AZ is a changing us

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It dawned on me this morning that Scottsdale is making it’s mark.

Last night I had a thought of MB and I riding down to Starbucks in the morning. She could ride her bike and I could run/walk with her. It is about 2 miles each way…and full of rolling hills. TB thought I was crazy. MB wasn’t so sure. So I said ok we can just drive.

Well this morning around 7am, MB woke me up and asked when we were going on our ride to Starbucks. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to ride her bike, or if she wanted to drive. She said no lets ride, we can take it easy if we need to.

So we got ourselves dressed and off we went. First off, we are up, dressed, and out the door by 7:30? Really..previously I would have been in my PJ’s for at least another hour. But we had to do this early if we didn’t want it to be hot.

The ride was great on the way there. A few times I heard her saying “I think I can, I think I can” as we went up the hills. Every few minutes she would point to a bird, bunny, or other creature on the path. We waved and said good morning to the various bikers and walkers. Happy happy calms we were. Oh I forgot MB had her camelback on and was keeping hydrated.

We ended up skipping Starbucks and hitting up the AJ’s bakery. Fruit salad to share and muffins for us both. We ate outside and enjoyed the morning.

Now the ride back wasn’t all happy. There was a little whining and a little I can’t do this, my legs are so tired. But we pressed on and we made it. She did awesome, I felt great having had my morning workout…and we both had enough fun that she wants to go back next weekend. Plus she added that we could do it one evening for dinner too.

I must admit that riding/running 4 miles first thing in the morning was not my previous norm. I would of never even thought of that as a way to start/spend the weekend. Things are a changing…and I like it. Love it even more that it’s not just me but the whole family!

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Red, White, and Berry

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The girls at the BBQ

Our neighbors had a BBQ for Memorial day and our task was dessert. I enlisted the girls to help. Well really I asked and they came running YESSSS! First we checked out Martha Stewart’s 60 photos of red, white and blue desserts.

Sara wasn’t a fan of icing so cupcakes were out…a few desserts I quickly passed over as they looked like scary projects to tackle. We decided on the red, white and blueberry trifle, but with a slight adaptation. We would make personal cups…easier for the BBQ and more fun for the girls.

Fortunately we had to double the recipe so each time the girls could take turn putting in the ingredients. Over and over again I heard as they were making their creations…this is so much fun, this is so much fun. And other than them eating the strawberries faster than I could cut them I had no complaints on all the fruit they ate during the prep!

We had one snafu when I had to run out for more cream cheese…but other than that the dessert making was a hit and the result was too.

Maddie was so proud to carry her dessert to Tini’s and both girls passed them out around the party- as any good chef would do.

The Recipe from Martha

Sara and Maddie ready to start creating

Proud Chefs with their finished product

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