Making the bed like a princess

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So today I went in to help MB make her bed. Part of her daily chores that I must say she is doing really well without much pushing. As I went to help her she yelled at me to stop. I was a little taken back till she informed me that I wasn’t doing it right. I guess she had TB had discussed the proper way to make the bed for a princess and I was no longer qualified to help. My heart is not broken by this discovery…but over filled with love for my lovebugs and their bed made for a princess!

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Lists are for Losers….just kidding

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Do you ever feel that way?

Everyday I tackle 20 things on my list and feel like I add 30 more. Not to mention the few that I have pushed the date out a little bit further on the calendar. Those dreaded tasks or those that require someone else that I just don’t have the energy for.

The never-ending list.

I am not evening counting my “real work” task list. I am talking about my mom, girlfriend, life list. The one that google has made so easy for me to manage next to our 5 daily calendars. Yes- there are 5. Mine. MB. TB. The school. The tasks. I don’t count the sporting event schedules 🙂

So back to my list.

Sometimes what makes it so hard is the variety of things

1. Find a new church

2. Find orange and pink fabric

3. Register for a new race

4. Passport updates

That is today’s task list. No small tasks.

#2 excites me so that will get done.

#3 requires internet research but then discussion with TB on when we are going to be ready for the next distance challenge

#4 requires interaction with my least favorite person…yeah that will get started, but who knows when it will get done.

#1 where to begin???

So as I look at today’s list I am already defeated. I know I won’t complete all 4 and with the day ahead probably won’t get even one fully complete. Yet in the midst of life there will be 5 other things that get added…then tonight as I review my tasks and the schedule for tomorrow I will move the due date of those tasks forward. Defeat. Pure defeat. But someday I will get to cross it off my list. And that will feel good.

So now I know why I will come home from grocery shopping and cross things off my list. It’s the satisfaction of knowing I got something done today. Even if it just was one stop and all the things were from one store. I will scratch off each item on the list and smile as I do so. Cause there is nothing better than feeling your check something off your list.

To be positive though I am training MB to be a list maker. After hearing enough “oh mommy forgot that, it wasn’t on the list”. MB has taken an interest to knowing where this list is and when she realizes she “needs” or “wants” something she goes to the list and tells me to write it down.

The power of lists. You put fruit sticks on the list. They appear in the pantry.

Now the real question is how long will it take to train TB about the list. 9 months and still hasn’t mastered it. Any bets?

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It never fails

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It never fails. If something is going to break in the house. Or if something is going to go array. The odds are it will either happen right before or while TB is away. It is just a given.

So it should have been no surprise that this Saturday we notice that the one side of the house says 85 on the thermostat even though it is set to 80. We go outside the unit is running. We click it off. We click it on. You don’t hear a sound. The fan does not run. Ahh great. I should mention it is around 110 each day.

Being a homeowner is so much fun. Just last week I had to put the deposit down on a new motor for our awnings outside. Fortunately in trying to determine if that was under the homeowners insurance (IT WASN”T) I learned how to call in any future claims and A/C was on that last.

So I called in the service ticket and am keeping my fingers crossed that

1) the service guy will come out on Monday. Otherwise I will be moving my office to the master bedroom

2) the issue is something covered by the homeowners insurance. I can just hear it now. Well the A/C unit is all except what is wrong with yours.

3) there will be no other malfunctions this week

4) when I go to clean out the pool everyday this week there won’t be any nasty surprises. (TB you know what I mean…and I am serious I will not be doing that!)

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