Review: Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus

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Junie B. Jones and the  Stupid Smelly Bus (Junie B. Jones, #1)Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus by Barbara Park
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I got this book as MB was starting Kindergarten and riding the school bus. So I thought what a perfect series to start with her first year of school.

I had hopes that we would be reading this series through the year and growing up with Junie B.

Well I guess I should of read the reviews a little bit before I ordered. I was disappointed. Junie B is not well behaved. She uses worlds like stupid and hate. I found myself censoring as I read. Not what you want to be doing as you put your little one to bed after a long day.

The story was cute and deals with the some of the fears and unknowns of going to school for the first time…but could of done without showing the behaviors I don’t want in my daughter.

Now off to find another series that hopefully will do better.

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MB Vlogs…Yellow Bus and Fun Friends

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I thought MB said it better than any post I could do. Plus she gave it some extra flair with her maddie-tude. Can’t wait till she gets home and I can hear all about her first day!

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Meet the teacher

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I am playing a little catch-up. As I expected, it has been an extremely busy weekend. Friday morning we went to the school’s Meet the Teacher event. They told us to bring in the school supplies with no names. I am so happy we ordered from the school directly- no shopping lists, no making sure I got everything. Paypal and pick-up. Shortcut.

When we got to the classroom Mr. Kindergarten had bins outside labeled for each of the supplies. So while I dug in my purse for my camera TB and MB unloaded our bag into all the right bins.

Notice the water bottle in hand. This girl has hydration down…so we have had to add a “try” bathroom stop on the list when we are out and about. If we see a bathroom we are going to try. So much better than the panicked “I have to go I have to go” in the middle of a store with no potty.

We then headed into the classroom and found her desk. She wouldn’t sit in it and got all shy again. As we meet other parents and kids it was funny to see all the kids holding their parent’s hands tight or standing behind their legs. Each parent would say “what is your name?” and there would be silence…finally you might get the answer in the softest tone you could imagine. I give it a day and the next time we go to the classroom it will be a zoo.

Before we left I went through the bus drop off routine one more time with her to make sure she got it. She played it back to me and I thought we were all good. As we got in the car she told me she was nervous about taking the bus. She had mentioned this earlier– which is why we went through the routine a couple of times. I asked if she remembered what we talked about…and she said in an exasperated tone “I remember that mommy, we did it enough, but who am I going to sit with on the bus. What if nobody sits with me??”

All this time I thought she was worried about where to go…whoops. I smiled at her and held her hand and said I am sure she would find someone fun to sit with and remember you aren’t getting on the bus alone- you will have all your friends from the neighborhood with you too. You could see the temporary sigh of relief come across her face when she realized she could start targeting a seat companion as soon as she got back home.

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One room at a time….smallest room first!

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Well we have been in the new place for 4 months and everything still looks exactly as it did the first weekend we unpacked. That weekend I made us finish up MB’s room…not that I should have worried but thought having her room setup would help the transition to AZ. She didn’t skip a beat but I at least got to feel good that one room in the house was done.

So when TB mentioned this week that he thought we should get the guest half bath decorated (it had just odds and ends in it) I jumped on it and was at Target less than 24 hours later. Well that was after surfing the web for ideas and inspiration.

I started with some photos I had picked up at an Art fair in Ohio- they needed a home in the house. They are a little “risqué” but tastefully done and the artist is from my home town of Vero Beach…which lead to the initial purchase. Me in Ohio, missing Vero. Art was a solution. So the photos are black and white and I went with that theme.

I found some simple black and silver accessories that I knew TB would approve…and added an accent in Blue. Which we are debating about…tags are still on those towels. I then got another black frame that I filled with photos from our recent trip to Kauai (hence the blue). One more bare wall. Ahh MB’s baby part black and white and fits in with the other art (lots of skin :)).

And wahlaa we have our first room decorated in the house! Well partially…one of the big projects on the list is getting the hardware all switched out (not a fan of the gold) and a new sink….but for now this will do just fine 🙂

That was a couple days ago…finally got the pictures hung (and a few in MB’s room too!!!). Setting up her August magnet calendar got me all excited again for her first day in the big house!

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