Food induced memories

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Mac and cheese

Image by moonlightbulb via Flickr

We were sitting down at the table for a dinner of mac and cheese, peas, and melon.

MB turns to me and says I miss Adam.

Adam was the owner of our favorite restaurant in NY and a good friend of ours there. MB loved to go to Adam’s as he always had hidden coloring books for her and made her a very special (yummy even for me) mac and cheese.

We used to go there at least once a week and MB was never shy of asking the hostess for Adam. Having me text him. Or looking for him herself. When she saw him she would give him the biggest bear hug ever. It was MB’s Cheers. She knew everyone and always felt special. I loved how she considered that her place. Made for some great memories and meals out.

One time we went from brunch together and stayed for hours listening to the band, coloring on the brown paper tablemats, and just enjoying each other.

Ahh food-induced memories. She does have my DNA.

I remember so many places and things by the food.

Always growing up there was excitement about going to this city or that city by the food we were going to eat.

It might be just mac and cheese, but it is the start of many more food memories to come.

Love you Adam!

What is your favorite food memory???

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Breakfast in Bed= More Energy

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I don’t know where she got the idea. Though I think it might be from a commercial on Disney.

MB had decided she was going to make me breakfast in bed.

So I was told I must stay in bed.

Which I did.

We made it easy on her and there were doughnuts to pass out.

She took our order and one by one she brought them in on napkins.

She of course saved the chocolate one for herself.

She was smart enough to know not to climb in bed with hers.

She stood and ate it. Before she was finished I believe TB was up with the vacuum and was busy vacuuming on and off for the next 15min.

As I am eating, and starting to become more alert. I realize she had taken a long time in the kitchen to just get 3 doughnuts.

I turned to her and said ‘did you make a mess in the kitchen?”

She grins.

I sigh.

She says “but Mommy, when you get breakfast in bed you have more energy to clean up my mess”

What can you say to that.

I said nothing.

I gave her a super big hug.

Went about the day with smiles.

And let TB clean up the mess 🙂

She was right I do have more energy. And am thankful she didn’t try to make a healthier breakfast.

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Bento box finally

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Well the search is over.

As just after 3 weeks lunches are getting boring I have been on the lookout for a bento box so I could start getting a little more creative. And have less food come home uneaten. After searching Target, Container Store, and on and on I happened upon the prefect items at TJ Max.

We were ready for our first bento. It was a hit and this was just with leftovers. I am excited too.

MB is such an eat with your fingers girl. She is going to eat so much better this way. For example. I set out grapes, cut up strawberries she digs in. I cut up a chicken breast into bite size pieces she devours the whole thing. I leave it for her to cut herself she eats about half. Maybe it is lazy, or probably just distraction. Yet I know the bite size will be a success for the year ahead.

I also found a great blog, Bento Lunch. Everyday they post a new creation. After a few days of seeing the cute cut-out cheese slices I think I am going to have to start looking for cookie cutters. Love it.

This bento is not fancy, but it was our first! So much better than the lunchables she is always begging for too!

Anyone else bento box? What are your favorite things to put in the lunch box? Always looking for some new healthy and fun ideas!

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Revolving Kitchen

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Revolving door (base)

Image via Wikipedia

Revolving Kitchen.

That is how I feel.

Now I admit we eat out our fair share and I am by no means chained to the stove, but it still feels like I spend most of m day in the kitchen.

Yes, I am exaggerating, but its a vicious cycle.

Wake up.

Short order cook at your service. Cut the strawberries. Prepare the waffles, pancakes, mixed, or maybe an egg.

Feed the girl with the hollow leg. Whoops you forgot a beverage.

Ok- now make some granola and berries for yourself and TB. Coffee, no time? Ok Diet Coke.

Now clean the dishes. Wipe down the counter.

Off to the bus stop.

Now the day is full of work and that task list we talked about yesterday.

School bus arrives, back at the bus stop.

Home, maybe, or off to an activity.

Either way a snack is required. Ok maybe I am tired– just pick something out of the pantry.


Unpack the backpack. Pack the lunch. Clean the dishes. Dishwasher is full again- I swear we run it every day!!!

Wipe the counter.

Time to start dinner prep.

Think. Cut. Cook. Serve.


Time to clean up again. More dishes. Wait, have to put the clean ones away first. Now the dirty dishes.

Wipe the counter.


Enjoy the clean empty counter for 10 seconds. Then leave the kitchen. Good night my kitchen. Till tomorrow when I will visit you again as relive my Groundhog Day moments.

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An expensive date

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Tuna Rolls

Image by Debs (ò‿ó)♪ via Flickr

Tonight after picking up TB from his 4 hour flight to Mexico. Another story. We headed out for sushi.

MB wanted to sit at the bar again, so we obliged.

After the waiter brought us our drinks he asked if we were ready to order. We said we needed a few minutes. As he walked away MB said I know what I want. I turned to her and said ok then order.

She leaned over the bar to the sushi chef and said “Tuna Roll, please”. He smiled and served her up…for the first time a sushi chef cut it into smaller pieces making them just perfect size for her mouth.

She then proceeded to go for 2 pieces of Maguro and 1 piece of Hamachi. Now there were 6 pieces of Maguro so that was an even split 3 ways, but their were only 2 pieces of Hamachi and she didn’t think twice that one of those were hers.

As TB and I finished up an awesome summer roll, MB topped off the miso soup and was still hungry. So she ordered up another tuna roll.

My girl just loves sushi and her palette is expanding with each visit.

As we wrapped up the evening I laughed. I am in no rush but I want to be a fly on the wall for her first date. She will want to head out to sushi and the poor guy is going to be stuck with quite a bill. I just hope he can pass the sushi test!

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How big is her stomach??

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Food @ Flickr Turns 4 Party (111 Minna)

Image by Stephanie Booth via Flickr

She has to be preparing for a growth spurt. That is the only answer.

The last few weeks it has been a marathon of food. Just to give you a sample here is today’s menu.

Breakfast- cantaloupe, Milk, and 4 powdered Doughnut Minis

Lunch- Green Pepper, PB&J, Cheese Stick, Applesauce

School Snack- Carrots

Afterschool Special Treat (TB tried to sneak this one past me)- Sharing a slice of turtle cheesecake and a Cliff Fruit Twist

Dinner (babysitter)- Mac & Cheese, Strawberries, Green Peppers

After dinner (Mommy gets home and starts dinner for TB and herself)- chips, cheese, another Cliff Fruit Twist

Final Snack- while we talk about our meeting with her teacher she proceeds to eat the rest of the cantloupe…which was probably about 10 pieces

Now I am almost 100% sure that I forgot somethings in there..which is even harder to believe that she could have eaten more.

It is just amazing and this is how it has been for the last 2 weeks. I mean last night she ate 2 servings of beef and broccoli, an egg roll, and rice. Followed by a treat for dessert.

I expect MB to grow about 2 inches in the coming month…otherwise we are going to start looking for a hollow leg.

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Eggrolls and Rattlesnakes

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It was starting to be such a wonderful relaxing evening.

We had just gotten back from gymnastics class where MB was so proud she did a great handstand for the first time.

I opened up the fridge to see that someone had returned the soy sauce empty. TB couldn’t think Asian food without soy sauce so he offered to go to the store. MB joined as well…”I go with TB I can get treats”.

So I had the house quiet as I prepared egg rolls and beef and broccoli. Packed up MB’s lunch for tomorrow…since we rushed out for gymnastics. And cleaned up around the house. Getting ahead of the game for the evening.

Dinner was ready as they pulled in the door and it was good. MB has decided she likes egg rolls and love the sweet and sour sauce..even mixed it with her rice like TB does…yet he uses hot sauce.

Meanwhile TB is a little pre-occupied and keeps going to check out the front window. We are having our first monsoon so I asssumed that was what it was. After about the 3rd time he got up I asked…he said we had an animal outside in whispered tones that he was checking on. We finished our dinner and I went to peek.

A nice little rattlesnake. What I failed to notice was what it was eating…and that it wasn’t just one snake but another snake was there as well. Oh boy.

So I go back to cleaning and getting MB ready for bed. TB kept on an eye on things up front, called into our native neighbor, and had his iPad in hand doing some searches.

After MB gets out of the shower the commotion as grown. I finally share that we have a rattlesnake on our front door. You would of thought I said Santa was outside. She ran with glee to check it out. Not only did she find the snake but also about 3 neighbors and 3 neighborhood kids…all checking out the activity. TB had read that you can call the fireman to remove it if they are on your front door step. So the fireman arrived and carried it away. He also shared with MB the differences between the 2 kinds of snake- rattler=bad, bull=good.

The fireman told MB that he had a bull snake as a pet when he was a kid. Guess who wants a new pet???

Not going to happen.



So now it is calm….I am waiting for pictures from the neighbor.

And I will be checking twice when we go out to catch the bus in the morning.

Just when I thought it was going to be a quiet night at home.

Worst of all I missed the first monsoon of the season for us…and didn’t even get to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Though MB did and told me they didn’t go after the pot of Gold cause they didn’t want to be late for dinner. Should I tell her it would of been ok if she brought back gold???

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Family fun and humidity

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A long weekend with family in Indy. 4 little ones ages 5 and under. Lots of giggles, a little whining, and tons of fun. Splash in HIGH humidity and bugs, which in the words of MB: “I know why people move to AZ, so they don’t have bug bites” reminded us that 110 degrees isn’t that bad if the humidity is low.

We spent majority of the weekend poolside at TB’s parents house. Unlike our pool they have a slide and a diving board. MB with her running splits & long jumps and TB doing flips. The favorite was the slide. For the first day it was just normal sliding. The 2nd day brought all different kind of combos. Forwards, backwards, on your stomach, on your back. Then the “big trick” was coming off the slide onto the boogie board and staying up. After lots of lots of practice and being told that I didn’t hold the board right (TB needed to hold the board) she had it mastered and could come down the slide, right to the boogie board and glide across the pool. What fun memories. I  know we are going to hear begging for a slide at our house soon. (wish I could post the video!)

We also had some of TB’s old friends join us with their kids at the pool for a BBQ and more pool time. Water guns were the toy of choice, for the big kids and the little kids!

Outside of the pool the kids played non-stop. I caught the girls practicing cheers in the gym. MB teaching lil Sis “up-up, down-down” with the pom-pom’s. The boys took MB for a ride around the yard in their Caddy. Enjoying summer nights…seeing fireflies. Setting off some pretty impressive fireworks.

We had a family dinner which was full of really good eats. TB’s sister-in-law makes some really good coney sauce. I say this as someone who doesn’t like coney’s but loved her sauce!!! I am waiting for the artichoke dip recipe too- another WOW. Bellies stuffed and the kids are quiet. I go upstairs to check on them and MB says “Mommy, we have been playing a really long time with no arguing, isn’t that great?”. Yes it is and I am running back downstairs quickly so as not to ruin the quiet :).

The visit was short…but one of those that fills your heart and soul with happiness and recharges you for life ahead! Even if I still feel sticky thinking about the humidity!

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Cloudy with a Chance of Crazy

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Well I am falling down on the blog this week as I continue trying to come to an “revised” agreement with my ex. I will leave it at that, unfortunately while I find other blogs a great place where people are able to journal their lives and find support this is one topic I don’t feel “safe” talking about.

So while I won’t talk details…I will say that no matter what this is one of the most stressful things in life a parent can endure. Fortunately I am no longer in this alone and TB is nothing less than wonderful. My mom is right there every step of the way as well. All stressed but all dealing with it differently. Everyone knows “emotionally eating”. We could be a commercial for it this week.  Day 1: TB barely eats, I bounce between no eating and comfort food, Mom craves sweets. Day 2: Today we spent with MB so balancing out the stress and its a normal food day. Day 3: TB barely eats till the day is done (and crazy came to town), I am able to eat slightly during the day but not at the end of the day as the decision factor is just too much. So what will tomorrow bring….I guess the one thing I know for sure we will be picking up food of some sort as soon as we get MB tomorrow.  Not a diet plan I would recommend to anyone…but I know the scale will make me proud on Monday.

I also continue to realize that true friendship and family know no distance. A support network doesn’t need to be “there” to be present. I have amazing friends/family that are there. They might be in Texas, Kentucky, Florida, the Caribbean, and a number of other states but their hearts, minds, and thoughts are here with me. The strength one can pull from that ever-present support is wonderful. I am so lucky.

Looking forward to happier posts this weekend….we are heading to see family and I can think of nothing I would rather do now then have fun and play with 4 kids under 6. Their innocence and look on life is what I need right now.

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Five Question Friday

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So I was browsing through the web and found 5 Question Friday…thought it might be fun to play around with that today. So here it goes.

1. What is one food you could eat everyday?

Hmmm..Mexican. Nachos, Tacos, Quesadilla…anything on a Mexican menu. I love Chipotle and I think I would be fine to eat it everyday!

2. Are you working in the career you thought you would be when you were 18?

No, I thought I was going to be a pediatrician. I don’t know when I started that plan but it was young…like grade-school age. I stuck through it all the way to college when I remember someone telling me that I should get a degree in something other than pre-Med so that if something happened after college I would have a working degree to find a job right out of college. From there as a freshman I did an Engineering 101 class where each week we saw a different Eng. I knew quickly I couldn’t do Chemical Engineering…the professors reminded me as the guy from Ferris Buehler or those Visine commericials…so DRY. I found Industrial Engineering and then my major was set….from there the rest is history.

3. What is something that you wish you would have done when you were younger and you didn’t?

Hmmm I don’t really have anything…I had a great childhood. Huge travel adventures thanks to my parents. I guess I wish I hadn’t gotten married so soon after college, lesson learned there, but now I have TB!

4. What color are your kitchen walls?

Beige…nothing special, but I love the wall to wall cabinetry.

5. Do you remember what your very first favorite song was?

Hmm I don’t I think it was Dave Matthews Band- Ant’s Marching…but I can’t remember…it could of been NKOTB!   Haha that made laugh 🙂

This was fun I think I will do 5 Question Friday again!

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