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108 Degrees, no complaints

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Since we have moved out here everyone says oh just wait for the summer. Todd and I were pretty doubtful, thinking the summer can’t be nearly as bad as those long deary winters. If it is miserable its only a couple months. Well worth it.

Well summer has arrived and so has the 108 degrees.

Yes it is warm, the air is warm, the breeze is warm. But miserable– I don’t think so.

After spending the weekend in Florida with the humidity where it was in the 80’s and just walking around you would get all hot and sticky, the 108 degree dry heat is actually a relief.

I got off the plane in Florida around 10pm. We were waiting outside for our bus and it was pretty miserable. I got off the plane in Arizona around 7pm, it was over 20 degrees warmer per the temp gauge and it just felt warm not miserable. I didn’t mind waiting outside for my pick-up and chose if over waiting inside the A/C

We eat lunch outside, in the shade or under the misters, it feels nice- you don’t get all sticky and sweaty. Now the A/C feels good and you must have it on– 100 degrees is too hot for sleeping at night, but for at least right now I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Lets see how I feel 2 months from now, but I think this 100 degree weather is going to be all right with me. And as for the rest of the family, Maddie loves looking at the weather forecast in her room and seeing 100- since that means POOL time for her…and Todd keeps talking about putting a sauna in the garage. Looks like we are all happy with the heat.

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Disney Magic

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There are so many emotions around our trip to Disney. The place is just magic. The excitement a 5 year old has is contagious. From the moment you step onto Main Street the magic takes over.

Last year was focused on characters and princesses. This year was more about rides- especially Tomorrow Land. Buzz Lightyear, race cars, and rockets. There were of course others– but those were the requests and the ones that seemed to be favorites.

We happened upon Mickey’s 3D show, and it was a nice surprise. The aroma spray and 3d show was awesome…I got a kick out of Maddie trying hard to grab for Ariel’s gems.

We stopped everything for the parade and shows. I got teared up as we watched the first parade. She sits in awe, you are having just one of those memory making days, and full of so much love. Couldn’t have been happier.

I could go on and on about the day…but I think I will focus on the end. We went back to the hotel to take a little rest and then headed back for the light parade. We had time for one ride before the parade- Maddie wanted to head to the race cars. I smiled, Todd is really making his impact and I love seeing some of that shine through.

We then got our mickey mouse ice cream cones and found a spot for the parade. Maddie managed to work her way up to the front and got a first class seat. The lights were amazing. We then had time for one more ride before the fireworks. Madison chose the rockets back in Tomorrow Land. The rockets were on top of a building and she had so much fun. Snuggled in together she was in the driver seat to keep pushing us higher and higher. Then the fireworks went off. Maddie started laughing. The infectious laugh. Summing up the day.

We hurried off the rockets back towards the castle to catch the rest of the fireworks. I was carrying Maddie so she could watch while we walked. The fireworks were awesome. Set to the Disney music- big, bright, and beautiful. We found a spot and I kept holding Maddie. She had her arms around my neck, she snuggled her head up next time mine. A couple of times she turned to kiss my cheek. Sounds of oh wow, how beautiful, were heard. As we left the park she kissed my hand and looked up to me saying “you are the best mommy in the world”, “I love you mommy”. A woman walking next to me said- “how sweet”. Yes, how sweet. Yep the ticket prices are outrageous. You will spend a small fortune for just one day, but it is a day you and your little ones won’t forget. It is happiness. It is love. It is fun. It is laughter. It is magic.

Thank you Disney for another magical visit. Next year we will be back with our Frog Prince – who is looking forward to getting some of that magic live. He got a taste of it via the phone this trip with a replay of the day’s events (from both of us) and I think is ready to get in on the action live.

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Let’s trade pins

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At age 4 it was all about the princesses. Age 5- was about the pins.

On the flight down to Orlando Maddie and I were reading up on Disney-Magic Kingdom and seeing what special things we might want to put on our agenda. We came across the pin trading and Maddie (who is major into collecting silly bands, webkinz, anything you can collect) and decided that would be our “treat” from Disney this year.

How it works– you get a starter kit- lanyard with a few starter pins. Then you trade pins with cast members around the park. Usually trading up- though for kids it’s about getting the characters you want. The pins are not cheap…and I realized the trick was to get the starter kit with the most pins…some had 4 others had 7 as it is all about trading for new ones.

Our first stop at the park was to get our lanyard and starter pins. Maddie chose a Tinkerbell set. And while we checked out she already had made our first trade with the lady at the counter. It was a special first trade. Dale the chipmunk. Dale just happened to be the first character we say in our 2009 trip (which we both remembered) making it special. The day went on and Maddie got a nice collection going. It was fun to see her study the various pins and decide if she wanted to trade or not. We had lots of discussions on which ones were “special” and not to be traded. Her “specials” were Dale, our special love bug pin (Mickey with hearts), and the last one of the trip- the Castle.

Somehow by the end of the day she ended up with 16 (I think she talked me into buying a few more pins) but I will claim exhaustion or falling under the spell of Disney :).

Ready to start trading...just first gotta finish my ride around Tomorrow Land

16 pins later...till next year! (We decided one new pin a whatever we trade)

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Grand Canyon….don’t let go of my hand!

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This weekend we took our first Arizona road trip. Todd’s brother and family were in town and after they arrived we jumped in the car and headed up to the Grand Canyon. Despite lots of traffic we got to the Grand Canyon pretty quietly and jumped into sightseeing mode.

Now the views were just amazing and even though I had seen pictures just not what I had expected. Maddie and I were both surprised that we could only see one small little part of the Colorado River peeking out and it was so so far away.

As a mother I must post…when you look at the breathtaking view you then look down and realize you have children with you. Those fearless children that love to climb and explore. Immediately I have to put into place the roll…ok I hadn’t thought about this so think fast on your feet, Mom. So I implemented if you aren’t on the sidewalk you have to be holding an adult’s hand. Of course to her that was a buzz-kill….so I had to explain I wasn’t trying to ruin the fun just keep her safe. She picked it up pretty quick– thank goodness. So we were able to enjoy the rest of the hiking and viewing. I was able to find a small place for Maddie to climb on (off the canyon) so it was a win-win.

Now on to my gripe. You would be amazed at all the liter we saw…I mean everywhere. Water bottles, fast food wrappers, everything. Here you look out at this gorgeous landscape and in the same second throw your trash on the ground. It was disgusting…I am sure it would be less so off the beaten path, or at least I hope so, but it just was sad to see.

On our way back home from the Canyon we spent the night in Flagstaff and poked around there in the morning. The Candle Factory had a section where you could dip your own candle, which Maddie enjoyed. We also discovered that we were driving on Route 66 (I see another little road trip in our future to explore that more!)

To wrap up the weekend Maddie and Sara spent the afternoon playing in the pool. There is nothing better than laying in the sun, reading your book, hearing two little girls giggle, splash, and laugh. Pure Heaven.

Maddie agrees…she just ran out here for no reason other than to give me a high five for the best weekend ‘everrrr. (and she knows we are going to Disney next weekend :P)

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