Ice cream and Friends

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What a Saturday.

I started off on a 4mile hike with my neighbor. I have decided there is no better way to start the day. Get up a little early. The house is quiet, everyone is sleeping. Enjoying a breakfast bar and check some email. Then head out for a hike (or a run) in the quiet still of the morning.

By the time I get back to the house I am ready to be greeted with hugs and start the day.

Well the only challenge this weekend was I had forgotten a couple of things on the schedule.

So I came in had time for a glass of water and it was out for a quick breakfast bagel then off to the PGA store.

TB and MB did a golf clinic and while it was a little long-winded for kids it got MB geared up for the golf season.

A quick change in the car and we were off to the soccer field. Our first game of the season…it deserves it’s own post. Fun but HOT.

Then we headed out for lunch then home to go swimming and catching up on football.

After our swimming and hot-tub time we headed over to DQ to celebrate her first game and goal.

Then the neighborhood strikes again.

We saw one of the kids from her class. It was so cute they gave each other big hugs and then chatted up over ice cream. We met more parents and made plans for a playdate and I believe a golf date for the boys.

I swear it never fails….we always run into someone she knows and I was just thankful I had semi brushed my hair before we headed out.

Must remember to dress like I might meet someone MB knows. Thank goodness she doesn’t pay attention to how I dress close enough to be embarrassed…but come on, it was a long day, right after swimming, and I just wanted to be comfy 🙂

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Professional Hiker, Hulu girl, and Puka dog lover!

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What a day!

Maddie’s pick…feeding the koi fish. The hotel has this great koi fish pond and does a feeding for the kids at 9am. We were there and ready. First thing Maddie said before she went to bed and the first thing she asked for when she woke up…so we knew that was part of the daily agenda. It was pretty cool to get the feed the fish..they went nuts and splashed water and got so close to the edge you could pet them. Well actually you could pick which of the 15 you wanted to pet. Maddie managed to make her food outlast every other child. So we feed the fish with 50 other kids and then threw in the last pellet with only one or 2 people still around. Mission Accomplished.

After lunch it was on to Todd’s pick…hiking the Nepali coast. We found parking…which was a bit of a walk since they had closed down other parking for a movie that was filming. The bonus on our walk to the trailhead we got to pass the movie crews and actually saw one of the pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Guess it should really be Pirates of Hawaii. We got to the trailhead and everyone was excited about our hiking adventure. The first part of the trail was slippery, muddy, a steady accent, and all rocks. Maddie climbed up like a real pro with us following behind. The views at the top were outstanding…and what a wonderful adventure. All along the hike peoplecouldn’t believe that Maddie was doing it..she got lots of that’s awesome, what a girl, you go girl. And then a few whispered wow can you believe that little girl is doing this. We were proud…but then again we never thought twice about the climb with her either.

After our hike we drove to the other side of the Maddie enough time for a good long nap in the car. We then stopped to see the sounding horn. Maddie loved the splash, I loved the sound. Todd then picked dinner..Puka Dogs. A polish sausage that fits into a bun that they fill with a special sauce or in Maddie’s case ketchup. Todd and Maddie were in hog heaven with their dogs.

As if that wasn’t enough for our first full day we ended a night with a luau. The show was pretty amazing. Maddie got to get up and learn the Hulu and the fire dancing at the end was just outstanding.  

For our first full day of vacation it was pretty outstanding…loving Kauai and loving the uninterrupted time together!

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Hiking with Ranger Rick and Model Molly

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Hiking, Views, and Best Friends

So where have I been? Enjoying a long weekend with some of my best friends. We decided to split the weekend into 2 parts. One for Ranger Rick (hiking in the Grand Canyon) and one for Model Molly- this part includes, pool, pedicures, wine, and reality TV relaxing.

The first part of the weekend was hiking. After a fun 4 hour drive up to the Canyon where we covered about 1 year of catch up topics, had 2 bathroom breaks, and one good laugh after finding Molly had the seat warmer on in the backseat (making her a little uncomfortable in the car) we found ourselves ready to hit the trails.

We got a late afternoon start and had one mission…to see the Colorado River. Going down was a piece of cake and unlike most hiking odd experience to go down first. We had some amazing views and it was gorgeous. At times we got a little stressed as we hadn’t found the river view yet and wanted to make sure we got back before sunset. Around Skelton’s point we saw the river, and then began the hike back up.

The River- We made it

Oh boy, it was steep. Between some altitude making the air a little thin, the intense sun, and the steep incline we all kept ourselves going with the anticipation of knowing we could eat whatever we wanted when we got to the top. We made it out in a record 2 hours, well before sunset, and still with a little water left. Ranger Rick enjoying the hike up since we couldn’t yap as much.

We rounded out the evening having drinks and watching the sunset over the Canyon and then found some Mexican for dinner. Where thanks to Rick leaving the restaurant via the closet we had a few more laughs…a great day and while there was doubt our hotel room had A/C giving us a perfect night sleep!

Stay tuned for 2 more posts on our adventure. A) That’s my parking spot and B) Driving on Empty

Ranger Rick

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