Ironing the Vests

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After our first meeting it was clear the girls were really excited for their uniforms and needed that to really feel like a troop. I can understand that.

So we had a few days between our first meeting and our family meet and greet so I decided I would get the uniforms to pass out that day…knowing it would make the girls so happy and excited.

Well I went down to the GS store and picked up the vests and badges and such. I knew the reaction before I even got home.  MB looks at the plain blue vest and said “that’s it?”

I explained to her and showed her the badges including our troop number that would be ironed on to the vest and she seemed to understand, but I knew I couldn’t have 12 little girls with that reaction over the weekend.

So I got out my iron. If you remember I don’t iron. And proceeded to iron onto 12 little blue vests:

1) An American Flag

2) Our GS Council Badge

3) Our 3 digit troop number

The first couple took some time but then I got into a routine and they went a little smoother. Still seriously it was over 2 hours or so of unwrap, iron, flip, iron, edge iron repeat. If that isn’t love for my little troop I don’t know what is.

But it was all worth it. We got to the park and I passed out the vests. No “that’s it??” just a whole bunch of very excited girls putting on their vests and showing off to their parents.

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What is the cotton setting?

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So tonight I attempted a little craftiness.

We got a new coffee maker a few weeks back..hoping to stop our morning Starbucks habit. We were successful though we 2 side effects. 1) We both consume a lot more coffee during the day and night and 2) Sometimes you have to wait for our little barista to get up. Waiting 2 hours for my coffee in the morning isn’t going over to well which brings us back to point 1, sometimes you must have 2 first cups :P.

I decided if we were going to have to be a barista she needed to look the part. Also since she loves to help make dinner and bake (both which result in messy kitchens and little people) I decided we needed an apron.

I found the cutest one in Flagstaff, but it was missing something. The personalization!

I don’t seem to have that southern luck of finding places for monograms, so decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

I headed to Micheal’s and got some iron on monograms. Simple enough. I tracked down the iron. Wiped off the dust- it only gets used when Nana comes to visit. Then read the instructions.

It said put the iron on Cotton Setting. I looked at my iron- it had numbers 1-6. No cotton setting. Great. Well I just figured I would go in the middle with a 3 and what could be wrong. 5min later I went to iron and the iron was still cold– what? The red light was on. Then I realized that just meant power and there was an extra knob to turn it on. Did I mention I don’t use the iron much. The bonus was while looking for the one button I found a number guide on the bottom telling me Cotton=4. I turned the iron to 4 and was ready for the magic.

As I finished the initials, Todd came out to inspect my work and said it needed a little something. A “LB” on the bottom. No problem at least not now that iron was on.

And, voila- my craft for the evening! Our Barista is now ready to go in style.

The finished product

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