Let’s get our speed on

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Ok here comes the cheesy running girl. I am getting pumped about the idea of running this half-marathon and love to keep challenging myself with increasing my distances and paces.

Today was a speed workout. Half-mile fast, half-mile easy for about 3.5 miles. It’s funny…I realized after my warm up that was half the distance of a normal daily run that I was just getting started and I wasn’t even feeling anything. Then I got my speed on. My first half mile was a 9min/mile pace my 3rd half mile was a 9min 18 second mile pace. Wow! To date I have been doing anywhere from 11 to 11:30 min/miles. Today’s 3.5 miles were collectively at a 10:30min pace. I guess those trainers know what they are doing with the speed workouts.

I have one of these type of workouts each week as I increase the distance and I can see how over time this is going to overall speed up my base running pace. The funny thing as I finish I was smiling looking forward to my weekend long and easy run. Did I just say easy run????

Yes I did. Actually my next goal is to get to a distance that TB can’t manage 🙂

He has been super busy lately and hasn’t been able to keep up with the training. Last weekend he just got up and ran 4miles on Sunday with none of the other training. (I think he first run in 2 weeks) Oh I might of already complained about that. Anyway I can’t wait till he tries to go out and run the current distance and can’t.

Just a little competitive I know….but it is just so frustrating! to work so hard and then have him go do it without a bit of training. So come on 8 miles…that will stump him….I hope!

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Training is moving along

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So this week I logged 16miles. I can’t believe I am running in the double digits for the week. And enjoying it.

The big accomplishment this week was getting into the 4 mile range. Furthest distance for me yet in running. When I hit the 4miles it still felt good.

I did most of my runs around the neighborhood which means the big hills though I have started avoiding the really big one as I increase the distances. After running the same route 2 different times I was able to do the 2nd run beating my pace by 30 seconds. I don’t know if I was just more rested, or getting used to the hills and extra distance but it felt good to not only get the miles in but a little faster too.

Saturday I did another first….now usually TB is my running partner but until cools of a little bit more we are alternating mornings on our runs. When we run together I don’t talk (I can’t :)) so I usually get TB started and listen. On Saturday I went running with a neighbor. We headed down into the valley a little bit- got a little shade and some flat running tracks. We did our 4 miles and I pretty much talked the entire time….seriously 80% of me was chatting. Not a chatterbox like my girl….I was answering questions…and maybe a little chatter. She loved it as it made the run go easier and faster- was her first 4mile run. I was amazed that I was able to hold the conversation. Just shows that I am getting in better running shape and time to start pushing it further.

With the training schedule, Daisy troop, work and just life I haven’t been able to keep up with the yoga schedule like I would like…but tonight TB and I headed over to Yin (holding deep long poses). Wow it was hurtful in some cases while I tried to open up my hips and quads– but feels so good. I think Yin is going to have to become a regular part of the training routine to keep me open!

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Running in Florida

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So I am on week 2 of my training plan.

This week it is

Monday- Strength Training

Tuesday- Run 35 min

Wed- Cross Training 30-45

Thursday- a speed/interval workout

Saturday- run 3 miles

I am in Florida for the Tuesday run and OMG…running flat is so different. I got outside and started running and it felt like I could run forever…not really but I definitely was feeling a lot stronger than I do at home. The hills I met were like ant hills so nothing that really slowed me down…it shaved about 45 seconds of my pace and just felt so good. Now the humidity was a different story- I don’t believe I have every sweat that much. Cleaned the pores out for sure.

It was funny running through campus. I was not a runner in college. It just wasn’t even something I thought of. As I ran and enjoyed how beautiful the campus was I thought what a waste. I had so much more time in college and was 10 years younger than I am today…why didn’t I ever get out and run.

Well there are probably a million reasons, (like sleeping in versus getting up at 6am for a run) but one I realized was back then I used to workout inside a lot. In fact for so long it was always working out inside. That was till the stress of life got to be so much and I felt like I spent all of my life indoors- sitting behind a desk or in a meeting room for most of the day. I craved the fresh air and openness to release that stress. I didn’t have that feeling in college. I am lucky that I live somewhere now where I can run outside as I realize that part of what makes me love the sport is that I am outside doing it.

I would never have taken on the half-marathon challenge if I was doing it on a treadmill. Never. Never.

Looking forward to my speed workout on Thursday. Not just because I will get to do it sans hills…but because I am looking forward to getting one last glance around campus via the eyes of a runner.

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Training for a Half-Marathon

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Am I nuts?

Yes, I am.

But I am up for the challenge and really want to see if I can tackle a full Marathon in 2012 so this is the first step.

A friend kinda talked me into it and then I got a few of my neighbors on board and TB too (well almost)

The training plan I got actually looks pretty reasonable, but I still cringe at thinking about running 8 miles let alone 13.

So this week was week 1. Actually week 4 on the plan, but the plan is stair-step from nothing to a 5K, to 10K, to a half.

This week was

Monday- Cross-Train

Tues- Speed Interval Running

Wed- Strength Training

Thur- 30min run

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 2miles

Sunday Rest

So far it is all feeling really good. It is amazing considering I was a non-runner this time last year to find that 30min of running in the AZ hills feels good, but it does.

I actually have been cheating a little and hiking/walking on the rest days…but so far it isn’t hurting so I am going to keep it up. It is my neighbor chat time and I don’t want to give it up…she would love to train with me but being pregnant puts her out this year.

I am laughing as I write this as I expect in about a month you are going to read some pretty miserable, whinny posts, but for now I am in high spirits.

Here we go…..

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