Going back to campus

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So it has been 10 years. 10 years since I was back in my old college stomping ground. 10 years since I walked the halls of Weil Hall (Engineering building).

Hard to believe.

It was an awesome experience.

Sitting at a table with the deans and department heads of the College of Engineering. Talking to the new head of the Dept of ISE- now more as peers. What an incredibly cool experience. I remember the days when the dean and the professors were scary to me…and here I seat as their equal in a conference room. They wanted something from me…not the other way around. It was very cool.

I walked through the campus. Wishing I took more photos. I walked by the Swamp. I spent hours in the O’Connell Center. The trees had grown. The spanish moss was more beautiful then I remember. The ivy on the brick buildings was outstanding. In my eyes the campus had gotten prettier with age.

The Reitz Union was so different. A new food court that looked like I was in the middle of a mall or airport. Starbucks right there in the middle. OMG what would have college been like if I had Starbucks??????

10 years. Here I walk confident, happy, and content with the direction my life is taking. 10 years ago I walked happy, unsure and unaware of what lay ahead.

I enjoyed expensive bottles of wine. No more 25 cent pitchers– though I wouldn’t have been too proud to go that route :). In fact I wonder why our happy hours are just $1 off beers…why can’t I get some of those 25 cent pitchers please!

I sat with newly made friends and laughed so hard my stomach muscles ached. Same ache, same bar….10 years later.

I saw the kids out on first dates. The boys cruising to pick up the ladies. The gaggle of girls hoping to get picked up. Oh boy college life.

I talked with kids who were so nervous, hoping to find a job, no knowing what to expect, what lay ahead in life. No idea what the next 10 years would look like. While I sat there thinking about how that one conversation set me on the path to where I sit now 10 years later.

Wow. There are no other words, but wow.

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Sometimes going away is a good thing

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I hate leaving my family. No matter what fun might lie ahead I always miss them. You might have a night or a part of time when you enjoy being a girl on the town, but at the end of the night it is always so much better to be under your own roof when the family all there with you.

However, without going away I wouldn’t feel so much love as I do right now.

I am sitting in a meeting and my phone vibrates. I look down and there is a picture of my two lovebugs beaming at the camera. All smiles which makes me smile. Then I notice the splash pad behind them and a backdrop I don’t recognize. They are someplace new….I of course want all the details but I am in a meeting.

I come back to my hotel and see some Facebook updates from TB…here they are:

‎”I think this might be a good day to smell the breeze, look around, and just have some fun.” 🙂

“I want surf champion for dinner; I want surf champion”. Took me a minute to realize she meant surf and turf. I corrected her, and she was all, “Yeah, THAT’S what I mean”.
Check that. I guess it was “surf boarding champion” she was saying. She just reverted back to that, followed by PLEASE I want some lobster.
I just smile and my heart melts. I wish I was there with them…but then I know it would have been just a normal Monday night. They are making their own memories, they are doing what best buddies too.
Sometimes going away is a good thing…
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Making the bed like a princess

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So today I went in to help MB make her bed. Part of her daily chores that I must say she is doing really well without much pushing. As I went to help her she yelled at me to stop. I was a little taken back till she informed me that I wasn’t doing it right. I guess she had TB had discussed the proper way to make the bed for a princess and I was no longer qualified to help. My heart is not broken by this discovery…but over filled with love for my lovebugs and their bed made for a princess!

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Refreshed…a great girls weekend

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Nothing beats family time…and I cherish every minute.

But there is something to be said for getting away for a day or two.

I was able to get away this past weekend and how wonderful it was.

I headed east to Kentucky. So on top of visiting 2 of my best friends. Yep, lucky me they are married! I got to get a little southern charm.

The weather was just awesome. 70’s. Sunny. Clear Skies.

Combine that with wine, long walks, good food, and good chats. I was so refreshed and thankful for everything I am blessed with.

The past few visits have been full of venting, talking about the crap in my life, and the dark cloud had just always hung around.

That is a thing of the past. What a difference it made. It was just wonderful. No black clouds. Nothing to really bitch about. Just shows how talking negative can make you feel negative. Talking positive leads to being positive.

About the only downer was leaving and realizing it was going to be awhile till I saw them again. Friends know no distance, but it sure would be nice to have them around for more weekly dinners, walks, and wine.

Oh and I have to mention I was reminded how the little touches for guests can make you smile. There was a note on my bed, flowers in my room, and she even turned down my bed one night. Oh yeah over the top. I must remember flowers in the room when we have company. They made me smile all weekend.

What little touches do you do when you have company?? (I am not afraid to steal them!!!)

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Food induced memories

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Mac and cheese

Image by moonlightbulb via Flickr

We were sitting down at the table for a dinner of mac and cheese, peas, and melon.

MB turns to me and says I miss Adam.

Adam was the owner of our favorite restaurant in NY and a good friend of ours there. MB loved to go to Adam’s as he always had hidden coloring books for her and made her a very special (yummy even for me) mac and cheese.

We used to go there at least once a week and MB was never shy of asking the hostess for Adam. Having me text him. Or looking for him herself. When she saw him she would give him the biggest bear hug ever. It was MB’s Cheers. She knew everyone and always felt special. I loved how she considered that her place. Made for some great memories and meals out.

One time we went from brunch together and stayed for hours listening to the band, coloring on the brown paper tablemats, and just enjoying each other.

Ahh food-induced memories. She does have my DNA.

I remember so many places and things by the food.

Always growing up there was excitement about going to this city or that city by the food we were going to eat.

It might be just mac and cheese, but it is the start of many more food memories to come.

Love you Adam!

What is your favorite food memory???

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Going to the nursery

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I keep laughing at MB. She doesn’t find it amusing.

It started when she got off the bus and had lost her first tooth. She told me she had to go to the nursery when her tooth was about to fall out. I waited a minute and said oh you mean the Nurse’s office. Yea, yeah, whatever was the response. We were talking about her first lost tooth- who cares about grammar and the right terminology.

Well as she retold the story again and I again she kept calling it the nursery. I kept giggling. She would glare at me. What did the babies say? She looks at me like I am nuts. Well MB babies are in the nursery. When I am sick or lose a tooth I would go see a nurse not a baby, how about you? Again not amused. But I was.

Last night it happened again. MB was sharing a story. Not a real story. A story that she was making up. Like what if this happened at school kind of story. Someone got hurt and had to go to the nursery.

Oh boy those babies are really good at taking care of hurt kids. Oh, mom, you know what I mean. I said not really. She corrects herself.

Now I sit back and reflect and it still makes me giggle. It reminds me when she used to call the elevator the alligator. Or when she called magazines, maaagaasines. I love those little mis-words.

I know it is my job to correct and teach her the right word, but I must admit I am going to miss when she stops going to the nursery.

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Calling the tooth fairy

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Well the day has finally arrived.

As we waited for MB to get off the bus…the kids came running off saying “guess who lost a tooth, guess who lost a tooth”

Last off was a grinning MB holding her little tooth in an orange treasure chest.

So excited.

It had just started wiggling this weekend but I thought we had a little ways to go, but today was the day.

We have lost our first tooth.

The house was in a complete tizzy.

Fortunately Nana had sent a tooth fairy pillow and book in her Kinder care pack. So we were prepared.

We read the story and it was so cute…the little girl had so many questions about fairies and what happened with the tooth. MB listened intently and when we finished said I hope my tooth gets used for the throne.

As we prepared for bed, MB brushed her tooth really well so it would be good and clean for the tooth fairy. She put in the pillow and hung it on the door. I loved our conversation about how the tooth fairy knew when MB was asleep, her wings tingled :).

She went right out and the tooth fairy went to work. Writing a letter, getting a new toothbrush and toothpaste and finding the right amount of money for the 1st tooth.

This morning all MB talked about was when she was going to lose her 2nd. While I am just thankful it is a lower tooth so we might have a few more months of photos with teethy grins :)….we have family photos in 2 months!

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What I learned on my first day of Kindergarten

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Well its official. We are now in school. Kindergarten has begun.

A few things I learned today.

1) A million parents will go the classroom on the first day. Cameras, video, and tears. The principal will have to get them all the leave by saying class is starting. However, if you happen to get to see your little one sitting in their chair at their desk in the big classroom. You will cry. I managed the bus stop ok but the little stop in the classroom. The sweet smile when she saw us there, even though it wasn’t expected. It made me realize that she was a big girl now.

2. I am lucky to be sharing this with someone who is just as caught up in the moment as me. I wasn’t the one doing drive-bys at the school in hopes of seeing MB on the playground. Each time he made my heart swell just a little bit bigger.

3. The little things don’t go un-noticed. I put a little I love you note in MB’s lunch box and while she didn’t say anything at first after being home for a while she says to me “someone put a little note in my lunchbox”, “who did that?”, “you did and it was really sweet”. Enter hug and a few more tears.

4. Expect some independence with what they eat. We had to pack lunch and a snack. When I asked what she ate for her snack turns out she ate her PB&J for the snack and ate the carrots, grapes, cheese as lunch.

5. There is no better feeling then every time you tell someone who MB’s teacher is they squeal with delight and tell you how much you will love him. I heard so many wonderful things about Mr. Kindergarten that I can’t wait to see him live in action.

6. That even if your little one goes to school for years it won’t be the same as their first day of kindergarten. I have not been a SAHM so MB has always been in pre-school. We have done drop off and pick up for years. Yet today it was different. I paced, I could never fully focus and constantly was waiting for her to come home off the school bus. There is no preparation for when they really head off to school.

7. That I have wonderful neighbors. From the first greeting of the day telling MB she looked great for her big day, to the bus stop chatter, to the mom who brought popsicles for all the kids when they got off the bus, till the last neighbor who checked in to see how the day was — and all the other’s that followed it on facebook. It takes a village and I am loving our village.

8. Life is good and I officially have a Kindergartner.

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Sam’s Club for Lunch

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After a wonderful yoga session this morning. Nothing like stretching those hips. MB and I headed to the grocery store to get lunch supplies.

She requested her new favorite grocery store…Sam’s Club. We went there yesterday for the first day and she was blown away at the samples. From grapes to ice cream sandwiches she couldn’t believe they were passing out food…”it’s like lunch”.

So we headed to Sam’s. MB was pushing the cart and bee-lined for the food. It was sample heaven and she had so many she had to sit in the cart to eat. I had to laugh….flashbacks of my dad planning a Sam’s trip on Saturday or Sunday around lunch.

With a full cart of lunch goodies and a full belly we left the store….I have a feeling that I have a shopping buddy anytime I say Sam’s Club.

Now off to write a little note to put in her lunchbox for tomorrow. My baby is heading off to kindergarten.

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Paradise = Ice Cream

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Well after posting about my first job at Cravings it reminded me of one of my favorite pictures of MB when she almost 3. She was enjoying an ice cream cone and wearing just a perfect shirt.

I couldn’t agree more. Paradise = Ice Cream. Especially when the cone is just about as big as you are.

MB is an ice cream lover. Well she is any thing sweet lover. We waited till her first birthday to introduce sweets and then after that they were still a rare treat. But I will never forget when she realized her love for all things sweet. She and I were out to dinner with our au pair. The greatest friend, “sister”, and nanny I could have ever had for 2 years. She was so important to MB and I…and I can’t wait till we see her again. But that is a whole other post.

Back to the dessert. We were out to dinner…and we ordered something chocolate. MB put her spoon in and was struggling to get a bite. When she did all #$#&* let loose. She went after the dessert bite after bite and there was no stopping her. It went on like that every Friday night when I treated the girls to dinner and dessert out. We tried tricks of giving her a fork or a spoon to make it harder to get a bit..but if she got to frustrated she just went in with her hands. That was a no-no. But made for plenty of laughs. I loved those nights out with my girls.

Now we have gotten smarter. When we have our dessert split we take turns. Each person gets their bite and we go around the table. It keeps everyone in check, yes I mean MB. Though just recently she stepped her game up and went for the oreo crust at the bottom of the cheesecake…we called foul but she still kept at it till all we had was cheesecake bites with no crust.

I have created a sweet monster…but maybe that is why she is so sweet. And I don’t think there was any choice it was genetic.

A few other photos I found in my search…age 2. She didn’t finish the cone…I believe it was a combo of Slavka (au pair) and I taking a few bites and then dumping a whole bunch in the trash. Did the kid’s cone need to be that big???

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