Spiders, Spiders, and a Pillow

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Leave it to grandpa to bring out the best Halloween memory.

When I was little I was scared of spiders. I still don’t really like the 8-legged creatures, but I have learned to kill them.

Well my dad had the cure. He got the biggest ugliest nastiest black plastic spider he could find and put it on my pillow.  I had to sleep with it on my pillow at night till I was no longer afraid.

I don’t really recall those nights and if it took me awhile to go to sleep or not…but I did survive.

Well a box came this week for MB. It was from Grandpa. The box was pretty big, we had no idea what was inside.

MB opened the box and pulled out lots of shredded paper and…you guessed it…A BIG BLACK PLASTIC SPIDER.

Gotta love him. He saw it and said I have to send this to MB. It had a little note saying to put this on mommy’s pillow.

Now every night when I go to bed I find that MB has snuck into my room and put it on my pillow.

This morning when I said how did that spider get on my pillow it freaked me out last night.

MB proudly said I put it there. When asked why– she matter-of-factly told me that cause Grandpa told me too.

Gotta love it!

Are you ready for Halloween???

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When good manners payoff

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For someone who gets more email than I need on a daily basis. This week seems to be leaving me with a few email treats in my inbox. And I am loving it.

As we prepare for MB’s party I have gotten a few emails asking what MB might want for her birthday. I don’t really have the answers and so say she is a girly girl and anything your daughter will like she will most likely love. Which is true.

I hate not being more helpful but other than the random I want this or I want that off TV there isn’t a list of things she wants that I could rattle off.

Anyway back to my email treat.

During center time at school one of the moms had asked MB what she wanted for her birthday. I guess MB told her squeebles and polly pockets after being asked a couple of times. And then ended it with “”but I am thankful for whatever anyone gives me!!!”

That’s my girl.

Made me smile.

You can’t be with them every minute and you never know what is going on during that time they are away at school, at a playdate, etc. It is nice to know that some of that constant reminding of saying please and thank you or how not to beg, ask nicely for things, etc have stuck. At least when she is out of the house!

Now off to whittle down my inbox, but that is one I will wait a day or 2 to respond to, just cause I want to smile and read it again.

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Secretariat and Strong Moms

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MB and I had a date night this weekend. Dinner, a movie, and ice cream. Can’t beat that…we had a blast.

MB got to choose the dinner and movie for the evening. Instead of going with the wolf cartoon I was happy to see her choose Secretariat. We are still all about horses in the house…more riding lessons are in the works.

The movie was packed and in MB’s words “wow there are a lot of grandma and grandpa’s here”

I know it has gotten mixed reviews but we enjoyed it. During the races you are on the edge of your seat rooting on Big Red. I loved having MB on my lap clapping and getting so excited for Big Red. Tooo cute.

However I wasn’t expecting the underlying storyline in the movie and it was a good one. Diane Lane as Penny Chenery was great. A daughter, wife, and mother that has to make some difficult choices. She balances the farm and her family in 2 different states. She misses some events in her kid’s lives due to “work” and has those meltdown moments like we all do.

Her husband is not the most understanding at times and her “work” looks like it might put her marriage on the line as well as her kids….the balancing act all working moms have to deal with when the pendulum swings a little more on the work side.

Yet without giving away too much of the movie…there is a moment. A moment when the daughters are so proud of their mom. So proud she had a passion and a dream and she made it happen. This moment is worth the entire movie. The daughters recognize all their mother sacrified and love her even more for it. The husband witnesses this and realizes he too had been blind to what lessons were being tought- what his wife by living and doing had taught their family. This is a story for every working mom out there (and even those that don’t). We may think we don’t do enough, we aren’t there enough, but the truth is our children learn just as much from us when we are there as when we aren’t. They learn by seeing who we are. What we believe. What we succeed in.

I want my daughter to have the same realization that those daughters did. That she can do anything she wants to. She should follow her passion. She should take risks she believes in. And you can have it all. The wonderful family, great friends around the world, all while making your dreams come true no matter who or what might try to stand in your way.

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Clean up, clean up

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So today we decided it was time to do a little room clean up and organization. With MB’s birthday and Christmas coming seemed like a good time to go through her room and so some “spring cleaning”.

This year I enlisted her to work with me and I have to say she did awesome and it was fun. For a little over 2 hours went through bucket and bucket of stuff. We had a bag for trash and a bag to give to charity. I was surprised at what a good job she did of deciding things were better off for charity for other kids to play with more than she does.

At times things went a little slower than it would have been if it was just me but we learned a couple of things from this so I think it will be a twice a year cleaning we do together.

Here is the short list of what we learned:

– things she had looked for were in her room but in the wrong spot..she started to realize the reason you put things back in their right spot so it is easier to find in the future

– we put all the small things in little baggies (accessories) for the barbies etc but put them in the same bucket. She loved having everything in one spot so she can grab a basket and bring it out to the living room and she had all her stuff, plus she said it was easier to clean up that way

– Having her make the decisions on what to keep and what to giveaway wasn’t really as hard as I expected. She was able to reason that out and got really excited to be giving things to charity. Makes all the times I hear I want that I want that not so bad, she does understand giving back to others

– We managed to get 4 large paper grocery bags full of stuff to get rid of. We spent 2 hours together, she was entertained, I got the chore done…and rid of so much JUNK!!!!

– Later in the day when she wanted to color I was able to say remember where we put all your coloring stuff. And she was like, oh yeah! Hopefully this will mean she will start to know where her stuff is as well and save all the “helping”

The question I have is how long will the room stay this way!

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MB answers questions on Mom

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Saw this on my friends blog A Very Verrett Life and I shamelessly stole the idea. Things have just been so busy and while I have tons to write about just don’t have the energy to write…so thought it was cute and MB could practice her skills.

These questions were answered by MB, October 3, 2010.


1. What is something mom always says to you?

Please do your work

2. What makes mom happy?

Helping her in doing her stuff

3. What makes mom sad?

Not going to bed and you not listening

4. How does your mom make you laugh?

Making her laugh by doing funny songs

5. What was your mom like as a child?

She likes me

6. How old is your mom?


*she wanted to get all the questions correct, even though I told her there were no wrong answers. She saw 22 written down (from the post I copied) so leverage the answer in hopes it was the right one!

7. How tall is your mom?

50 inches

8. What is her favorite thing to do?

Play with her family

9. What does your mom do when you’re not around?

She always looks at the stars

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?

she will want to be the coolest person working

11. What is your mom really good at?


12. What is your mom not very good at?

getting me toys

13. What does your mom do for a job?


14 .What is your mom’s favorite food?


15. What makes you proud of your mom?

she works

16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?

Hannah Montana

17. What do you and your mom do together?

We usually go to Dave and Busters or we go watch movies

18. How are you and your mom the same?

Our hair is the same color and we have the same earrings

19. How are you and your mom different?

My mom has bigger feet and hands

20. How do you know your mom loves you?

Cause she has a heart

21. What does your mom like most about your dad?

Cause he loves to snuggle with her

22. Where would your mom like to go?

go eat at the sushi bar

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Daisy Troop here I come

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Well our first meeting of the daisy troop is this week and I think I am ready.

I don’t think I have used my glue gone this much ever. Making daisy name-tags for the job chart. Making daisy’s on sticks to stick in our flower-pot as part of the welcome ceremony– and for me to know I have all the girls when we head to our meeting room.

Going through registrations, collecting dues, setting an agenda for the meeting. Working with my wonderful co-leader and someone I expect to become a good friend– with all the “togetherness” we have upon us I don’t think it could be any other way.

Tonight was preparing our first day special snack. Dirt cups…complete with hidden worms and little gum drop flowers to plant in the dirt.

Yep…I told you it has been busy.

MB is so excited…though I love it that she messes up now and again and says Fireside Girls instead of Girl Scouts…guess we watch a little too much Phineas and Ferb. 30min of TV a day and that is all she wants to watch. Now that she has figured out the remote its a definite her 30min of TV time is going to be P&F time. We all still love them so it works.

So wish me luck as I go to meet my 10 little girls tomorrow and we start off on the adventure of our first year in Girl Scouts.

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Learning to Tie your shoes

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Ok so does anyone have any tips on teaching kids on tying shoes?

We are working on it. We have a book and keep practicing, though probably not enough…but she just gets so frustrated.

We have done the bunny ears, and through the hole– but her little fingers just keep getting stuck when it comes time to tie the loop.

Now 80% of her shoes are velcro so we don’t get a lot of practice so I know we need to keep practicing…I just wonder if anyone out there has any tricks on ways to do it?

In the meantime we are working on our 3rd loose tooth…and of course this one is a top tooth so I have a feeling we will have our family photos with a jack-o-latern.

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Sometimes going away is a good thing

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I hate leaving my family. No matter what fun might lie ahead I always miss them. You might have a night or a part of time when you enjoy being a girl on the town, but at the end of the night it is always so much better to be under your own roof when the family all there with you.

However, without going away I wouldn’t feel so much love as I do right now.

I am sitting in a meeting and my phone vibrates. I look down and there is a picture of my two lovebugs beaming at the camera. All smiles which makes me smile. Then I notice the splash pad behind them and a backdrop I don’t recognize. They are someplace new….I of course want all the details but I am in a meeting.

I come back to my hotel and see some Facebook updates from TB…here they are:

‎”I think this might be a good day to smell the breeze, look around, and just have some fun.” 🙂

“I want surf champion for dinner; I want surf champion”. Took me a minute to realize she meant surf and turf. I corrected her, and she was all, “Yeah, THAT’S what I mean”.
Check that. I guess it was “surf boarding champion” she was saying. She just reverted back to that, followed by PLEASE I want some lobster.
I just smile and my heart melts. I wish I was there with them…but then I know it would have been just a normal Monday night. They are making their own memories, they are doing what best buddies too.
Sometimes going away is a good thing…
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Making the bed like a princess

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So today I went in to help MB make her bed. Part of her daily chores that I must say she is doing really well without much pushing. As I went to help her she yelled at me to stop. I was a little taken back till she informed me that I wasn’t doing it right. I guess she had TB had discussed the proper way to make the bed for a princess and I was no longer qualified to help. My heart is not broken by this discovery…but over filled with love for my lovebugs and their bed made for a princess!

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Wow I feel like a “Mother” now

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This past weekend I was attending a birthday party of a 1-year-old.

It was a friend of a friend I was visiting.

It was a great low-key party with some great people.

The birthday boy was sitting in his high chair and enjoying some pieces of hamburger.

Mom is in the kitchen making sure all the guests are getting their food. Aunt and Grandma are busy feeding the birthday boy.

I am chatting with friends in the room with the birthday boy.

The Aunt starts screaming “he is choking, he is choking.”

“Mom, Mom- he is choking”

I look over and his face is getting red.

Grandma comes up and starts to pat his back but he is turning redder and his eyes are watering. There is no sound from his mouth.

With wine glass in hand I move from where I am standing and stick my finger in his mouth had do a sweep. The burger bites come out. Birthday boy screams are heard for a second the he calms. I go to the kitchen to wash my hand.

My friend and others were freaking out, you just saved his life. OMG. OMG.

I was un-phased.

That was when I realized I really am a MOM. I know it has been almost 6 years, but this was the moment for me.

I wasn’t stressed. I wasn’t freaked out. It was just a natural reaction. I didn’t even put my wine glass down.

That gut instinct of what to do with the calmness knowing that it was all going to be ok.

Now I don’t need any pats on the back and I don’t really think in my head that I saved his life. I just cleared his mouth. Though I am thankful I did…and the party went back on and fortunately it was low-key enough we didn’t have to stress out the mom too much.  The biggest thing for me is I realize I am a MOM-MOM.

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