Cloudy with a Chance of Crazy

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Well I am falling down on the blog this week as I continue trying to come to an “revised” agreement with my ex. I will leave it at that, unfortunately while I find other blogs a great place where people are able to journal their lives and find support this is one topic I don’t feel “safe” talking about.

So while I won’t talk details…I will say that no matter what this is one of the most stressful things in life a parent can endure. Fortunately I am no longer in this alone and TB is nothing less than wonderful. My mom is right there every step of the way as well. All stressed but all dealing with it differently. Everyone knows “emotionally eating”. We could be a commercial for it this week.  Day 1: TB barely eats, I bounce between no eating and comfort food, Mom craves sweets. Day 2: Today we spent with MB so balancing out the stress and its a normal food day. Day 3: TB barely eats till the day is done (and crazy came to town), I am able to eat slightly during the day but not at the end of the day as the decision factor is just too much. So what will tomorrow bring….I guess the one thing I know for sure we will be picking up food of some sort as soon as we get MB tomorrow.  Not a diet plan I would recommend to anyone…but I know the scale will make me proud on Monday.

I also continue to realize that true friendship and family know no distance. A support network doesn’t need to be “there” to be present. I have amazing friends/family that are there. They might be in Texas, Kentucky, Florida, the Caribbean, and a number of other states but their hearts, minds, and thoughts are here with me. The strength one can pull from that ever-present support is wonderful. I am so lucky.

Looking forward to happier posts this weekend….we are heading to see family and I can think of nothing I would rather do now then have fun and play with 4 kids under 6. Their innocence and look on life is what I need right now.

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Digging through dirt

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I am sleepy but can’t go to bed. What a day. I have spent the day plowing through lots and lots of data, listening to tapes, watching videos. Playing back lots and lots of memories and moments I would rather forget. I balanced out the stress with a good hard swim in the pool and getting my hair done. Always feels good to get your hair done. Even better to have someone wonderful to come back to that could give a big support squeeze.

Now I am done digging through the dirt for the day and sitting down to watch “Pretty Little Liars”…I am getting sucked in to this show…with my luck it will get cancelled right when I am hooked. That happened to me with Lipstick Jungle. But I would rather be climbing into bed….but I can’t.

I can’t cause the boys are in their working right now installing a new one. One that can be seen without having to peer through the rails of the foot-board. I am so excited…and this is just the first step of the TV project. Stay tuned for photos…think college football while sitting in the pool!

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The night guard is in

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Today was a whammy of a day. First day back to work after a wonderful vacation…never easy. On the agenda was also getting fitted for a night guard. A lovely new addition to my bedtime regime thanks to the added stress my ex has brought into my life. If the lawyer bills, constant battling, worrying, and sleepless night weren’t enough now I get headaches from grinding my teeth at night. So each night I get to put in this sexy little night guard and hope it corrects the problem. The dentist said if I can reduce the stress it should go away in 6mths… I think I will be wearing the night guard for quite a while, but a girl can dream.

For now I am going to google night guard and dogs as the dentist said if I had a dog I needed to be very careful with the night guard. One of the materials used to make the guard is really enticing to dogs and they will seek it out and chew it to shreds. For now we have no dog..but I have to admit I am curious what is in this guard that I will wear while I sleep each night that attracts and excites dogs. It also raises the question if we get a dog soon….will I have to lock the doors at night to keep from getting attacked???

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