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The baggage policies with the airlines are really just priceless. If you have flown in the past few months you have witnessed this. Some of you have probably been on the frustrated side of things too.

For me after years and years of traveling and watching customer service slowly disappear the baggage doesn’t really get to me. I have just resolved to check and leave delays, cancellations, missed connections, middle aisle seats to get me frustrated.

In full disclosure this also could be that I rarely pay the excess baggage fees since I have frequent flyer status.

Anyway today’s story was just to good to pass up.

  1. Checking in I listen to other passengers complain about the fees for bags. Watch them try and figure out how to get the weight down, combine bags…all that fun stuff.
  2. A connection later we are getting ready to board and the ticket agent starts calling for volunteers to check their bags at the gate. Free of charge. So if you have made it through with the min liquids now you can get rid of that big ole bag for free. Some volunteers…probably those who planned on doing that all along.
  3. Well I guess the computer didn’t say she had gotten enough bags. She proceeded to say she needed more volunteers and if not she was coming for the bags. She said she didn’t think it was fair to claim all the bags from Zone 5 people so she would be doing it randomly. Now here is the thing…some of the zone is done by status of how often you fly. I am biased but I think someone who has status from many flights should probably not have to deal with this baggage bs…but this lady decided she was going to even the playing field.
  4. The plane begins boarding…the rumblings on the plane are loud. She took my bag and made me check it but there is room here. Why did I have to pay for my bag to be checked and her she checked yours for free? For those that don’t see this a lot it is quite difficult to understand. For those of us that do see it a lot we don’t understand but have seen enough not to question and we put on our BOSE headphones and tune the world out.
  5. Well turns out the bag keeper was a little over zealous. She took to many bags and here we set ready for take off with completely empty bins. I mean nothing in them at all.
  6. I had to hand it to the bag keeper she got on the intercom and told the passengers not to take it out on the flight attendants it wasn’t there fault- the computer told her she needed to take people’s bags. At least she had mercy on the poor ladies that have to fly with us in closed quarters for the next 4-5 hours.

Ahh…so here I sit. I have my laptop. I have my itouch. I have my BOSE. And my suitcase…it might be in PHX it might by in PHL it might be somewhere getting really really wet on the tarmac…I don’t know, as it is not with me, but I ok. I have that excess baggage go.


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