How much can you do in one day

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What a day. MB was so happy to be home….she had a long list of things she wanted to do. More than possible to be done in a day…probably even too much for a week. So we hit the highlights. Pool, Chipotle, baking cupcakes, swim lessons, back to school shoes, party prep, and checking out the Kindergarten class list…

In the words of MB. “There are so many fun things to do when it is sunny out.” Very true little one and there are lots of sunny days ahead.

We walked around the new school campus today and peeked in the classroom. Mr. Kindergarten saw us and welcomed us inside. We got to find her cubby and check out the room all on our own. MB got all shy and hid in my skirt. She hasn’t done that in years, but as I told Mr. Kindergarten that won’t last long. I see a “remember to be quiet” note on her desk in the very near future.

Going to be a busy few days but I will try to keep up with the updates of Kinder prep. Pool Party & Ice Cream Social are tomorrow…gonna be fun!

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Prelude to our weekend in Indy

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Our last vacation of the summer. We headed to Indy to see family and friends….it was a much-needed break after spending some time in the Franklin Courthouse.

Before we could begin our family fun my ex was determined to have MB dance in what he called a “recital”. Now MB has missed 3 recitals over the past couple years due to my ex. Recitals with costumes, dance classes that she has attended for years….this was a 4 day camp with a 15min show at the end. Of course he worked up MB to be so excited about it that we couldn’t disappoint. TB and I spent the afternoon in Cbus playing games, getting a special hair-do, and having dinner before the big show. With nothing else to do TB and I attended the whole class. The whole 2 hours of babysitting. There was a little leaping, a little dancing, snack time, arts and crafts, and the best was coloring!

Even better none of the girls were dressed in leotards except MB. Did I mention there were 3 girls? The glass started with 2 and then a friend of the teacher came in…so we had 3. In their everyday clothes and flip-flop. Even the teacher laughed when we asked when the recital was.

So after 2 hours my ex showed up with his entourage…he brought 6 other family members including himself. The other 2 girls just had a parent for pick up and I think a sibling was in tow. Yes we looked like a nutty family. They did their dance steps following the teacher who held her notebook the whole time so she could remember the steps. All this so we couldn’t leave till 9pm for a 3 hour drive home. Another poor move by my ex.

Fortunately at the end the teacher just put on the disco ball and let the kids dance. Well MB is a dancing queen…she loves our dance parties and she pulled out all her moves. Even grabbing TB for a flip mid-dance. She was in her groove. Not surprising the ex and his family were in shock, they had never seen her dance– this was all new to them???? I don’t even know how that is possible- dance parties happen weekly in our house and I have caught MB many a night turning up the radio and just busting a move. That was enough to make me smile…MB and her moves and confirming how clueless my ex is about MB.

To celebrate MB’s dance off we found a DQ and enjoyed small blizzards. Once again I had mine to myself while TB and MB swapped out their’s each trying to find the biggest piece of cookie.

With full bellies and full hearts we started out 3 hour drive and landed in Indy safe and sound at 1am.

Proof is in the pictures 🙂

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The Heat is on

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It official, the Heat is On. Today was the start of “monsoon” season…but no rain. Just hot.

To document the occasion I got my first burn. Nope not a sunburn. Got my body covered with all the  right levels of sunscreen by the way how in 10 years have we gone from 15SPF to 100SPF?

Ok back to my burn. I burned my hand on the garage door. Now here is the interesting part- it wasn’t t  the outside exposed to the intense sun- it was the inside of the door.

I had just collected all the trash around the house and was taking it out for the night. I watched into the sauna, whoops sorry the garage, and open the door. As I go to unlatch the screen-door my thumb gets burned. Hot, hot, hot. Now the screen-door is metal and black and after further investigation I believe the sun hits that latch- but WOW. It was hot, but I didn’t realize it would leave a mark. It did.

As I walked to the mailbox, enduring the 105 degrees, getting a little sticky – enough to make me think maybe I would get in the pool and scrub the tiles tonight. Just an excuse to cool off from my 15min walk outside. As I am walking back I notice my the big red spot on my thumb. Yep- my first burn. The first of many I imagine. Have decided the pool can wait till tomorrow- after a good hard run. That is if my bum ankle and burned thumb don’t keep me down…is it just Tuesday??? At this rate, with an incident a day, I might want to re-think the Grand Canyon hike.

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Is the heat on?

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Ok so it is week one of our first summer in Scottsdale. I am learning a few new things each day.

Like today I hear the A/C go on and then feel heat and smell what I think is the furnace. I go running to the thermostat, is the heat on? Nope. Ok maybe it was a fluke. Then it happens a couple more times during the day.

I finally go into Todd and say is something wrong with our A/C- why does it feel like the heat is going on. Do you feel that? Fortunately he does so I am not going nuts. Turns out when it’s over 100 outside the ducts and pipes can get a little warm so when the A/C goes on it has to pump all that hot air out before the cool air gets going. Makes sense doesn’t it.

Fortunately it only lasts for a minute or so, but it still catches me off guard each time the A/C kicks on.

Now on to getting my bum burned by the hot seat after leaving the car out in the sun for the afternoon…my neighbors are warning me of all the “hot” things to watch out for, but I am sure I will be learning by example this summer.

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She packed her bag

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So today Todd’s brother and family are coming into town and we are taking a short trip up to the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff. Last night I grabbed Maddie’s bag and put it in her room, ready for us to pack up in the morning.

This morning as I slept in (7am) I heard Maddie talking away. Chatter, chatter, chatter. After Todd and Maddie came in to wake me up with a javelina scare Maddie proceeded to tell me she was all packed. She brought the bag in for me to inspect. As I was pulling items out of the bag she told me what she had packed. 2 Sleeping buddies, 2 books, toys, the outfit Nana got me, something cute to wear, pajamas, bows, toothpaste, toothbrush….and she did just that. I was surprised to find that she packed everything she would need for a weekend away (though 3 bathing suits was probably 2 too many). She even had shampoo and her bag of hair stuff. The only thing missing were hiking shoes and pants to Nana’s outfit.

We gave her an A.

Now if only I could get her to pack my bag too!

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Life is good

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As we drove Maddie to her last day of school before summer break. Maddie sat in the backseat and said: “Life is good”. Todd and I chuckled and agreed. Life is good.

About 10min before we were ready to head out the door Maddie reminded me that she wanted to write a shirt like her friend did for school. “Kinder in Training”. Now we had talked about it last night and had discussed doing a fancy one this weekend, but seeing as it was the last day of school she decided today was the day.

Todd scrambled and found a long white shirt that wouldn’t make it till next season. I searched down a black permanent marker. Then with a few snips of the sleeves, some extra snips to make it fancy, we had our last day of school shirt. Maddie was tickled pink. As we walked her into school she stopped each teacher she saw and had them read the back of her shirt. It definitely wasn’t Martha Stewart quality in my eyes but it was in her’s…so a win/win.

Last Day of Primary...Kinder in Training

So proud of her shirt!

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