Wordless Wednesday

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She might be girly…but she enjoys sports too! Hard not to with her gene pool.

End of summer fun, enjoying a Diamondbacks game.

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Wordless Wednesday…”Mom I want to Jump”

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If you remember when I posted about our last family vacation to Kauai I talked about the waterfall where MB was so mad we didn’t let her jump. These photos should tell you why! First is the happy girl thinking she is going to jump and my expression is watching another kid stumble on the rocks while climbing around…so scared of something going wrong and I am ready to help (notice my hands). The 2nd photo is the jump. She still talks about how we wouldn’t let her jump.

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My baby girl..and the memories of photographs

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Ok so it is hazard of going through old stuff. I was in process of backing up photos onto my hard-drive. I couldn’t help but peek back at some of the year 1 photos that were already on the hard drive. Then I found some old movies. The ones of her baby laugh, her rolling over, her crawling. I teared up…big happy alligator tears. In fact even as I write this I am feeling them well up again, just thinking about those images.

Babies are such amazing little things. Your baby is even more amazing. All those firsts- firsts for her and firsts for me to experience. Who knew you could experience so much love for one human being.

One set of pictures really reminded me of that love. She was just a little over 2 weeks old. We had been home from the hospital about a week. My mom was there with me helping me recover. I wasn’t dealing with the loss (C-section, to internal bleeding, to problem after problem, to a hysterectomy at age 26) that had occurred but was figuring out how to take care of this precious little thing that was my responsibility. My mom was handling the rest. She was my rock, I was her baby. I was MB’s rock, she was my baby. Each mother focused their entire lives on their baby making sure they were ok, they were surviving. (yes tears streaming now). Sometimes I don’t know how it all turned out the way it did. How I found the strength…but when I think about those days and nights one thing is was constant. My mom was there. My baby was there. Both needing me. The power of a mother’s love.

So there we were, things were starting to get back to normal. I was determined to get MB’s baby photos taken, that was what other mom’s would be doing. So we made our first trip out, just has I had planned. My way of getting things back to normal. Story of my life…when things get off-track, when the stress of life gets too much, I make a schedule, I make a plan, think about what normal should be and focus on making that happen if only for 24 hours, a weekend, a week.

Amazing what memories can be invoked with the simple task of looking at photographs.

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Our first monsoon season in Arizona. You can smell the rain – love that. The lightning storms are amazing. We can watch the storms approaching from our roof top deck. Yet for 4 days now we have watched and watched storms, smelled and smelled rain– but not a single drop as come to our house. It seems to go all around us. Never have I wanted to get a drizzle more in my life. Maybe our luck will change soon…but for now I will enjoy the view the monsoons bring.

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One room at a time….smallest room first!

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Well we have been in the new place for 4 months and everything still looks exactly as it did the first weekend we unpacked. That weekend I made us finish up MB’s room…not that I should have worried but thought having her room setup would help the transition to AZ. She didn’t skip a beat but I at least got to feel good that one room in the house was done.

So when TB mentioned this week that he thought we should get the guest half bath decorated (it had just odds and ends in it) I jumped on it and was at Target less than 24 hours later. Well that was after surfing the web for ideas and inspiration.

I started with some photos I had picked up at an Art fair in Ohio- they needed a home in the house. They are a little “risqué” but tastefully done and the artist is from my home town of Vero Beach…which lead to the initial purchase. Me in Ohio, missing Vero. Art was a solution. So the photos are black and white and I went with that theme.

I found some simple black and silver accessories that I knew TB would approve…and added an accent in Blue. Which we are debating about…tags are still on those towels. I then got another black frame that I filled with photos from our recent trip to Kauai (hence the blue). One more bare wall. Ahh MB’s baby part black and white and fits in with the other art (lots of skin :)).

And wahlaa we have our first room decorated in the house! Well partially…one of the big projects on the list is getting the hardware all switched out (not a fan of the gold) and a new sink….but for now this will do just fine 🙂

That was a couple days ago…finally got the pictures hung (and a few in MB’s room too!!!). Setting up her August magnet calendar got me all excited again for her first day in the big house!

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I live here!!!

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So last night TB took the camera out to play with nighttime settings. He came back with a few really cool shots and I had to smile. That is my backyard…we live here! How lucky I feel.

Our backyard at night

View of the valley

Stars in the sky

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Friends at the park

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I have decided it is time to step up my photography game and use the good camera. I loved my photography class and am looking for a creative outlet. Since I spend so much time capturing our family moments I figured this hobby would fit into nicely with life. I took Maddie and a friend to the park the other day and while the weather didn’t hold out (yes it was 75 and we were cold :)) I got a few good shots before we called it a day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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