Monsoons in Arizona

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So we have plenty of sun filled days in Arizona. Lots and lots.

However when the rain comes it comes in like a Lion.


I didn’t know what to expect, but I have to say I was really impressed.

After months of months of the same beautiful sunny weather.

TB and I were mesmerized with the first big monsoon headed our way.

Yes we sat outside for over an hour watching the storm approach and the rain come down.

I laughed at us going I can understand why their our storm chasers.

We had seen our share of the lightning storms.

We had heard the stories of the monsoons.

But this was our first experience.

Huge pieces of hail falling from the sky. Causing thousands and thousands of damage to cars all around. Fortunately ours were in the garage.

Just crazy intense rain.

TB thought ahead and moved out our grill so it could get cleaned. Worked wonders.


I always love a good rainstorm, but this was just spectacular.

Monsoon season is done for the year, but looking forward to a more active season next year!

For now bring on more sun and the wonderful fall and winter weather!

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What is out the window?

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We are still adjusting to the AZ summer.

I have to admit the monsoons are really cool.

The light shows are outstanding.

Seeing the columns of rain around the valley are picturesque.

The smell of rain is just perfect.

All things I love about the monsoons. The humidity it brings I could do without.

Today’s monsoon was really special.

MB and I were driving to Chick-fil-A for kid’s night. As we drive we noticed if you look out one window it was dark, lightening, and you could see the rain. Out the other window was the blue sky.

As we pulled into the Chick-fil-A parking lot I turned to MB. Look- Chick-fil-A is in the middle. It was seriously like the separation of the storm went right down the middle of the building. It was like a line drawn in the sky between storm and blue skies.

MB and I marveled at it for a moment and then went in for dinner and 50 cent make your own sundaes. TB she wanted to make one for you with 3 scoops of oreos…so you are missed!

As we are eating dinner I look out the window and it was pouring. I say something to MB…she goes no it’s not. I look out the other window and she is right no rain. Now this Chick-fil-A is not bigger than normal. It is a normal sized joint….but seroiusly for 15min rain was pouring down on one side and there wasn’t a drop on the other side.

It was pretty crazy to watch cars go through the drive thru. Wipers on as they entered, off as they exited.

Made for some interesting weather conversation.

What will AZ storms have in store for us next.

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Take me out to the ballgame

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Arizona Diamondbacks 9, Los Angeles Dodgers 4,...

Image by Ken Lund via Flickr

Thanks to AZ on the Rocks (a great indoor climbing place with the best summer/spring camp according to MB!) we got 3 tickets to the Diamondback game this past weekend.

Everyone was excited to get out and get in one last game, before we begin the countdown to FOOTBALL season. There are 2 adults in this house that are ready for some football.

5 and 3/4 (as MB tells it) is a great age for going to games. She is interested in learning about the sport. What base are they on? How fast does he pitch? what is the score? who is hitting? Lots of lots of questions…but she is learning and remembering the answers so it is all good.

Even more fun is the big screen and the cheers. She doesn’t miss a clapping opportunity and would laugh at me if I did. We got a big kick out of the kiss cam, though she didn’t want us to kiss if they got us on…”that would be embarrassing”. Ahh I thought I had a few more years before I started to embarrass her, guess not.

Of course a trip to the ballpark wasn’t complete without a treat. Surprisingly, she skipped ice cream this time for shaved ice and after about 10min of re-arranging herself in her seat she got the perfect position for eating shaved ice and TB an I were blessed with 20min of no chatter….at least not from our little dugout.

Winners all around…and the Diamondbacks too! The show wasn’t over yet…the ride home we got to see another amazing monsoon lightening storm…they just keep getting better.

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Eggrolls and Rattlesnakes

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It was starting to be such a wonderful relaxing evening.

We had just gotten back from gymnastics class where MB was so proud she did a great handstand for the first time.

I opened up the fridge to see that someone had returned the soy sauce empty. TB couldn’t think Asian food without soy sauce so he offered to go to the store. MB joined as well…”I go with TB I can get treats”.

So I had the house quiet as I prepared egg rolls and beef and broccoli. Packed up MB’s lunch for tomorrow…since we rushed out for gymnastics. And cleaned up around the house. Getting ahead of the game for the evening.

Dinner was ready as they pulled in the door and it was good. MB has decided she likes egg rolls and love the sweet and sour sauce..even mixed it with her rice like TB does…yet he uses hot sauce.

Meanwhile TB is a little pre-occupied and keeps going to check out the front window. We are having our first monsoon so I asssumed that was what it was. After about the 3rd time he got up I asked…he said we had an animal outside in whispered tones that he was checking on. We finished our dinner and I went to peek.

A nice little rattlesnake. What I failed to notice was what it was eating…and that it wasn’t just one snake but another snake was there as well. Oh boy.

So I go back to cleaning and getting MB ready for bed. TB kept on an eye on things up front, called into our native neighbor, and had his iPad in hand doing some searches.

After MB gets out of the shower the commotion as grown. I finally share that we have a rattlesnake on our front door. You would of thought I said Santa was outside. She ran with glee to check it out. Not only did she find the snake but also about 3 neighbors and 3 neighborhood kids…all checking out the activity. TB had read that you can call the fireman to remove it if they are on your front door step. So the fireman arrived and carried it away. He also shared with MB the differences between the 2 kinds of snake- rattler=bad, bull=good.

The fireman told MB that he had a bull snake as a pet when he was a kid. Guess who wants a new pet???

Not going to happen.



So now it is calm….I am waiting for pictures from the neighbor.

And I will be checking twice when we go out to catch the bus in the morning.

Just when I thought it was going to be a quiet night at home.

Worst of all I missed the first monsoon of the season for us…and didn’t even get to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Though MB did and told me they didn’t go after the pot of Gold cause they didn’t want to be late for dinner. Should I tell her it would of been ok if she brought back gold???

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