How much can you do in one day

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What a day. MB was so happy to be home….she had a long list of things she wanted to do. More than possible to be done in a day…probably even too much for a week. So we hit the highlights. Pool, Chipotle, baking cupcakes, swim lessons, back to school shoes, party prep, and checking out the Kindergarten class list…

In the words of MB. “There are so many fun things to do when it is sunny out.” Very true little one and there are lots of sunny days ahead.

We walked around the new school campus today and peeked in the classroom. Mr. Kindergarten saw us and welcomed us inside. We got to find her cubby and check out the room all on our own. MB got all shy and hid in my skirt. She hasn’t done that in years, but as I told Mr. Kindergarten that won’t last long. I see a “remember to be quiet” note on her desk in the very near future.

Going to be a busy few days but I will try to keep up with the updates of Kinder prep. Pool Party & Ice Cream Social are tomorrow…gonna be fun!

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Planning a Party

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I love planning parties…but usually it is just once a year for MB’s birthday. With our new life (& friends) in AZ I think that is going to change and I am so excited.

As MB spends the last 2 weeks of summer with her dad I decided when she came back we need to have a neighborhood party to get everyone together before school starts. Remind MB of all her friends that will be joining her as she starts school!

Thanks to some of the fun blogs I follow I got the idea to do a Pool and Ice Cream Social party. Let the planning begin. I am going to try some of the crafty decorations this time versus buying…and Etsy has been such an overwhelming find. I have ideas for so many future parties!

The theme idea came from TomKat Studio. MB’s favorite colors and love the idea. Using their designs for the toppers and labels.

I also have waited for a party to do water bottle labels..and this is it! I am using Chickabug for the labels and a last-minute add of a DIY banner for the Ice Cream Shoppe.

I also found an idea for cute multi-color cupcakes at Martha Stewart and think I am going to do some mini’s that tie to the color theme to go with the ice cream…instead of brownies!

If I was a real pro MB would have an ice-cream bathing suit…maybe next year 🙂

So now I have my list ready of things to go find at Target and Michaels…and maybe the dollar store. The evite has been sent out and already at 11 and counting! MB is going to be so excited and since TB is traveling next week gives me a perfect project for the week to keep me busy at night.

I will post pictures as things start coming together….I could see this becoming an annual end of summer neighborhood party!

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Saturday Bliss

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What a perfect Saturday, and not just cause I am in a good mood that vacation starts tomorrow.

The day started off by all 3 lovebugs snuggled in bed lazily preparing for the day. Chatting, watching TV, looking at the computer till our bellies started to rumble.

We then headed out to breakfast and enjoyed some yummy food sitting outside at the Breakfast Joynt.

Then it was off to do a little shopping we all needed hats for our trip to Hawaii. Then Target for more sunscreen and a birthday present for our friend Kendall.

Home for a quick nap and a little World Cup, and we headed off to the Aquatic Center for a fun birthday party. Our first trip to the community pool (complete w/ diving boards, raft slides, and a lazy river) Maddie was extremely excited and as we walked up said “This is going to be the best party ever”.

We saw our friends then proceeded to do round after round through the lazy river. Taking turns getting each other soaked by the buckets or other fountains. I must admit the lazy river was a wonderful idea for a community pool. What better way to enjoy your afternoon than to float on a raft. We couldn’t do the diving board or slide yet– Maddie has about 4 more inches to go…but no one really cared. The lazy river was just fine.

Even with pizza and birthday cake as we left the pool, best buddy decided it was the start of vacation and what better than a trip to DQ. Blizzards all around…then Maddie come home and asked for something healthy for dinner. One thing summer, sun, and lots of pool time brings on is a healthy appetite. Now off for bedtime showers and packing for vacation. YEAH!!!!!

My happy little family makes me smile…and it was really special to see Maddie so proud of us (especially best buddy) today too 🙂

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