Ice cream and Friends

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What a Saturday.

I started off on a 4mile hike with my neighbor. I have decided there is no better way to start the day. Get up a little early. The house is quiet, everyone is sleeping. Enjoying a breakfast bar and check some email. Then head out for a hike (or a run) in the quiet still of the morning.

By the time I get back to the house I am ready to be greeted with hugs and start the day.

Well the only challenge this weekend was I had forgotten a couple of things on the schedule.

So I came in had time for a glass of water and it was out for a quick breakfast bagel then off to the PGA store.

TB and MB did a golf clinic and while it was a little long-winded for kids it got MB geared up for the golf season.

A quick change in the car and we were off to the soccer field. Our first game of the season…it deserves it’s own post. Fun but HOT.

Then we headed out for lunch then home to go swimming and catching up on football.

After our swimming and hot-tub time we headed over to DQ to celebrate her first game and goal.

Then the neighborhood strikes again.

We saw one of the kids from her class. It was so cute they gave each other big hugs and then chatted up over ice cream. We met more parents and made plans for a playdate and I believe a golf date for the boys.

I swear it never fails….we always run into someone she knows and I was just thankful I had semi brushed my hair before we headed out.

Must remember to dress like I might meet someone MB knows. Thank goodness she doesn’t pay attention to how I dress close enough to be embarrassed…but come on, it was a long day, right after swimming, and I just wanted to be comfy 🙂

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Paradise = Ice Cream

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Well after posting about my first job at Cravings it reminded me of one of my favorite pictures of MB when she almost 3. She was enjoying an ice cream cone and wearing just a perfect shirt.

I couldn’t agree more. Paradise = Ice Cream. Especially when the cone is just about as big as you are.

MB is an ice cream lover. Well she is any thing sweet lover. We waited till her first birthday to introduce sweets and then after that they were still a rare treat. But I will never forget when she realized her love for all things sweet. She and I were out to dinner with our au pair. The greatest friend, “sister”, and nanny I could have ever had for 2 years. She was so important to MB and I…and I can’t wait till we see her again. But that is a whole other post.

Back to the dessert. We were out to dinner…and we ordered something chocolate. MB put her spoon in and was struggling to get a bite. When she did all #$#&* let loose. She went after the dessert bite after bite and there was no stopping her. It went on like that every Friday night when I treated the girls to dinner and dessert out. We tried tricks of giving her a fork or a spoon to make it harder to get a bit..but if she got to frustrated she just went in with her hands. That was a no-no. But made for plenty of laughs. I loved those nights out with my girls.

Now we have gotten smarter. When we have our dessert split we take turns. Each person gets their bite and we go around the table. It keeps everyone in check, yes I mean MB. Though just recently she stepped her game up and went for the oreo crust at the bottom of the cheesecake…we called foul but she still kept at it till all we had was cheesecake bites with no crust.

I have created a sweet monster…but maybe that is why she is so sweet. And I don’t think there was any choice it was genetic.

A few other photos I found in my search…age 2. She didn’t finish the cone…I believe it was a combo of Slavka (au pair) and I taking a few bites and then dumping a whole bunch in the trash. Did the kid’s cone need to be that big???

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Way Back Wednesday

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How did I think I could be wordless on Wednesday when the house is empty. Silly me. Have you noticed my blog is out my outlet for lack of human contact…a small downside of working from home.

Anyway as I was reading one of the blogs I follow I see this Way Back Wednesday theme and thought it sounded fun.

The topic of the day was your first job?

I started thinking…which job was really my first. Does babysitting count. I had 2 regular after-school babysitting jobs before I could legally work. Or was it data entry for a hotel putting in all the client info…you know those registration cards you would fill out before everything was online. Yep I sat there and typed in card after card for a hotel.

But to be fair I would say my first real true that carried me through all of high-school was working at the local ice cream/bakery/sandwich shop. I grew up in this small little beach town. It was a great place to grow-up. So spoiled. We had the beach, we had the river, everyone pretty much knew everyone (that can be good and bad :)), it was the kind of place where the streets rolled up at 6pm. And here I was working in one of 2 ice cream shoppes on the beach.

They hired pretty much all high-school girls. So every night there would be 2-3 girls working. It was busy from 3-6 and then again at like 8-10 when we closed.  So between 6-8 we would sit back on the cooler and doing our homework. Sometimes when we would get bored we would play taste test games with the ice cream…making up all different combos. It didn’t take long till my favorite treat was vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on a cake cone….that was after trying every ice cream and cookie in the store (thank goodness for crazy swim team practices!)

I remember when my mom would pick me up I would always have to have a treat in hand. As otherwise she would have to drive home 20min with me the “waffle cone scented” teenager. Could you imagine the torture. I always smelled sweet.

The job got even sweeter when this incredible high-end restaurant opened up across the street and a group of surfers I knew started working their. So the swap began. We would trade ice cream for dinner. And the food was delicious. Mahi-mahi, lobster pasta….so worth a milkshake!

So I couldn’t have had a better job..loved my co-workers. Loved my hours. Got to get homework done. Friends would always come visit and keep me company on those really slow nights. Everyone is always happy when getting ice cream so other than a few complaints on the size of the cone…either to big or to small everyone was all smiles!

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Craving Yogurt…but with a time crunch #PINT

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Just a little rant about my recent trip to get yogurt when I had a time crunch…and of course everything was going as slow as possible! I survived but my yogurt didn’t…..guess that means I have earned a rain-check.  Or maybe this is Karma for going to get yogurt without MB, she tells me repeatably I am not allowed to do that or go in the pool unless she is here. Shhhh…don’t tell!

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