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Soccer Saturday

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MB is just loving her soccer team. I am really happy we decided to ease into it. Her team only meets one hour on Saturday. 40 min of practice and drills and then a 20min game. It is just what she needs to learn the basics, build confidence, and score a few little goals. It also is great for our schedule. With gymnastics, swimming, and girls scouts, I was ready for the full time commitment of 2 practices a week and Saturday games. We are going to have to drop one other sport when we go to that.

This week MB won the sportsmanship award for the week. She was so excited as you can tell from the photo!!!

TB and I were excited too…finally the temps were below 100 degrees. We didn’t get eaten by fire ants watching the practice and our new breathable REI chairs arrived…so when I got up to cheer I didn’t have what can only be summarized as soggy pants. Much to TB’s disappointment he will have to find something else to tease me about…these chairs rock! I am looking forward to the rest of the season which much cooler weather.

I just love this photo too….it took me a while at looking at it to realize what it was. It’s the blue skies. The skies in AZ are so bright and so blue and it is like this almost every day. I love it!!!!! Thinking about the doom and gloom about to hit Syracuse I am so excited to be where we are for the winter. I have already forgotten the miserable heat of August.

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Stopping Time for 24 hours

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Sometimes I have so many things in my mind to right about I don’t know where to start. I came across Mama Kat’s little weekly writing prompt and thought I would try it out this week.

This week’s prompt was “If you could stop time for 24 hours, what would you accomplish?”

Man wouldn’t we all like to stop time for a day. On one side as I think about how I feel right this second if I could stop the world for 24 hours I would sleep. Not all of it but I might stay in bed for at least 75% of the time. But that is just a brief moment of wishing I could catch up on some sleep. Lately I go to bed early but don’t feel refreshed when morning comes around. I know it will pass and that while I feel I need it not sure I want to waste 24 hours on that.

So if I had 24 hours I think right now I would use it to catch up on updating my photo albums. With everything digital it is so easy to get lazy. I take tons of photos but I want to get those photos on paper in a book and document the stories with it. I remember as a kid looking through my albums time and time again. Seeing the places we lived, our friends, our trips, our lives. Putting pictures to memories that I didn’t have, barely remembered and attaching them to the people I knew now and the memories I did remember.

The past year has been full of so much change and excitement for our family I want to update the album so someday I can give MB that same vehicle of connecting memories to life. It just seems that is the one thing on the task list I never get to and keep pushing to the next day.

So with my 24 hours I would print the photos, write the stories, and take naps on the couch with my blanket in between. Ahh now that just sounds wonderful…I will also ensure that I have a couple good bottles of wine to enjoy in the process. That will help with those naps for sure.

Mama's Losin' It

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Training is moving along

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So this week I logged 16miles. I can’t believe I am running in the double digits for the week. And enjoying it.

The big accomplishment this week was getting into the 4 mile range. Furthest distance for me yet in running. When I hit the 4miles it still felt good.

I did most of my runs around the neighborhood which means the big hills though I have started avoiding the really big one as I increase the distances. After running the same route 2 different times I was able to do the 2nd run beating my pace by 30 seconds. I don’t know if I was just more rested, or getting used to the hills and extra distance but it felt good to not only get the miles in but a little faster too.

Saturday I did another first….now usually TB is my running partner but until cools of a little bit more we are alternating mornings on our runs. When we run together I don’t talk (I can’t :)) so I usually get TB started and listen. On Saturday I went running with a neighbor. We headed down into the valley a little bit- got a little shade and some flat running tracks. We did our 4 miles and I pretty much talked the entire time….seriously 80% of me was chatting. Not a chatterbox like my girl….I was answering questions…and maybe a little chatter. She loved it as it made the run go easier and faster- was her first 4mile run. I was amazed that I was able to hold the conversation. Just shows that I am getting in better running shape and time to start pushing it further.

With the training schedule, Daisy troop, work and just life I haven’t been able to keep up with the yoga schedule like I would like…but tonight TB and I headed over to Yin (holding deep long poses). Wow it was hurtful in some cases while I tried to open up my hips and quads– but feels so good. I think Yin is going to have to become a regular part of the training routine to keep me open!

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Do you love me?

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Ok so yes I am going to beg a little 🙂

They just reset the votes on Top Mommy Blogs. I haven’t been paying too much attention but I am setting a goal to get in the top 100 this round. I was in the 200’s last time around…so a hefty goal I know. So many great blogs out there.

If you like The LOVEBUGS (or just me  :)) please vote. You can vote daily and I won’t pester you again (this round) but would love the vote.

Thanks- Me & the other lovebugs

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Clean up, clean up

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So today we decided it was time to do a little room clean up and organization. With MB’s birthday and Christmas coming seemed like a good time to go through her room and so some “spring cleaning”.

This year I enlisted her to work with me and I have to say she did awesome and it was fun. For a little over 2 hours went through bucket and bucket of stuff. We had a bag for trash and a bag to give to charity. I was surprised at what a good job she did of deciding things were better off for charity for other kids to play with more than she does.

At times things went a little slower than it would have been if it was just me but we learned a couple of things from this so I think it will be a twice a year cleaning we do together.

Here is the short list of what we learned:

– things she had looked for were in her room but in the wrong spot..she started to realize the reason you put things back in their right spot so it is easier to find in the future

– we put all the small things in little baggies (accessories) for the barbies etc but put them in the same bucket. She loved having everything in one spot so she can grab a basket and bring it out to the living room and she had all her stuff, plus she said it was easier to clean up that way

– Having her make the decisions on what to keep and what to giveaway wasn’t really as hard as I expected. She was able to reason that out and got really excited to be giving things to charity. Makes all the times I hear I want that I want that not so bad, she does understand giving back to others

– We managed to get 4 large paper grocery bags full of stuff to get rid of. We spent 2 hours together, she was entertained, I got the chore done…and rid of so much JUNK!!!!

– Later in the day when she wanted to color I was able to say remember where we put all your coloring stuff. And she was like, oh yeah! Hopefully this will mean she will start to know where her stuff is as well and save all the “helping”

The question I have is how long will the room stay this way!

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Daisy Troop here I come

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Well our first meeting of the daisy troop is this week and I think I am ready.

I don’t think I have used my glue gone this much ever. Making daisy name-tags for the job chart. Making daisy’s on sticks to stick in our flower-pot as part of the welcome ceremony– and for me to know I have all the girls when we head to our meeting room.

Going through registrations, collecting dues, setting an agenda for the meeting. Working with my wonderful co-leader and someone I expect to become a good friend– with all the “togetherness” we have upon us I don’t think it could be any other way.

Tonight was preparing our first day special snack. Dirt cups…complete with hidden worms and little gum drop flowers to plant in the dirt.

Yep…I told you it has been busy.

MB is so excited…though I love it that she messes up now and again and says Fireside Girls instead of Girl Scouts…guess we watch a little too much Phineas and Ferb. 30min of TV a day and that is all she wants to watch. Now that she has figured out the remote its a definite her 30min of TV time is going to be P&F time. We all still love them so it works.

So wish me luck as I go to meet my 10 little girls tomorrow and we start off on the adventure of our first year in Girl Scouts.

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Preparing for the winter visitors

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We prioritized our house project list and then it was time to start plugging away.

This week has been a whirlwind of multiple furniture shop stops…a little online browsing and I am happy to report 2 successes.

Tomorrow our patio viewing deck furniture arrives along with our new entertainment center. Yeah.

Just in time for our first guests of the season.

I am so happy to finally have moved someplace that everyone wants to come visit. I guess my shining personality wasn’t enough..but the wonderful winters in AZ are bringing people in full force and I am looking forward to another busy season.

Now the next question…do we do the grill install next or finish up the bathroom plumbing. Decisions, decisions.

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Learning to Tie your shoes

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Ok so does anyone have any tips on teaching kids on tying shoes?

We are working on it. We have a book and keep practicing, though probably not enough…but she just gets so frustrated.

We have done the bunny ears, and through the hole– but her little fingers just keep getting stuck when it comes time to tie the loop.

Now 80% of her shoes are velcro so we don’t get a lot of practice so I know we need to keep practicing…I just wonder if anyone out there has any tricks on ways to do it?

In the meantime we are working on our 3rd loose tooth…and of course this one is a top tooth so I have a feeling we will have our family photos with a jack-o-latern.

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Will I ever learn

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Will I ever learn that he will not change.

Will I ever learn that all the things I do are unappreciated, he only cares about control.

Will I ever learn that he can’t self reflect.

Will I ever learn that he is who he is and I should just be thankful that his influence on my life is not what it used to be.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

The serenity prayer is a complete reflection of what I must remember when dealing with him.

I have the courage, that has been proven.

I have gained the wisdom- more than I wish.

Serenity and strength will beat out stupidity every time.

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Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

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How cute is this.

Last night we are getting ready for bed and MB is cleaning up her room. I hear her singing softly “Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall”

I stop her and say what are you singing. She smiles and sings a little louder:

Winter, Spring, summer or fall
All you got to do is call
And I’ll be there
you’ve got a friend?

I smile and ask her where she learned that. She said Mr. Kinder taught me.

Then I got the newsletter. They are starting to study the seasons.

So Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. How cute is that?

Just another reason I love Mr. Kinder.

Teaching my daughter James Taylor and the seasons all at once.

Ahh….the year is just getting better and better.

Now off to find photos of MB in the snow to send to Mr. Kinder– to show the other AZ kids who have never seen a NY WINTER!

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