A note to Mommy

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I can’t resist. Here was the morning note I got from MB (via text from TB). Enough to make me smile all day.

Dear Momma,

We buy donuts, chocolate donuts from the store. We’re sorry mommy. You know those white ones we get sometimes, we got chocolate ones. We’re sorry.  (I am not sure what she is sorry for…the fact she is eating donuts, or that she got a different kind then we sometimes get.)

The pumkin growed big and the sun flower is not very big except its tiny. (these are the seeds she got as a gift from family friend and have grown better than any plant kits we have used before)

We love you. Watch out for gators.  (those would be my Florida Gators!)

Here is the photo that went with the note.

Love my munch-kin!

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Friend you need to cleanse your palette

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Tonight I decided to take the girls (Sara and Maddie) out to dinner and let Sara’s parents have a night out. We couldn’t decide over sushi or outside with misters so we decided to restaurant hop.

I love that a 5 and 7 year old pick sushi for dinner! We each got our own roll. Tuna for Maddie. California for Sara. Spicy Tuna for me. All happy campers. You can tell by the photos it was finger licking good.

Once the sushi was served Maddie would have made best buddy proud. She told Sara, “friend, you need to cleanse your palette before trying something new.” Sara hesitated to try the ginger and just stared at Maddie. Maddie then grabbed a piece of ginger and said “I’ll show you how it’s done”. I smiled. Somewhere in Texas tonight Todd has to be smiling.

Next stop, outside to enjoy the misters and a chocolate soufflé. We waited 20min for them to make it and it lasted all of 1 min at our table. Almost embrassing…if it hadn’t been so good. Fortunately, I was able to get a few bites in.

We had fun conversations and just a wonderful night. I couldn’t believe when we got home that we had been out for 2 hours between the 2 restaurants (only about 5min was driving time) and they were just perfect.

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Forever After

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Best buddy did well tonight. The plan was set in motion earlier in the week when he decided Friday night would be “date night” and we would go to dinner and movie. Since the movie was Shrek 4, Todd also planned on some prep work of watching Shrek 2 and 3 this week to prepare for the main event.

Tonight came and we had fallen behind on watching Shrek 3 but all opted to leave in the middle to head out for happy hour sushi before our movie. As usual my girl devoured her tuna and cleansed her palate with the ginger.

Now to the main event…we got our tickets, got our seats then they went out to get treats. Now I must confess they asked for my preference, but trusting them I said they could pick. Maddie gave Todd a wink and they headed off. Now I guess I missed a mini-dance party that took place on the way to the concessions, but I am sure there will be a repeat performance soon. The only disappointment of the night is they came back with NO CHOCOLATE. Seriously, sour skittles and dots. I thought I had raised my daughter better than that. I realize I have a little more work to do.

The movie was great…anything that produces those loud, innocent laughs out of Maddie gets my vote. I have to admit my favorite part was towards the end. Shrek and Fiona get their happy ending. I got mine. Maddie snuggled up on my lap with her legs across Todd. All snuggled up together and sealed with a kiss. I sat back and smiled. I couldn’t really ask for anything more….forever after, THE END.

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