No Camelbacks before bed

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First off I need sleep. A full night of uninterrupted sleep. I haven’t had one good night in over a week. Between staying up late one night working on changing the bathroom hardware. To another night getting sucked into Avatar and then a few nights of getting up with MB I haven’t had a good long night sleep in a while. I need one.

Anyway the other night after having a sushi fest. TB wanted to go out for a family walk…get the blood moving and a little exercise. Sounded like a good idea…it had finally cooled off and someone had a little pent-up energy from no playground time. It was the first hike/walk we had done since MB got her new camelback so TB filled it up and off we went. Was a good walk…everything was good till about 2am.

So we came home and I put MB to bed after making sure she went to the potty. Sometime later in the night TB asked if I had made sure MB went potty…as he commented she drank almost all of her camelback…its about a liter so quite a bit of water. I said I did but I knew right then it probably wasn’t good enough. I thought about going to partially wake her up and go potty…but I didn’t. I should have. Why did I not say the Camelback was a bad idea….but I didn’t want to ruin their fun.

About 2am I hear my name being called from the other side of the house. Weak and weepy like. Oh boy I knew what had happened. The 3rd time in her 5 and 3/4 years of life that we have had a wet bed. Poor thing is always so upset, but no worries I stripped the bed and set her up on the couch. Sometime in the middle of the morning she moved into our bed…should I mention she sleeps like a starfish, we need a KING sized bed soon. I need a good night sleep. I need a full night of uninterrupted, no foot in my back….one night.

Fingers crossed that tonight will be that night. Meanwhile, TB learned a valuable parenting lesson. No Camelbacks before bed.

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Missing the laughter…

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Well not the horse..but when his image popped up I did smile.

TB makes me laugh. Even when I don’t want to he makes me laugh.

I know he will read this but he knows he makes me laugh..even when I try hard not to.

Laughter is happiness.

I love that he makes me laugh.

I love that he makes MB giggle.

I miss the funnies when he is gone.

He tries to get out of trouble with funnies. Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t.

But when he is home so is the laughter. There is always laughter. Always.

I am enjoying the quiet time. I am enjoying some unusual for me girlfriend time. A wonderful morning walk with a neighbor. A girls nights out tomorrow. I am getting lots of things crossed off the task list. But I am missing the laughter.

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