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So tonight was part 2 of the bedroom TV installation….and a surprise addition, BlueRay player. Since I can count the number of movies that we have watched in the last 6mths on one hand (make that one finger) not sure how much use it will get. But as TB said MB will love it for movie nights. Guess we will be moving movie night to our room 🙂

I shouldn’t tease…it’s a nice setup and maybe it will give us an excuse to watch more movies. I heard you can download movies straight from netflix so that could lead to more impromptu movie watching. That being said, very soon I will be decreasing my monthly trips to OH (this should be read with much enthusiasm but also some stress as upcoming court dates are still looming) which is where I watch all my chick flix I might find myself with more movie desire too. The one thing we can’t count on is rainy days for movies…but no complaints on that. Just today we had lunch outside in the 110 weather and we both commented on how good the warm air felt…I love being warm. I relate the AZ summer (when in the shade) to be cuddled up in a blanket. Who doesn’t love that.

With MB at her dad’s this month it is so quiet and driving me a little nuts already (its only been 5 days!)…I have some books to read but I have found with the stress of court that I can only keep my attention in a book for so long. So tonight I have turned to TV…thankfully I have a couple old favs that I can set to DVR and will keep me company. So you think you can Dance and Big Brother. So now I will settle in with a glass of wine and my DVR to catch up on some TV.  Hope this will distract me for the night.

Wow I just realized I rambled on and forgot the starting thought of my post (hopefully you have bared with me)…as they were finishing testing the setup of the new TV and Blueray I was asked for a DVD. Hmm…where did we put that box. Oh wait there is a My Little Pony DVD on the counter (a recent gift to MB)…should I be embarrassed as I handed our incredibly talented neighbor (who has a darling boy- but no girl now, well at least for another 6mths) our available DVD selection. I had to laugh…and it was pretty funny to hear them in there testing it all out with some giggling girly soundtrack playing on the movie. So I ask the question if you were asked right now for a DVD what would be in your reach? Something for you or something for your kids? I realize that if it wasn’t My Little Pony it would have been Shrek, Toy Story, or Princess and the Frog. The odds were never in my favor that it would be something adult or cool.

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