Spiders, Spiders, and a Pillow

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Leave it to grandpa to bring out the best Halloween memory.

When I was little I was scared of spiders. I still don’t really like the 8-legged creatures, but I have learned to kill them.

Well my dad had the cure. He got the biggest ugliest nastiest black plastic spider he could find and put it on my pillow.  I had to sleep with it on my pillow at night till I was no longer afraid.

I don’t really recall those nights and if it took me awhile to go to sleep or not…but I did survive.

Well a box came this week for MB. It was from Grandpa. The box was pretty big, we had no idea what was inside.

MB opened the box and pulled out lots of shredded paper and…you guessed it…A BIG BLACK PLASTIC SPIDER.

Gotta love him. He saw it and said I have to send this to MB. It had a little note saying to put this on mommy’s pillow.

Now every night when I go to bed I find that MB has snuck into my room and put it on my pillow.

This morning when I said how did that spider get on my pillow it freaked me out last night.

MB proudly said I put it there. When asked why– she matter-of-factly told me that cause Grandpa told me too.

Gotta love it!

Are you ready for Halloween???

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Real family knows no distance

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It occurred to me this week as it has in the past that my family knows no distance. The family that raised me and the family I am helping raise. At this very moment in time everyone is my immediate family is in a different state. Yes, 6 states. Well actually 5 states in 1 country, and 1 in another country.

Yet I feel just as close to them as if I had them all sitting around the dinner table. Now don’t get me wrong– I would love the have the latter. And I am counting down the days, hours, minutes until the 3 lovebugs are back at the table together.

But it doesn’t change how I feel. They could be anywhere in the world but they are right there beside me and I know it.

Over the past couple years that concept of family knowing no distance has been challenged. Challenged by the likes of those that don’t know what real family and love are all about. Real family doesn’t mean being there for the birthday party show. Real family doesn’t mean showering with gifts. Real family doesn’t mean talking every day.

Real family can be all of those things, but it is also more.

Real family is knowing that you might not talk for weeks or months but if in the middle of the night you need to talk you can call them. You can count on them to be there in whatever way you need them. Real family is constant, loving, dependable, and fufilling.

Real family can live on memories and moments when you are apart. When you are apart you miss but you know soon again you will all be under the same roof and wether it has been 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year nothing will have changed. You will all fall into the same routine that you had the last time you were together.

You can laugh, cry, hope, dream, and hurt together.

I was blessed with a wonderful family that showed me family knows no distance.

And as I said good night to my little lovebug over the phone and she pinky promises she will look at the stars tonight before she goes to bed I know my little family knows no distance either. For MB those stars in the sky are the reminder that we are there with her always no matter where she is…one day she won’t need the stars to remind her.

Real family knows no distance.

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Secretariat and Strong Moms

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MB and I had a date night this weekend. Dinner, a movie, and ice cream. Can’t beat that…we had a blast.

MB got to choose the dinner and movie for the evening. Instead of going with the wolf cartoon I was happy to see her choose Secretariat. We are still all about horses in the house…more riding lessons are in the works.

The movie was packed and in MB’s words “wow there are a lot of grandma and grandpa’s here”

I know it has gotten mixed reviews but we enjoyed it. During the races you are on the edge of your seat rooting on Big Red. I loved having MB on my lap clapping and getting so excited for Big Red. Tooo cute.

However I wasn’t expecting the underlying storyline in the movie and it was a good one. Diane Lane as Penny Chenery was great. A daughter, wife, and mother that has to make some difficult choices. She balances the farm and her family in 2 different states. She misses some events in her kid’s lives due to “work” and has those meltdown moments like we all do.

Her husband is not the most understanding at times and her “work” looks like it might put her marriage on the line as well as her kids….the balancing act all working moms have to deal with when the pendulum swings a little more on the work side.

Yet without giving away too much of the movie…there is a moment. A moment when the daughters are so proud of their mom. So proud she had a passion and a dream and she made it happen. This moment is worth the entire movie. The daughters recognize all their mother sacrified and love her even more for it. The husband witnesses this and realizes he too had been blind to what lessons were being tought- what his wife by living and doing had taught their family. This is a story for every working mom out there (and even those that don’t). We may think we don’t do enough, we aren’t there enough, but the truth is our children learn just as much from us when we are there as when we aren’t. They learn by seeing who we are. What we believe. What we succeed in.

I want my daughter to have the same realization that those daughters did. That she can do anything she wants to. She should follow her passion. She should take risks she believes in. And you can have it all. The wonderful family, great friends around the world, all while making your dreams come true no matter who or what might try to stand in your way.

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Sometimes going away is a good thing

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I hate leaving my family. No matter what fun might lie ahead I always miss them. You might have a night or a part of time when you enjoy being a girl on the town, but at the end of the night it is always so much better to be under your own roof when the family all there with you.

However, without going away I wouldn’t feel so much love as I do right now.

I am sitting in a meeting and my phone vibrates. I look down and there is a picture of my two lovebugs beaming at the camera. All smiles which makes me smile. Then I notice the splash pad behind them and a backdrop I don’t recognize. They are someplace new….I of course want all the details but I am in a meeting.

I come back to my hotel and see some Facebook updates from TB…here they are:

‎”I think this might be a good day to smell the breeze, look around, and just have some fun.” 🙂

“I want surf champion for dinner; I want surf champion”. Took me a minute to realize she meant surf and turf. I corrected her, and she was all, “Yeah, THAT’S what I mean”.
Check that. I guess it was “surf boarding champion” she was saying. She just reverted back to that, followed by PLEASE I want some lobster.
I just smile and my heart melts. I wish I was there with them…but then I know it would have been just a normal Monday night. They are making their own memories, they are doing what best buddies too.
Sometimes going away is a good thing…
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Making the bed like a princess

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So today I went in to help MB make her bed. Part of her daily chores that I must say she is doing really well without much pushing. As I went to help her she yelled at me to stop. I was a little taken back till she informed me that I wasn’t doing it right. I guess she had TB had discussed the proper way to make the bed for a princess and I was no longer qualified to help. My heart is not broken by this discovery…but over filled with love for my lovebugs and their bed made for a princess!

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Going to the nursery

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I keep laughing at MB. She doesn’t find it amusing.

It started when she got off the bus and had lost her first tooth. She told me she had to go to the nursery when her tooth was about to fall out. I waited a minute and said oh you mean the Nurse’s office. Yea, yeah, whatever was the response. We were talking about her first lost tooth- who cares about grammar and the right terminology.

Well as she retold the story again and I again she kept calling it the nursery. I kept giggling. She would glare at me. What did the babies say? She looks at me like I am nuts. Well MB babies are in the nursery. When I am sick or lose a tooth I would go see a nurse not a baby, how about you? Again not amused. But I was.

Last night it happened again. MB was sharing a story. Not a real story. A story that she was making up. Like what if this happened at school kind of story. Someone got hurt and had to go to the nursery.

Oh boy those babies are really good at taking care of hurt kids. Oh, mom, you know what I mean. I said not really. She corrects herself.

Now I sit back and reflect and it still makes me giggle. It reminds me when she used to call the elevator the alligator. Or when she called magazines, maaagaasines. I love those little mis-words.

I know it is my job to correct and teach her the right word, but I must admit I am going to miss when she stops going to the nursery.

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Lets give thanks for friends

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Ok so first a confession.

I have fallen short in the prayer department. I don’t know how it happened, it just used to be part of the routine. Yet somehow we fell out of sync and forgot to do evening prayers.

Well tonight I remembered that we had been missing something so after a really long story we said our prayers. We ended it with saying 3 things we are thankful for.

MB’s were

1) Happiness

2) Friends

3) she looked at me and I said the beautiful weather we got to enjoy today.

MB then added a few other thoughts on other things she was thankful for and we talked about God for a bit. MB wanted to make the point that God, even though we couldn’t see him, was always there and alive with us.

Heart melting.

I will not forget prayers in the future.

What a sweet moment to wrap up just a wonderful day with my little family.

Now to tackle the next item on my to-do list, finding us a new church. The last step in getting us settled in.

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Calling the tooth fairy

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Well the day has finally arrived.

As we waited for MB to get off the bus…the kids came running off saying “guess who lost a tooth, guess who lost a tooth”

Last off was a grinning MB holding her little tooth in an orange treasure chest.

So excited.

It had just started wiggling this weekend but I thought we had a little ways to go, but today was the day.

We have lost our first tooth.

The house was in a complete tizzy.

Fortunately Nana had sent a tooth fairy pillow and book in her Kinder care pack. So we were prepared.

We read the story and it was so cute…the little girl had so many questions about fairies and what happened with the tooth. MB listened intently and when we finished said I hope my tooth gets used for the throne.

As we prepared for bed, MB brushed her tooth really well so it would be good and clean for the tooth fairy. She put in the pillow and hung it on the door. I loved our conversation about how the tooth fairy knew when MB was asleep, her wings tingled :).

She went right out and the tooth fairy went to work. Writing a letter, getting a new toothbrush and toothpaste and finding the right amount of money for the 1st tooth.

This morning all MB talked about was when she was going to lose her 2nd. While I am just thankful it is a lower tooth so we might have a few more months of photos with teethy grins :)….we have family photos in 2 months!

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Yes, I cried

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Ok today we went to go see Nanny McPhee Returns. You wouldn’t think it is a cry movie. Well I was in tears about 3 different times.

I won’t ruin the movie but those family moments made me cry. I kept the tears a secret but I couldn’t help but wonder if any other mom’s in the theater were crying. I hope so…otherwise I am a little crazy, but we knew that.

The movie was cute and had its share of giggles. MB and I enjoyed our little mid-day movie, but there was one exchange which struck me hard. It also made me realize how grown-up kids can be now-a-days.

Now if you don’t want to hear about any part of the movie don’t read on. 🙂 hehe I just thought I should warn and not be one of those ruin a movie people, even if it is Nanny McPhee.

The father has gone off to war in the movie. Somewhere in the movie a telegram is sent and it isn’t good news. (Yes this is a part where I teared up).

Maddie watches the scene unfold, then turns to me and with a very serious face and said, “Uncle B hasn’t died has he?”. It was a quick exchange when I told her no he was just fine…but as she went back to the movie I was struck by the exchange.

Inside MB’s head:

1) Man in military

2) Family gets message that father is dead

3) MB thinks about her Uncle B in the Army

4) Realizes that military (and maybe cause she hasn’t seen him in a while) can mean death

5) Wants to confirm that Uncle B is alive and not dead

She is 5 years old. Yet what a mature thought process.

Anyone who has a loved one in the military has had that thought.

Fortunately for now Uncle B is not abroad so we sleep a little better, but we know at anytime that could change.

I also am thankful for all the men and women that are there and the families that have to deal with the unknown.

During that brief exchange with MB it made me think about any kids watching the movie who had a parent in the military that was away at the moment, would they have the same thought? Would the thought process be the same? Would it bring up a new worry in their mind that they hadn’t had before?

Either way it was a sad moment for me to realize my 5-year-old had a momentary concern that her uncle could be dead since he was in the Army.

It is impossible to shelter them, but it can’t make me not want to.

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Colors of the Rainbow

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So this week at school it was color week. Everyday a different color and so we had to coordinate the wardrobe.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought. We even came up with coffee beans to send in for Brown day!

So not as worried about next week as the colors continue.

Then as I went for my run this morning…a lovely 2.8 miles in below 90 degree weather, which is a real treat after 114 degree temps I saw this great rainbow to wrap up our color week. Sent it to Mr. Kinder for sharing on the smart board. Love email..got a response before we even sent MB off to the bus-stop!

Happy to have the whole clan back under one roof and looking forward to the weekend!

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