Lets give thanks for friends

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Ok so first a confession.

I have fallen short in the prayer department. I don’t know how it happened, it just used to be part of the routine. Yet somehow we fell out of sync and forgot to do evening prayers.

Well tonight I remembered that we had been missing something so after a really long story we said our prayers. We ended it with saying 3 things we are thankful for.

MB’s were

1) Happiness

2) Friends

3) she looked at me and I said the beautiful weather we got to enjoy today.

MB then added a few other thoughts on other things she was thankful for and we talked about God for a bit. MB wanted to make the point that God, even though we couldn’t see him, was always there and alive with us.

Heart melting.

I will not forget prayers in the future.

What a sweet moment to wrap up just a wonderful day with my little family.

Now to tackle the next item on my to-do list, finding us a new church. The last step in getting us settled in.

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Calling the tooth fairy

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Well the day has finally arrived.

As we waited for MB to get off the bus…the kids came running off saying “guess who lost a tooth, guess who lost a tooth”

Last off was a grinning MB holding her little tooth in an orange treasure chest.

So excited.

It had just started wiggling this weekend but I thought we had a little ways to go, but today was the day.

We have lost our first tooth.

The house was in a complete tizzy.

Fortunately Nana had sent a tooth fairy pillow and book in her Kinder care pack. So we were prepared.

We read the story and it was so cute…the little girl had so many questions about fairies and what happened with the tooth. MB listened intently and when we finished said I hope my tooth gets used for the throne.

As we prepared for bed, MB brushed her tooth really well so it would be good and clean for the tooth fairy. She put in the pillow and hung it on the door. I loved our conversation about how the tooth fairy knew when MB was asleep, her wings tingled :).

She went right out and the tooth fairy went to work. Writing a letter, getting a new toothbrush and toothpaste and finding the right amount of money for the 1st tooth.

This morning all MB talked about was when she was going to lose her 2nd. While I am just thankful it is a lower tooth so we might have a few more months of photos with teethy grins :)….we have family photos in 2 months!

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Preparing for October

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MB and I are well underway in planning her upcoming birthday (yes in October). In my evenings while watching big brother I have searched the web for inspirations and ideas. It’s a spa/daytime slumber party and of course a primary color must be orange. Such a girly request..love it!.

Just sharing a few of the gorgeous party themes/ideas I am using for inspiration! And I am so excited to be working with Chickabug again on the design!

Ideas from TomKat, As the Forest (e) Grows….and a few other that I forgot. If it’s you let me know…so many great ideas out there and I want to give credit to those great parties!

If anyone has any fun ideas I would love to hear them!!! Though TB is probably going to go ape with all the girly-ness coming his way…so far a good sport only nixed the glitter hairspray for fear of never getting glitter out of the house.

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Babysitters are so cool

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Yes, according to my daughter babysitters are the best thing since sliced bread.

Maybe it is cause she really hasn’t had one (from me that is) other than 2 afternoons in the past 5.75 years. Not counting our 2 au pairs for her first 3 years, which she never saw as babysitters.

When I told her that she was going to have a babysitter last night so TB and I could go to parent’s night at her school you would have thought I had given her the world. She was so excited. First thing she said when she woke up was today is babysitter day! I had to laugh- are other kids out there as excited as mine? Or do I need to go out more often?

Either way once she got home from school the countdown began. With the last few minutes watching out the window for her to arrive. Well Miss. K was a hit. MB adored her and couldn’t believe she drove MB’s favorite car– a BUG. The only complaint was that it wasn’t orange.

They played games when I left and found them home with the doll house when I got home. MB was in heaven. And I have found my first local babysitter!

After she drilled us about our time at our school and what her teacher had said about her….I still can’t believe that she is playing an introvert in the classroom. Wonder how long till that stops. We read a story and climbed into bed. Right before our last goodnight hug. MB said she really liked Miss. K since Miss. M wasn’t available (our neighbor down the street) but she would like to try Miss. M next time and maybe she could switch it up with both of them. I have a feeling she thinks if she does that she can get away with more stuff longer 🙂

Anyway, MB also decided that next week TB and I should go out for a long time like to dinner (Chipotle was her pick) on a date and she could stay with Miss. K or Miss. M and when she missed us she would call us and we would come home, but of course we would need to stop and pick up ice cream for her first to bring home.

My daughter forcing us out on date nights….the price a cup of ice cream. Maybe we will have to oblige her.

How often do you use babysitters? When does the coolness wear off?

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