Another day in paradise

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Ok I really am in heaven. I know this is probably getting to be an old topic but I have such an awesome neighborhood. Here was my afternoon.

We had plans to have one set of neighbors over for swimming and dinner…plus some outside TV installation. So when MB got off the school bus I was already in suit ready to head to the pool.

On my way to the bus stop I saw another set of neighbors and invited them over to join us! Figured MB would be happy to have some older kids in the mix to play with…and selfishly knew that would keep me more “free”…kids are more fun than mom.

Then the bus arrives…and MB invites the whole bus stop over to the pool. Well everyone shows up and what a blast. We had 9 kids and 4 moms all in the pool trying to beat the heat. The playdate only lasted about an hour till everyone headed home to get dinner ready…but we had fruit and fun.

I just can’t believe my luck at finding a house in such a wonderful neighborhood.

After things settled down we grilled out some grub and enjoyed a relaxing evening…I was so proud of MB as she took little G to her room to play after she had finished eating, giving us a little more adult time. Later as I was putting MB to bed I asked what they had done in her room. I had to laugh…she said she was teaching little G how to jump on the bed! Whooops…well at least they didn’t get hurt and they were quiet!

Now off to check out the outside TV install is going…so excited to think about football while hanging in the pool!

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How much can you do in one day

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What a day. MB was so happy to be home….she had a long list of things she wanted to do. More than possible to be done in a day…probably even too much for a week. So we hit the highlights. Pool, Chipotle, baking cupcakes, swim lessons, back to school shoes, party prep, and checking out the Kindergarten class list…

In the words of MB. “There are so many fun things to do when it is sunny out.” Very true little one and there are lots of sunny days ahead.

We walked around the new school campus today and peeked in the classroom. Mr. Kindergarten saw us and welcomed us inside. We got to find her cubby and check out the room all on our own. MB got all shy and hid in my skirt. She hasn’t done that in years, but as I told Mr. Kindergarten that won’t last long. I see a “remember to be quiet” note on her desk in the very near future.

Going to be a busy few days but I will try to keep up with the updates of Kinder prep. Pool Party & Ice Cream Social are tomorrow…gonna be fun!

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Planning a Party

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I love planning parties…but usually it is just once a year for MB’s birthday. With our new life (& friends) in AZ I think that is going to change and I am so excited.

As MB spends the last 2 weeks of summer with her dad I decided when she came back we need to have a neighborhood party to get everyone together before school starts. Remind MB of all her friends that will be joining her as she starts school!

Thanks to some of the fun blogs I follow I got the idea to do a Pool and Ice Cream Social party. Let the planning begin. I am going to try some of the crafty decorations this time versus buying…and Etsy has been such an overwhelming find. I have ideas for so many future parties!

The theme idea came from TomKat Studio. MB’s favorite colors and love the idea. Using their designs for the toppers and labels.

I also have waited for a party to do water bottle labels..and this is it! I am using Chickabug for the labels and a last-minute add of a DIY banner for the Ice Cream Shoppe.

I also found an idea for cute multi-color cupcakes at Martha Stewart and think I am going to do some mini’s that tie to the color theme to go with the ice cream…instead of brownies!

If I was a real pro MB would have an ice-cream bathing suit…maybe next year 🙂

So now I have my list ready of things to go find at Target and Michaels…and maybe the dollar store. The evite has been sent out and already at 11 and counting! MB is going to be so excited and since TB is traveling next week gives me a perfect project for the week to keep me busy at night.

I will post pictures as things start coming together….I could see this becoming an annual end of summer neighborhood party!

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Family fun and humidity

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A long weekend with family in Indy. 4 little ones ages 5 and under. Lots of giggles, a little whining, and tons of fun. Splash in HIGH humidity and bugs, which in the words of MB: “I know why people move to AZ, so they don’t have bug bites” reminded us that 110 degrees isn’t that bad if the humidity is low.

We spent majority of the weekend poolside at TB’s parents house. Unlike our pool they have a slide and a diving board. MB with her running splits & long jumps and TB doing flips. The favorite was the slide. For the first day it was just normal sliding. The 2nd day brought all different kind of combos. Forwards, backwards, on your stomach, on your back. Then the “big trick” was coming off the slide onto the boogie board and staying up. After lots of lots of practice and being told that I didn’t hold the board right (TB needed to hold the board) she had it mastered and could come down the slide, right to the boogie board and glide across the pool. What fun memories. I  know we are going to hear begging for a slide at our house soon. (wish I could post the video!)

We also had some of TB’s old friends join us with their kids at the pool for a BBQ and more pool time. Water guns were the toy of choice, for the big kids and the little kids!

Outside of the pool the kids played non-stop. I caught the girls practicing cheers in the gym. MB teaching lil Sis “up-up, down-down” with the pom-pom’s. The boys took MB for a ride around the yard in their Caddy. Enjoying summer nights…seeing fireflies. Setting off some pretty impressive fireworks.

We had a family dinner which was full of really good eats. TB’s sister-in-law makes some really good coney sauce. I say this as someone who doesn’t like coney’s but loved her sauce!!! I am waiting for the artichoke dip recipe too- another WOW. Bellies stuffed and the kids are quiet. I go upstairs to check on them and MB says “Mommy, we have been playing a really long time with no arguing, isn’t that great?”. Yes it is and I am running back downstairs quickly so as not to ruin the quiet :).

The visit was short…but one of those that fills your heart and soul with happiness and recharges you for life ahead! Even if I still feel sticky thinking about the humidity!

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Back-flips off the diving board

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After a really long week we are visiting family down in Indy. Couldn’t of planned it better…after everything we have been through this week I couldn’t be happier watching MB play with other kids and frolic around just enjoying being 5.

We slept in today with MB as she had her armed wrapped through mine in a death grip through most of the night. Waking up to 3 little ones whispering outside our door to see if we were awake yet.

After a leisurely morning we headed to TB’s parent’s house and to the pool. I had one of the moments where I just feel in love all over again with TB. The kids were frolicking in the pool, TB comes out after changing into his suit, heads straight to the diving board, he tested the bounce, then took a running start, and did a back-flip into the pool. MB was amazed. Well we all were amazed. Just another classic moment of TB being a kid with the kids. As he watered down the slide, did more flips, and just played with 4 kids single-handed I sat back and smiled. He was a natural and he was enjoying every minute. I couldn’t adore this man more. He is everything you want in a father, uncle, best buddy.

4 hours later I found myself in the pool with the same 4 kids…now while there were no back-flips in my routine I can give dolphin rides, share floats with any little one that wants to relax!

Pool, sun, laughs, cries, smiles, and tears….just another day of fun in the sun. Tomorrow we are doing it again with even more kids….hopefully I won’t forget the camera!

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I slept in my flower– WAAHHH!

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Well I should be reviewing the depositions and making my notes but instead going to get another vacation post done before I start. Much happier thoughts.

Mid-way through the vacation we opted for a more leisurely day. First stop was to Waimea Canyon (the Grand Canyon of Hawaii) which had some incredible views. At a couple of the stops we found more chickens so again Maddieattempted with no luck to catch one. Our first plan had been for a hike, but due to late start of the day and a sleepy little one we decided to just check the views out and move on.

On the drive back to the Lihue, Maddie was out and we enjoyed the beach views and a quick drive through some rugged road to see what was left of  a Russian Fort. One of those see the signs pull off to check it out and all you see is a rugged road, a wonderful beach, and what could either be a pile of rocks or a rubble of some old fort.

We then made it to a waterfall that we had heard about from other hikers Monday…it was one where you could jump off it so desired. We woke up Maddie who was über excited to put on her bathing suit and follow the jungle trail to the waterfall. The waterfall was a little higher than expected so after Todd and I exchanged a few glances and watched some adults jump we decided it was too much for Maddie. She disagreed and was more than a little disappointed that she couldn’t go in. We took some photos, listened to endless whining…even tried to take her to the edge so she would chicken out…but no luck – she wanted to jump.

Todd quickly distracted with the enticement of going back to the hotel pool and swimming. It worked, we took off and dashed to the pool. At the pool we made some friends and so did Maddie and enjoyed a few hours of splashing in the pool and relaxing in the hot tub.

Then it was time for “date night”. Maddie’s idea. We were both so happy with ourtour guides first couple days that we wanted to say thanks…so Maddie came up with the idea on taking him on Date night. Remembering our first “family date night” of going to see Shrek 4. So we go dressed…Maddie found a flower for her hair and we were off to enjoy some good Italian food and each other.

Another exhausted crew we went right to sleep…Maddie with the flower in her hair. This made for some fun the next morning when Maddie woke up and when she saw a petal in the bed went from happy girl to “I slept on my flower…WAAAAAHHHH”. This made us all crack up (well first Todd and I, then Maddie followed when we repeated what she had done) and became a constant joke by all 3 of us for the rest of the trip!

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A lazy day

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Tuesday was our lazier day. We had to do a room move, which wasn’t so much fun and we lost our view in the process. A little complaining didn’t get us much and after we were just too busy to care.

We started off the morning with breakfast at a local joint. We went for the pancakes but that was just the beginning. First off the bacon was some of the best island bacon ever! Even better was Maddie, who doesn’t much care for eggs. Fell in love with the “hawaiian-style” eggs. Now they were just scrambled and folded over like an omelet..but for Madison is was a whole new egg. She devoured one and wanted more. Usually we have to make her eat a couple bites but no longer. I see many more Hawaiian style egg breakfasts in our future.

We then went back to the hotel and enjoyed a good couple hours of pool time. Lots of crazy throws by best buddy and just plain goofing around in the pool. No complaints by anyone.

We made the room move and headed over to play 18 holes of golf. Maddie’s first time on the golf course (past the driving range) and she had a blast. She loved washing our golf balls, learned how to properly rake the sand, and driving the cart. The ranger told her before we took off she could have a chicken if she could catch one. Maddie took him seriously and tried her hardest to catch one…she wasn’t successful but it gave us a few laughs especially when she got a little freaked out that the momma chicken didn’t like her going after the little chicks. We ended up getting rained on a couple skipped a few holes to get to the ocean front tees. The 16th hole was amazing and Todd hit a perfect tee shot as we looked past the ocean to themountains…we quickly then finished up before the heavy rain set in. What fun to all play golf together…now just need to find more time to work on my game.

We opted for a nice dinner out..Roy’s. Wow, amazing is all I can say. The food was incredible. Incredible. Great fish. Unbelievable Ahi Tuna. We were happy to see that there is one in Scottsdale. I expect us to be back to Roy’s within the next month or so. That good! We finished up the evening with Lava Cake. Taking turns going around the table for our bites and resisting the urge to lick the plate…Lava Cake and the 3 of us is quite an entertaining site.

Next to Roy’s was a great little art gallery…and while I think I have my days confused we did at Maddie’s request one night check out the gallery.  She loved all the sculptures and paintings. On the ride home she talked to us about why she appreciated art. It was such a great explanation. Saying that art has meaning and is made for people you love so they can enjoy it. How she enjoys making art to share with others and how she enjoys seeing what art people have made for her to enjoy. Sometimes I can not squeeze her hard enough…so precious!

Just another day in paradise with my lovebugs!

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Saturday Bliss

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What a perfect Saturday, and not just cause I am in a good mood that vacation starts tomorrow.

The day started off by all 3 lovebugs snuggled in bed lazily preparing for the day. Chatting, watching TV, looking at the computer till our bellies started to rumble.

We then headed out to breakfast and enjoyed some yummy food sitting outside at the Breakfast Joynt.

Then it was off to do a little shopping we all needed hats for our trip to Hawaii. Then Target for more sunscreen and a birthday present for our friend Kendall.

Home for a quick nap and a little World Cup, and we headed off to the Aquatic Center for a fun birthday party. Our first trip to the community pool (complete w/ diving boards, raft slides, and a lazy river) Maddie was extremely excited and as we walked up said “This is going to be the best party ever”.

We saw our friends then proceeded to do round after round through the lazy river. Taking turns getting each other soaked by the buckets or other fountains. I must admit the lazy river was a wonderful idea for a community pool. What better way to enjoy your afternoon than to float on a raft. We couldn’t do the diving board or slide yet– Maddie has about 4 more inches to go…but no one really cared. The lazy river was just fine.

Even with pizza and birthday cake as we left the pool, best buddy decided it was the start of vacation and what better than a trip to DQ. Blizzards all around…then Maddie come home and asked for something healthy for dinner. One thing summer, sun, and lots of pool time brings on is a healthy appetite. Now off for bedtime showers and packing for vacation. YEAH!!!!!

My happy little family makes me smile…and it was really special to see Maddie so proud of us (especially best buddy) today too 🙂

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