in Flagstaff, AZ.

We had a full day of driving and visiting the Grand Canyon so the group was pretty tired.

I have to say it was a good pick. The menu was full of lots of fresh cooking and flavors that sounded really good. Todd and I decided to share 2 entrée so we could get double the tries. We enjoyed both. Maddie got a grilled cheese with ginger soy carrots. I have to admit my favorite 2 things of the meal were the fresh 7-grain bread brought warmed to the table (and used in Maddie’s grilled cheese) and the soy ginger carrots. Brandy’s had started out as a breakfast and bakery spot– and I think next trip we are going to hit the breakfast.

The chef was out talking to all the tables and spent some time with us, well with Maddie. Maddie was busy drawing and they talked about if she wanted her drawing up all the wall with the various artist work he displays. Madison said she was  a very good drawer and would be happy to share. After dinner she searched him out to give with her signed artwork, that he happily accepted along with the compliment that he was a very good “cook person”.

Now I must admit Maddie didn’t love her carrots. She likes them raw…it was one of those you have to eat 6 carrots to be done. So when the waiter came over and asked how she liked her carrots (which were almost gone thanks to Todd and I) I cringed. Yet it seems Ms. Manners is working. Maddie turned and said they were good. Then she even added they are really really delicious. Nicely done, Maddie. Though now I wonder about how well she delivered the compliment….guess I might have to start 2nd guessing when she gives me her opinion 🙂

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