Sometimes going away is a good thing

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I hate leaving my family. No matter what fun might lie ahead I always miss them. You might have a night or a part of time when you enjoy being a girl on the town, but at the end of the night it is always so much better to be under your own roof when the family all there with you.

However, without going away I wouldn’t feel so much love as I do right now.

I am sitting in a meeting and my phone vibrates. I look down and there is a picture of my two lovebugs beaming at the camera. All smiles which makes me smile. Then I notice the splash pad behind them and a backdrop I don’t recognize. They are someplace new….I of course want all the details but I am in a meeting.

I come back to my hotel and see some Facebook updates from TB…here they are:

‎”I think this might be a good day to smell the breeze, look around, and just have some fun.” 🙂

“I want surf champion for dinner; I want surf champion”. Took me a minute to realize she meant surf and turf. I corrected her, and she was all, “Yeah, THAT’S what I mean”.
Check that. I guess it was “surf boarding champion” she was saying. She just reverted back to that, followed by PLEASE I want some lobster.
I just smile and my heart melts. I wish I was there with them…but then I know it would have been just a normal Monday night. They are making their own memories, they are doing what best buddies too.
Sometimes going away is a good thing…
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Refreshed…a great girls weekend

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Nothing beats family time…and I cherish every minute.

But there is something to be said for getting away for a day or two.

I was able to get away this past weekend and how wonderful it was.

I headed east to Kentucky. So on top of visiting 2 of my best friends. Yep, lucky me they are married! I got to get a little southern charm.

The weather was just awesome. 70’s. Sunny. Clear Skies.

Combine that with wine, long walks, good food, and good chats. I was so refreshed and thankful for everything I am blessed with.

The past few visits have been full of venting, talking about the crap in my life, and the dark cloud had just always hung around.

That is a thing of the past. What a difference it made. It was just wonderful. No black clouds. Nothing to really bitch about. Just shows how talking negative can make you feel negative. Talking positive leads to being positive.

About the only downer was leaving and realizing it was going to be awhile till I saw them again. Friends know no distance, but it sure would be nice to have them around for more weekly dinners, walks, and wine.

Oh and I have to mention I was reminded how the little touches for guests can make you smile. There was a note on my bed, flowers in my room, and she even turned down my bed one night. Oh yeah over the top. I must remember flowers in the room when we have company. They made me smile all weekend.

What little touches do you do when you have company?? (I am not afraid to steal them!!!)

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Breakfast in Bed= More Energy

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I don’t know where she got the idea. Though I think it might be from a commercial on Disney.

MB had decided she was going to make me breakfast in bed.

So I was told I must stay in bed.

Which I did.

We made it easy on her and there were doughnuts to pass out.

She took our order and one by one she brought them in on napkins.

She of course saved the chocolate one for herself.

She was smart enough to know not to climb in bed with hers.

She stood and ate it. Before she was finished I believe TB was up with the vacuum and was busy vacuuming on and off for the next 15min.

As I am eating, and starting to become more alert. I realize she had taken a long time in the kitchen to just get 3 doughnuts.

I turned to her and said ‘did you make a mess in the kitchen?”

She grins.

I sigh.

She says “but Mommy, when you get breakfast in bed you have more energy to clean up my mess”

What can you say to that.

I said nothing.

I gave her a super big hug.

Went about the day with smiles.

And let TB clean up the mess 🙂

She was right I do have more energy. And am thankful she didn’t try to make a healthier breakfast.

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AZ is a changing us

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It dawned on me this morning that Scottsdale is making it’s mark.

Last night I had a thought of MB and I riding down to Starbucks in the morning. She could ride her bike and I could run/walk with her. It is about 2 miles each way…and full of rolling hills. TB thought I was crazy. MB wasn’t so sure. So I said ok we can just drive.

Well this morning around 7am, MB woke me up and asked when we were going on our ride to Starbucks. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to ride her bike, or if she wanted to drive. She said no lets ride, we can take it easy if we need to.

So we got ourselves dressed and off we went. First off, we are up, dressed, and out the door by 7:30? Really..previously I would have been in my PJ’s for at least another hour. But we had to do this early if we didn’t want it to be hot.

The ride was great on the way there. A few times I heard her saying “I think I can, I think I can” as we went up the hills. Every few minutes she would point to a bird, bunny, or other creature on the path. We waved and said good morning to the various bikers and walkers. Happy happy calms we were. Oh I forgot MB had her camelback on and was keeping hydrated.

We ended up skipping Starbucks and hitting up the AJ’s bakery. Fruit salad to share and muffins for us both. We ate outside and enjoyed the morning.

Now the ride back wasn’t all happy. There was a little whining and a little I can’t do this, my legs are so tired. But we pressed on and we made it. She did awesome, I felt great having had my morning workout…and we both had enough fun that she wants to go back next weekend. Plus she added that we could do it one evening for dinner too.

I must admit that riding/running 4 miles first thing in the morning was not my previous norm. I would of never even thought of that as a way to start/spend the weekend. Things are a changing…and I like it. Love it even more that it’s not just me but the whole family!

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When it’s hot…go where it is hotter

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So we had planned a weekend getaway to visit friends. Something we were all looking forward to. MB to make new friends, TB and I to get away from work and home projects and just enjoy the weekend.

It was a hot week for us in Scottsdale 110 degrees most days so in my mind I was looking forward to going to Lake Havasu for some cooler weather. Right, cause Lake means cool doesn’t it? Well in my warped mind it did. That was too Thursday night when TB and I looked at the temps and I saw that it was 10 degrees hotter in Havasu. WHAT??????

Turns out its more in the desert than we are. Whoops.

Oh well…even turning up the heat won’t get this girl down.

We had a great time…bowling, playing in the pool, visiting, and just being. It felt so good not to have anything to do, nowhere to be, and just let the weekend happen.

Now refreshed and ready for the week ahead…well sorta 🙂

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Another day in paradise

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Ok I really am in heaven. I know this is probably getting to be an old topic but I have such an awesome neighborhood. Here was my afternoon.

We had plans to have one set of neighbors over for swimming and dinner…plus some outside TV installation. So when MB got off the school bus I was already in suit ready to head to the pool.

On my way to the bus stop I saw another set of neighbors and invited them over to join us! Figured MB would be happy to have some older kids in the mix to play with…and selfishly knew that would keep me more “free”…kids are more fun than mom.

Then the bus arrives…and MB invites the whole bus stop over to the pool. Well everyone shows up and what a blast. We had 9 kids and 4 moms all in the pool trying to beat the heat. The playdate only lasted about an hour till everyone headed home to get dinner ready…but we had fruit and fun.

I just can’t believe my luck at finding a house in such a wonderful neighborhood.

After things settled down we grilled out some grub and enjoyed a relaxing evening…I was so proud of MB as she took little G to her room to play after she had finished eating, giving us a little more adult time. Later as I was putting MB to bed I asked what they had done in her room. I had to laugh…she said she was teaching little G how to jump on the bed! Whooops…well at least they didn’t get hurt and they were quiet!

Now off to check out the outside TV install is going…so excited to think about football while hanging in the pool!

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Circus, Circus

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Greatest Show on Earth

Last night we went to see the Greatest Show on Earth!  What a blast we had. Our seats were 3rd row so right in the action and Barnum and Bailey do an awesome performance. Before I get into the special moments I have at admit I was a little surprised to see Peta protesters outside the circus….passing out stickers for the kids along with a brochure. I don’t mind them being there and definitely don’t support animal cruelety…but the strategy of targeting young kids with stickers didn’t go over so well. I didn’t want to start my night having to explain Peta to Maddie. Fortunately we were easily distracted as we entered the show.

We got into the show just in time and the lights went out and the fun began. I don’t know how many times I heard “look, look, look” as we tried to keep an eye on the 3 or 4 acts going on at time. There was laughing, clapping, and screaming. I even gasped a few times as we some of the stunts were performed. Our favorite act was the motorcycles in the ball….at first Maddie didn’t believe  Todd that was what the giant ball was for. Then we were all amazed when 5 guys went in there together. When they asked if we wanted more, Maddie was up and yelling more, more with the rest of them. They managed to do 7 inside the ball…amazing.

Maddie was disappointed when the acrobat missed his quadruple flip…she didn’t understand that it had only happened 2 times in 140 years…she wanted him to keep trying. Guess she has learned that you don’t give up!

Another favorite was the baby elephant borne the night before the 2009 inaguration…guess the name – Barack. Maddie found it really

Can't take my eyes off the show

cute that it was just like Okabama (Obama) …don’t think she realized they did that on purpose.

Nothing beats watching your little one staring in awe for 2 hours at all the tricks…the mouth gaping or smiling and laughing. We left the circus hand in hand…all smiling.

Now off to camp today (it is backwards day)….and after getting over being more goofy/funky than cute, she was totally into it!

Opposite Day

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