I got a good mommy

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We are just driving along enjoying the weekend….it has been a good one. Most of them are good nowadays.

As we drive along MB shares that “she got a good mommy”.

More sweeter words could not have been said. Love my little girl to pieces and since as she says “we were borne together” I must agree that “I got a good girl”. I hope that we will continue in life as my mother and I have…being best friends. There will be no greater reward.

I just wish I could get inside her head when out of the blue she says she loves me, or that I am a good mommy. What prompts those thoughts? Does she know that it melts my heart each time she says it?

But it doesn’t really matter..she says those sweet things, I melt.

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AZ is a changing us

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It dawned on me this morning that Scottsdale is making it’s mark.

Last night I had a thought of MB and I riding down to Starbucks in the morning. She could ride her bike and I could run/walk with her. It is about 2 miles each way…and full of rolling hills. TB thought I was crazy. MB wasn’t so sure. So I said ok we can just drive.

Well this morning around 7am, MB woke me up and asked when we were going on our ride to Starbucks. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to ride her bike, or if she wanted to drive. She said no lets ride, we can take it easy if we need to.

So we got ourselves dressed and off we went. First off, we are up, dressed, and out the door by 7:30? Really..previously I would have been in my PJ’s for at least another hour. But we had to do this early if we didn’t want it to be hot.

The ride was great on the way there. A few times I heard her saying “I think I can, I think I can” as we went up the hills. Every few minutes she would point to a bird, bunny, or other creature on the path. We waved and said good morning to the various bikers and walkers. Happy happy calms we were. Oh I forgot MB had her camelback on and was keeping hydrated.

We ended up skipping Starbucks and hitting up the AJ’s bakery. Fruit salad to share and muffins for us both. We ate outside and enjoyed the morning.

Now the ride back wasn’t all happy. There was a little whining and a little I can’t do this, my legs are so tired. But we pressed on and we made it. She did awesome, I felt great having had my morning workout…and we both had enough fun that she wants to go back next weekend. Plus she added that we could do it one evening for dinner too.

I must admit that riding/running 4 miles first thing in the morning was not my previous norm. I would of never even thought of that as a way to start/spend the weekend. Things are a changing…and I like it. Love it even more that it’s not just me but the whole family!

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Babysitters are so cool

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Yes, according to my daughter babysitters are the best thing since sliced bread.

Maybe it is cause she really hasn’t had one (from me that is) other than 2 afternoons in the past 5.75 years. Not counting our 2 au pairs for her first 3 years, which she never saw as babysitters.

When I told her that she was going to have a babysitter last night so TB and I could go to parent’s night at her school you would have thought I had given her the world. She was so excited. First thing she said when she woke up was today is babysitter day! I had to laugh- are other kids out there as excited as mine? Or do I need to go out more often?

Either way once she got home from school the countdown began. With the last few minutes watching out the window for her to arrive. Well Miss. K was a hit. MB adored her and couldn’t believe she drove MB’s favorite car– a BUG. The only complaint was that it wasn’t orange.

They played games when I left and found them home with the doll house when I got home. MB was in heaven. And I have found my first local babysitter!

After she drilled us about our time at our school and what her teacher had said about her….I still can’t believe that she is playing an introvert in the classroom. Wonder how long till that stops. We read a story and climbed into bed. Right before our last goodnight hug. MB said she really liked Miss. K since Miss. M wasn’t available (our neighbor down the street) but she would like to try Miss. M next time and maybe she could switch it up with both of them. I have a feeling she thinks if she does that she can get away with more stuff longer 🙂

Anyway, MB also decided that next week TB and I should go out for a long time like to dinner (Chipotle was her pick) on a date and she could stay with Miss. K or Miss. M and when she missed us she would call us and we would come home, but of course we would need to stop and pick up ice cream for her first to bring home.

My daughter forcing us out on date nights….the price a cup of ice cream. Maybe we will have to oblige her.

How often do you use babysitters? When does the coolness wear off?

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What I learned on my first day of Kindergarten

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Well its official. We are now in school. Kindergarten has begun.

A few things I learned today.

1) A million parents will go the classroom on the first day. Cameras, video, and tears. The principal will have to get them all the leave by saying class is starting. However, if you happen to get to see your little one sitting in their chair at their desk in the big classroom. You will cry. I managed the bus stop ok but the little stop in the classroom. The sweet smile when she saw us there, even though it wasn’t expected. It made me realize that she was a big girl now.

2. I am lucky to be sharing this with someone who is just as caught up in the moment as me. I wasn’t the one doing drive-bys at the school in hopes of seeing MB on the playground. Each time he made my heart swell just a little bit bigger.

3. The little things don’t go un-noticed. I put a little I love you note in MB’s lunch box and while she didn’t say anything at first after being home for a while she says to me “someone put a little note in my lunchbox”, “who did that?”, “you did and it was really sweet”. Enter hug and a few more tears.

4. Expect some independence with what they eat. We had to pack lunch and a snack. When I asked what she ate for her snack turns out she ate her PB&J for the snack and ate the carrots, grapes, cheese as lunch.

5. There is no better feeling then every time you tell someone who MB’s teacher is they squeal with delight and tell you how much you will love him. I heard so many wonderful things about Mr. Kindergarten that I can’t wait to see him live in action.

6. That even if your little one goes to school for years it won’t be the same as their first day of kindergarten. I have not been a SAHM so MB has always been in pre-school. We have done drop off and pick up for years. Yet today it was different. I paced, I could never fully focus and constantly was waiting for her to come home off the school bus. There is no preparation for when they really head off to school.

7. That I have wonderful neighbors. From the first greeting of the day telling MB she looked great for her big day, to the bus stop chatter, to the mom who brought popsicles for all the kids when they got off the bus, till the last neighbor who checked in to see how the day was — and all the other’s that followed it on facebook. It takes a village and I am loving our village.

8. Life is good and I officially have a Kindergartner.

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Sam’s Club for Lunch

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After a wonderful yoga session this morning. Nothing like stretching those hips. MB and I headed to the grocery store to get lunch supplies.

She requested her new favorite grocery store…Sam’s Club. We went there yesterday for the first day and she was blown away at the samples. From grapes to ice cream sandwiches she couldn’t believe they were passing out food…”it’s like lunch”.

So we headed to Sam’s. MB was pushing the cart and bee-lined for the food. It was sample heaven and she had so many she had to sit in the cart to eat. I had to laugh….flashbacks of my dad planning a Sam’s trip on Saturday or Sunday around lunch.

With a full cart of lunch goodies and a full belly we left the store….I have a feeling that I have a shopping buddy anytime I say Sam’s Club.

Now off to write a little note to put in her lunchbox for tomorrow. My baby is heading off to kindergarten.

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The weekend is over????

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Where did the weekend go?

Honestly I don’t know what happened one minute it was here the next minute it was gone. At least I feel accomplished.

After sleeping in for the last  morning, last day to enjoy the luxury, we headed to yoga. I love yoga. I love how I feel when it is done. I am amazed about how much deeper the stretches can get. What a great way to start the day.

Then we went to Lowes. What started as a trip for some eye hooks and rope ended up with 4 hands full of supplies to get our guest room into “final shape”

The next thing we know it is 3pm and we have friends coming over for a BBQ at 5. So hurried out to the store and got our BBQ supplies.

Then we both went to work. Me in the kitchen. Bob Villa in the guest room. We were both successful. The picture is hung, the dresser is fixed and the room is looking complete. I whipped up my mom’s pasta salad..I didn’t realize I missed it till I made it…loved feta cheese and the Mediterranean dressing. Threw a few chocolate chip cookies in the oven for dessert and the doorbell rang.

Talk about perfect team work! We are so getting settled into our place and it feels so good.

Go to admit  nothing beats relaxing Sunday night in the hot tub.

Now the week before Kindergarten begins…going to find out the teacher tomorrow. Eck!!!

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Family fun and humidity

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A long weekend with family in Indy. 4 little ones ages 5 and under. Lots of giggles, a little whining, and tons of fun. Splash in HIGH humidity and bugs, which in the words of MB: “I know why people move to AZ, so they don’t have bug bites” reminded us that 110 degrees isn’t that bad if the humidity is low.

We spent majority of the weekend poolside at TB’s parents house. Unlike our pool they have a slide and a diving board. MB with her running splits & long jumps and TB doing flips. The favorite was the slide. For the first day it was just normal sliding. The 2nd day brought all different kind of combos. Forwards, backwards, on your stomach, on your back. Then the “big trick” was coming off the slide onto the boogie board and staying up. After lots of lots of practice and being told that I didn’t hold the board right (TB needed to hold the board) she had it mastered and could come down the slide, right to the boogie board and glide across the pool. What fun memories. I  know we are going to hear begging for a slide at our house soon. (wish I could post the video!)

We also had some of TB’s old friends join us with their kids at the pool for a BBQ and more pool time. Water guns were the toy of choice, for the big kids and the little kids!

Outside of the pool the kids played non-stop. I caught the girls practicing cheers in the gym. MB teaching lil Sis “up-up, down-down” with the pom-pom’s. The boys took MB for a ride around the yard in their Caddy. Enjoying summer nights…seeing fireflies. Setting off some pretty impressive fireworks.

We had a family dinner which was full of really good eats. TB’s sister-in-law makes some really good coney sauce. I say this as someone who doesn’t like coney’s but loved her sauce!!! I am waiting for the artichoke dip recipe too- another WOW. Bellies stuffed and the kids are quiet. I go upstairs to check on them and MB says “Mommy, we have been playing a really long time with no arguing, isn’t that great?”. Yes it is and I am running back downstairs quickly so as not to ruin the quiet :).

The visit was short…but one of those that fills your heart and soul with happiness and recharges you for life ahead! Even if I still feel sticky thinking about the humidity!

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Prelude to our weekend in Indy

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Our last vacation of the summer. We headed to Indy to see family and friends….it was a much-needed break after spending some time in the Franklin Courthouse.

Before we could begin our family fun my ex was determined to have MB dance in what he called a “recital”. Now MB has missed 3 recitals over the past couple years due to my ex. Recitals with costumes, dance classes that she has attended for years….this was a 4 day camp with a 15min show at the end. Of course he worked up MB to be so excited about it that we couldn’t disappoint. TB and I spent the afternoon in Cbus playing games, getting a special hair-do, and having dinner before the big show. With nothing else to do TB and I attended the whole class. The whole 2 hours of babysitting. There was a little leaping, a little dancing, snack time, arts and crafts, and the best was coloring!

Even better none of the girls were dressed in leotards except MB. Did I mention there were 3 girls? The glass started with 2 and then a friend of the teacher came in…so we had 3. In their everyday clothes and flip-flop. Even the teacher laughed when we asked when the recital was.

So after 2 hours my ex showed up with his entourage…he brought 6 other family members including himself. The other 2 girls just had a parent for pick up and I think a sibling was in tow. Yes we looked like a nutty family. They did their dance steps following the teacher who held her notebook the whole time so she could remember the steps. All this so we couldn’t leave till 9pm for a 3 hour drive home. Another poor move by my ex.

Fortunately at the end the teacher just put on the disco ball and let the kids dance. Well MB is a dancing queen…she loves our dance parties and she pulled out all her moves. Even grabbing TB for a flip mid-dance. She was in her groove. Not surprising the ex and his family were in shock, they had never seen her dance– this was all new to them???? I don’t even know how that is possible- dance parties happen weekly in our house and I have caught MB many a night turning up the radio and just busting a move. That was enough to make me smile…MB and her moves and confirming how clueless my ex is about MB.

To celebrate MB’s dance off we found a DQ and enjoyed small blizzards. Once again I had mine to myself while TB and MB swapped out their’s each trying to find the biggest piece of cookie.

With full bellies and full hearts we started out 3 hour drive and landed in Indy safe and sound at 1am.

Proof is in the pictures 🙂

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Back-flips off the diving board

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After a really long week we are visiting family down in Indy. Couldn’t of planned it better…after everything we have been through this week I couldn’t be happier watching MB play with other kids and frolic around just enjoying being 5.

We slept in today with MB as she had her armed wrapped through mine in a death grip through most of the night. Waking up to 3 little ones whispering outside our door to see if we were awake yet.

After a leisurely morning we headed to TB’s parent’s house and to the pool. I had one of the moments where I just feel in love all over again with TB. The kids were frolicking in the pool, TB comes out after changing into his suit, heads straight to the diving board, he tested the bounce, then took a running start, and did a back-flip into the pool. MB was amazed. Well we all were amazed. Just another classic moment of TB being a kid with the kids. As he watered down the slide, did more flips, and just played with 4 kids single-handed I sat back and smiled. He was a natural and he was enjoying every minute. I couldn’t adore this man more. He is everything you want in a father, uncle, best buddy.

4 hours later I found myself in the pool with the same 4 kids…now while there were no back-flips in my routine I can give dolphin rides, share floats with any little one that wants to relax!

Pool, sun, laughs, cries, smiles, and tears….just another day of fun in the sun. Tomorrow we are doing it again with even more kids….hopefully I won’t forget the camera!

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Cloudy with a Chance of Crazy

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Well I am falling down on the blog this week as I continue trying to come to an “revised” agreement with my ex. I will leave it at that, unfortunately while I find other blogs a great place where people are able to journal their lives and find support this is one topic I don’t feel “safe” talking about.

So while I won’t talk details…I will say that no matter what this is one of the most stressful things in life a parent can endure. Fortunately I am no longer in this alone and TB is nothing less than wonderful. My mom is right there every step of the way as well. All stressed but all dealing with it differently. Everyone knows “emotionally eating”. We could be a commercial for it this week.  Day 1: TB barely eats, I bounce between no eating and comfort food, Mom craves sweets. Day 2: Today we spent with MB so balancing out the stress and its a normal food day. Day 3: TB barely eats till the day is done (and crazy came to town), I am able to eat slightly during the day but not at the end of the day as the decision factor is just too much. So what will tomorrow bring….I guess the one thing I know for sure we will be picking up food of some sort as soon as we get MB tomorrow.  Not a diet plan I would recommend to anyone…but I know the scale will make me proud on Monday.

I also continue to realize that true friendship and family know no distance. A support network doesn’t need to be “there” to be present. I have amazing friends/family that are there. They might be in Texas, Kentucky, Florida, the Caribbean, and a number of other states but their hearts, minds, and thoughts are here with me. The strength one can pull from that ever-present support is wonderful. I am so lucky.

Looking forward to happier posts this weekend….we are heading to see family and I can think of nothing I would rather do now then have fun and play with 4 kids under 6. Their innocence and look on life is what I need right now.

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