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101st Post…let’s celebrate!!!

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Well one post late to celebrate but I didn’t realize I had just completed post 100 till about 12 hours after it posted.

So let’s just celebrate Post 101…have a glass of wine for me! I didn’t get my wine tonight but found an amazing little Thai join tonight and had some yummy spicy beef salad and had flashbacks of our family vacations to Thailand. So was a wonderful night.

Now on to some other celebration news.

I soon am going to be opening my own OpenSky store. I am so excited that when I come across some of the good finds for my lovebugs, I will be able to share them with everyone. OpenSky is a platform that will connect creators of great things with great readers, YOU. The store is going to be just mine…with only the products I love! I am excited to post cute and fun things. Who doesn’t love online window shopping…or real shopping. Now I can have my own window for you to explore.

I am also excited to see others that are going to be opening their own OpenSky stores as well. Places where I can window shop and when I find something I love I don’t have to go track it down…I can get it right where I read the review. It is going to just make the blogsphere even easier. Who doesn’t want simpler. Connecting products with readers. Love it!

I am excited about opening my store August 10th…hope you get a little excited too!

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All about learning…html that is

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Trying to keep myself busy…I am ready for my lovebugs to get home, a week can drag on forever…I happened on April’s free online html blog training session. So I signed up.

First off using go to meeting on my home PC was wonderful. For work I am always using webex but I have never used it in combo with the VOIP. How great to be watching the live training, chatting, and getting all the sound and talking on my pc. No headset on my head. I wear it enough all day long!!!

Ok so enough about the techie….yes I am a dork about that stuff at times.

Well the class was great. I am using wordpress and most of it was blogger…but the same basics can be applied as html is html. She went through changing backgrounds, resizing headers, making headers, signatures, and borders. I have to admit it was amazing to see how with a few little tricks and simple code you could change things around. I love learning new stuff.

She also showed us how to use an eyedropper to be able to pick up the html code for colors that you find on other webpages. What a nifty little trick.

Now if only I had an extra 5 hours a day to keep on playing. April mentioned she would be doing more classes so if you are interested I would follow her and be on the lookout. I definitely would attend again, love learning new stuff…if I can be so lucky as to have it fall when MB is asleep or TB is out of town…though as much as I enjoyed the class I would rather have my lovebugs home! I am done enjoying the me time.

Check out her tutorials too….I used them to remember the signature steps.

P.s. Mom if you are reading this and want my notes I would be happy to pass them on 🙂

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First night out with the blog world

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What a fun little surprise.  When I first moved to Scottsdale I started searching out the area on the web. I came across Scottsdale Mom’s Blog and quickly became a follower. Funny to note I also participated in my first online giveway…and I won. These adorable headbands from Posh A La Mode.

Well tonight they had their first Mom’s Night Out. I signed up. I then last-minute got my wonderful neighbor to join in! We have had such a great time getting to know each other this week….walks & talks!

Steph and Joy did an awesome job. We started of at Chez Vous which served us delicious wine and some amazing crepes. They just moved from France a few months ago and opened shop. I will be taking TB and MB back soon…awesome atmosphere and yummy food. We then headed over to Moonbeams which I have to admit made my pocketbook happy I wasn’t having a baby or going to a shower anytime soon. They had the most adorable stuff and some many unique handmade or personalized items. I have my spot for baby gift shopping…not to mention a couple of wall hangings that I think I am going to have to go back and get for MB’s room. One said “I want to be just like Mommy when I grow up” well now it was a cuter saying than that but you get the point…and in the middle was a place to put a photo of me and MB. It was just perfect. As I write this I am wondering why I didn’t buy it tonight!

Outside of the fun venues…I met a few neighbors in the area and was surrounded by a whole bunch of local mom’s. A really cool feeling. So my first attempt of meeting the “online world” in real life was a success and lots of fun…look forward to doing it again.

Now I am just going to have to decide if I will eat the Simply Sweets cupcake now or in the morning….it is staring at me with its beautiful flower and pink icing…saying “Eat Me”

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One room at a time….smallest room first!

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Well we have been in the new place for 4 months and everything still looks exactly as it did the first weekend we unpacked. That weekend I made us finish up MB’s room…not that I should have worried but thought having her room setup would help the transition to AZ. She didn’t skip a beat but I at least got to feel good that one room in the house was done.

So when TB mentioned this week that he thought we should get the guest half bath decorated (it had just odds and ends in it) I jumped on it and was at Target less than 24 hours later. Well that was after surfing the web for ideas and inspiration.

I started with some photos I had picked up at an Art fair in Ohio- they needed a home in the house. They are a little “risqué” but tastefully done and the artist is from my home town of Vero Beach…which lead to the initial purchase. Me in Ohio, missing Vero. Art was a solution. So the photos are black and white and I went with that theme.

I found some simple black and silver accessories that I knew TB would approve…and added an accent in Blue. Which we are debating about…tags are still on those towels. I then got another black frame that I filled with photos from our recent trip to Kauai (hence the blue). One more bare wall. Ahh MB’s baby part black and white and fits in with the other art (lots of skin :)).

And wahlaa we have our first room decorated in the house! Well partially…one of the big projects on the list is getting the hardware all switched out (not a fan of the gold) and a new sink….but for now this will do just fine 🙂

That was a couple days ago…finally got the pictures hung (and a few in MB’s room too!!!). Setting up her August magnet calendar got me all excited again for her first day in the big house!

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Planning a Party

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I love planning parties…but usually it is just once a year for MB’s birthday. With our new life (& friends) in AZ I think that is going to change and I am so excited.

As MB spends the last 2 weeks of summer with her dad I decided when she came back we need to have a neighborhood party to get everyone together before school starts. Remind MB of all her friends that will be joining her as she starts school!

Thanks to some of the fun blogs I follow I got the idea to do a Pool and Ice Cream Social party. Let the planning begin. I am going to try some of the crafty decorations this time versus buying…and Etsy has been such an overwhelming find. I have ideas for so many future parties!

The theme idea came from TomKat Studio. MB’s favorite colors and love the idea. Using their designs for the toppers and labels.

I also have waited for a party to do water bottle labels..and this is it! I am using Chickabug for the labels and a last-minute add of a DIY banner for the Ice Cream Shoppe.

I also found an idea for cute multi-color cupcakes at Martha Stewart and think I am going to do some mini’s that tie to the color theme to go with the ice cream…instead of brownies!

If I was a real pro MB would have an ice-cream bathing suit…maybe next year 🙂

So now I have my list ready of things to go find at Target and Michaels…and maybe the dollar store. The evite has been sent out and already at 11 and counting! MB is going to be so excited and since TB is traveling next week gives me a perfect project for the week to keep me busy at night.

I will post pictures as things start coming together….I could see this becoming an annual end of summer neighborhood party!

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Going to get fancy

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Since I shut down my other photo sharing website and have decided to make this the full-time blog I wanted it too look just as fun and exciting as life is….but I don’t design and have no idea where to start. After surfing endless blogs and the web I found a designer I loved and am working with her to get fancy. It will be awhile but I am on the list…and of course once I pull the trigger I want immediate satisfaction so it is killing me to wait till August! Stay tuned!!!

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Posh A La Mode…decisions decisions

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So I never win anything, but I won a gift certificate to Posh a la mode. Now I can’t figure out what headbands to get for Mads. I love so many of them. We don’t have a special event coming up so no special outfit I am trying to match, making it even worse to decide. Madison loves orange now so she would love the Amelia (the image below), but she doesn’t have tons of orange outfits. I can see her now insisting to wear it even though it doesn’t match!

Anyone have a favorite?

p.s thanks to Scottsdale Mom’s Blog for the giveaway!

Posh a la Mode- Amelia

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I am in love…with a coffee maker

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Ok it is true. We got a De’Longhi Gran Dama Super Automatic Espresso Maker and I am in love.

At first it was just that one of us didn’t have to figure out who was going to race out to Starbucks to get our caffeine fix before our first conference call started. Or that never again would I have to manage through a morning and wait to get my coffee till we headed out to take Maddie to school. But the convenience of finally having good coffee at home was just the beginning.

This coffee maker is amazing and well worth the investment, especially if you have a frequent Starbucks habit. With one button I can have my latte or cappuccino. The machine handles the rest…and when you are done just push a button and it cleans itself up. Yep, no cleaning required other than wiping down the milk container every couple of days. So it is quick, it is easy, and it is good.

Then this week my mom sent some adorable espresso cups and rock candy stirrer. That was the ticket…I made my cappuccino, grabbed a rock candy stirrer and went to my office. The first taste started was so good, my eyelids started to open up, the emails I was starring at made more sense, as I dialed in to the conference call I smiled.  I was in love with my coffee maker, and it is all mine, so this afternoon when I start to feel the after effects of getting up at 4:45am…I will go push that magic button and the world will be right.

The perfect cup

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License Plate Game

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This weekend we took a road trip up to the Grand Canyon. We had two little girls in the back that quickly got a little bored. So I decided to pull up one of the old games we used to play as kids in the car for long trips (before DVD players and DSs)…the license plate game.

Armed with a pen and paper the girls started out looking for different license plates. This trip we were quite lucky…I think we found over 25 including Alaska.

However, during a little shopping in Flagstaff, I found a version of the game that was just to good not to share. I have always loved Melissa and Doug puzzles and other toys as Maddie has grown from an infant. This license plate game will get lots of use this summer! Not to mention the extra bonus of learning where the states we find our on the map!

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