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Spiders, Spiders, and a Pillow

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Leave it to grandpa to bring out the best Halloween memory.

When I was little I was scared of spiders. I still don’t really like the 8-legged creatures, but I have learned to kill them.

Well my dad had the cure. He got the biggest ugliest nastiest black plastic spider he could find and put it on my pillow.  I had to sleep with it on my pillow at night till I was no longer afraid.

I don’t really recall those nights and if it took me awhile to go to sleep or not…but I did survive.

Well a box came this week for MB. It was from Grandpa. The box was pretty big, we had no idea what was inside.

MB opened the box and pulled out lots of shredded paper and…you guessed it…A BIG BLACK PLASTIC SPIDER.

Gotta love him. He saw it and said I have to send this to MB. It had a little note saying to put this on mommy’s pillow.

Now every night when I go to bed I find that MB has snuck into my room and put it on my pillow.

This morning when I said how did that spider get on my pillow it freaked me out last night.

MB proudly said I put it there. When asked why– she matter-of-factly told me that cause Grandpa told me too.

Gotta love it!

Are you ready for Halloween???

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The final move- update your links!

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Time to update your RSS feeds, bookmarks, etc.

I have made the final move to so I could get a fun little design for the LoveBug Adventures.

So update all your links! GFC is now available too.

The design is still in process..hope to have it all finished this week.

Would love to hear what you think!

And don’t forget to keep voting 🙂 (ok so I lied, I did ask more than once, but never again!)

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Orange and Pink Explosion

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Yes it has been an orange and pink explosion in the house for the past few weeks and it just keeps getting larger as we get closer to the big event. MB’s party is only 4 days away. My mom has been in town helping with the final touches which is great. Some where in the planning she offered to make the tissue poms as she remembered making them as a girl scout.

Well she is regretting that offer…I got the tissue paper and just never even started to try one as I figured she would want to do them herself. Well guess they aren’t as easy as she remembers. They have been the task she avoids the most…but we have finished 3 big ones and a little one…I think that will be it for the tissue poms. The ones she did look great…the place is going to be a pink and orange palace for sure.

The favors are coming along great as well! Labels all by Chickabug. Bubble Gum orange lip balm by Fairycute!

Stay tuned for more party photos…next up is making the photo booth and props for the girls to show off their glammed up looks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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What luck

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So I rarely get sick. I am thankful for that.

Yet since I rarely get sick, when I do it really gets me down.

Of course this weekend was to be “date weekend”. It was just TB and I. We had both been out for the week on different business trips, but the weekend was ours.

I had thoughts of taking that hike that we haven’t been able to do as it’s too long for MB. Was planning on getting in our next long distance run. A good bottle of wine up on the viewing deck. And on and on and on.

Raincheck, please.

Instead I spent the weekend in a complete haze. Sinuses. Stomach. You name it, it wasn’t right and left me on the couch with a blanket for most of the weekend.

I managed to get out for one breakfast which ended up wiping me out for the day and grocery shopping the next day which had the same effect.

So now I will lay down for one more final nap today as MB and my mom board the plane to come home and keep my fingers crossed that I am better tomorrow. This week is not the week to be sick….mom’s visit, daisy troop meeting, classroom helper, family photos, birthday party. It’s gonna be a non stop week.


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Excess Baggage

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The baggage policies with the airlines are really just priceless. If you have flown in the past few months you have witnessed this. Some of you have probably been on the frustrated side of things too.

For me after years and years of traveling and watching customer service slowly disappear the baggage doesn’t really get to me. I have just resolved to check and leave delays, cancellations, missed connections, middle aisle seats to get me frustrated.

In full disclosure this also could be that I rarely pay the excess baggage fees since I have frequent flyer status.

Anyway today’s story was just to good to pass up.

  1. Checking in I listen to other passengers complain about the fees for bags. Watch them try and figure out how to get the weight down, combine bags…all that fun stuff.
  2. A connection later we are getting ready to board and the ticket agent starts calling for volunteers to check their bags at the gate. Free of charge. So if you have made it through with the min liquids now you can get rid of that big ole bag for free. Some volunteers…probably those who planned on doing that all along.
  3. Well I guess the computer didn’t say she had gotten enough bags. She proceeded to say she needed more volunteers and if not she was coming for the bags. She said she didn’t think it was fair to claim all the bags from Zone 5 people so she would be doing it randomly. Now here is the thing…some of the zone is done by status of how often you fly. I am biased but I think someone who has status from many flights should probably not have to deal with this baggage bs…but this lady decided she was going to even the playing field.
  4. The plane begins boarding…the rumblings on the plane are loud. She took my bag and made me check it but there is room here. Why did I have to pay for my bag to be checked and her she checked yours for free? For those that don’t see this a lot it is quite difficult to understand. For those of us that do see it a lot we don’t understand but have seen enough not to question and we put on our BOSE headphones and tune the world out.
  5. Well turns out the bag keeper was a little over zealous. She took to many bags and here we set ready for take off with completely empty bins. I mean nothing in them at all.
  6. I had to hand it to the bag keeper she got on the intercom and told the passengers not to take it out on the flight attendants it wasn’t there fault- the computer told her she needed to take people’s bags. At least she had mercy on the poor ladies that have to fly with us in closed quarters for the next 4-5 hours.

Ahh…so here I sit. I have my laptop. I have my itouch. I have my BOSE. And my suitcase…it might be in PHX it might by in PHL it might be somewhere getting really really wet on the tarmac…I don’t know, as it is not with me, but I ok. I have that excess baggage go.


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Real family knows no distance

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It occurred to me this week as it has in the past that my family knows no distance. The family that raised me and the family I am helping raise. At this very moment in time everyone is my immediate family is in a different state. Yes, 6 states. Well actually 5 states in 1 country, and 1 in another country.

Yet I feel just as close to them as if I had them all sitting around the dinner table. Now don’t get me wrong– I would love the have the latter. And I am counting down the days, hours, minutes until the 3 lovebugs are back at the table together.

But it doesn’t change how I feel. They could be anywhere in the world but they are right there beside me and I know it.

Over the past couple years that concept of family knowing no distance has been challenged. Challenged by the likes of those that don’t know what real family and love are all about. Real family doesn’t mean being there for the birthday party show. Real family doesn’t mean showering with gifts. Real family doesn’t mean talking every day.

Real family can be all of those things, but it is also more.

Real family is knowing that you might not talk for weeks or months but if in the middle of the night you need to talk you can call them. You can count on them to be there in whatever way you need them. Real family is constant, loving, dependable, and fufilling.

Real family can live on memories and moments when you are apart. When you are apart you miss but you know soon again you will all be under the same roof and wether it has been 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year nothing will have changed. You will all fall into the same routine that you had the last time you were together.

You can laugh, cry, hope, dream, and hurt together.

I was blessed with a wonderful family that showed me family knows no distance.

And as I said good night to my little lovebug over the phone and she pinky promises she will look at the stars tonight before she goes to bed I know my little family knows no distance either. For MB those stars in the sky are the reminder that we are there with her always no matter where she is…one day she won’t need the stars to remind her.

Real family knows no distance.

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Party Prep Begins

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Ok the final 2 weeks. I have the RSVPs in…we have 14 little girls coming. Wow!!! Glad I have help coming in!

I got my first set of printables from Chickabug!

I know I have said this before but what a dream to work with. The invites were a big success and I love how everything else is turning out. MB is going to just love it. I am doing a lot of prep this week while she is visiting her dad for fall break. I can’t wait to see her face when she gets home and see’s all the things coming together.

I also have found the job for TB. We are going to do a photo booth. With all the spa stuff going on and it being a slumber party…I figured dress up fits right along with that and my little MB is such a camera ham I know the girls will love dressing up with more accessories and posing for the camera man!

I didn’t get out the good camera for a quick shot….but here is a sneak peak a the cuteness!

Next stop is the dollar store for hopefully a cute little tote for the favors and then candy store for finding pink and orange goodies for the candy bar!

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Let’s get our speed on

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Ok here comes the cheesy running girl. I am getting pumped about the idea of running this half-marathon and love to keep challenging myself with increasing my distances and paces.

Today was a speed workout. Half-mile fast, half-mile easy for about 3.5 miles. It’s funny…I realized after my warm up that was half the distance of a normal daily run that I was just getting started and I wasn’t even feeling anything. Then I got my speed on. My first half mile was a 9min/mile pace my 3rd half mile was a 9min 18 second mile pace. Wow! To date I have been doing anywhere from 11 to 11:30 min/miles. Today’s 3.5 miles were collectively at a 10:30min pace. I guess those trainers know what they are doing with the speed workouts.

I have one of these type of workouts each week as I increase the distance and I can see how over time this is going to overall speed up my base running pace. The funny thing as I finish I was smiling looking forward to my weekend long and easy run. Did I just say easy run????

Yes I did. Actually my next goal is to get to a distance that TB can’t manage 🙂

He has been super busy lately and hasn’t been able to keep up with the training. Last weekend he just got up and ran 4miles on Sunday with none of the other training. (I think he first run in 2 weeks) Oh I might of already complained about that. Anyway I can’t wait till he tries to go out and run the current distance and can’t.

Just a little competitive I know….but it is just so frustrating! to work so hard and then have him go do it without a bit of training. So come on 8 miles…that will stump him….I hope!

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Ironing the Vests

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After our first meeting it was clear the girls were really excited for their uniforms and needed that to really feel like a troop. I can understand that.

So we had a few days between our first meeting and our family meet and greet so I decided I would get the uniforms to pass out that day…knowing it would make the girls so happy and excited.

Well I went down to the GS store and picked up the vests and badges and such. I knew the reaction before I even got home.  MB looks at the plain blue vest and said “that’s it?”

I explained to her and showed her the badges including our troop number that would be ironed on to the vest and she seemed to understand, but I knew I couldn’t have 12 little girls with that reaction over the weekend.

So I got out my iron. If you remember I don’t iron. And proceeded to iron onto 12 little blue vests:

1) An American Flag

2) Our GS Council Badge

3) Our 3 digit troop number

The first couple took some time but then I got into a routine and they went a little smoother. Still seriously it was over 2 hours or so of unwrap, iron, flip, iron, edge iron repeat. If that isn’t love for my little troop I don’t know what is.

But it was all worth it. We got to the park and I passed out the vests. No “that’s it??” just a whole bunch of very excited girls putting on their vests and showing off to their parents.

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An inspiration

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Today I went over to the pool to do my cross-training work out for the week.

I always miss the pool when I get in…I just love swimming. It was our first real day of fall too. Temps in the 80s and just wonderful.

The swimming workout was good….felt good to tire out my arms.

However that was not my inspiration.

About halfway through my workout, I saw a mentally handicapped twenty something man in a wheelchair coming to the pool

Using the contraption I had always seen but wasn’t sure what it was for he was lowered into the pool.

He then proceeded to move his legs slightly and swim (doggie paddle) at least 4 laps before my workout was over.

It was amazing to watch. I can only imagine how it must feel. Confined to a wheel chair but in the water moving completely by himself.

Not only was he swimming by himself but with real determination he was swimming 25 yard laps. I was so touched watching him swim.

It also reminded me that I am so blessed that I am healthy and so is the rest of my family. We all have the ability to walk, run, swim, bike.  I take it for granted. I am sure we all do.

It will be my inspiration the next time I feel like I can’t run another step. I can, I have the ability. It is just mind over matter. If this 20 something year old can battle everything going against him and get in the pool and swim over 100 yards then I can too can run that extra step, that extra mile….

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