First soccer practice of the season

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Well we have another hit. This girl just loves it all. We are going to have to start being pickier…I think we have hit our limit on activities.

So we headed out this weekend for MB’s first soccer practice and game of the season. It was 110 degrees and hot. TB and I managed to sweat more than you can imagine and end up with our first burn of the season, yes right when summer is over.

We love the soccer club though. The coach was great, really worked the kids with drills and fundamentals. Plenty of water breaks. Which were so cute. TB would hold up the towel and I would hold up the water- MB would run to us and grab the towel as she ran around our chairs and come up on the other side to get the water. She was in full spirit of the game.

After about 40min of practice they started their game. No goalies for this league and they did 6 on 6 and then 4 on 4 and 3 on 3. MB had the ringer on her team and he quickly scored the first goal. TB and I were both really surprised to see out right in the middle of the action MB was. She was right in their pushing and kicking and going after the ball.

She scored the 2nd goal and it was her first. Talk about a confidence builder. She was so bumped. I didn’t manage to get any photos but it was too cute to see the kids high fiving each other and really being supportive. Loved it.

The white team (MB’s team) ended up wining 5-0 and she loved it all.

Now TB and I have gotten some more breathable chairs in hopes that will keep the sweat down next weekend….that and hopefully temps below the 100’s.

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What is on your DVD shelf

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So tonight was part 2 of the bedroom TV installation….and a surprise addition, BlueRay player. Since I can count the number of movies that we have watched in the last 6mths on one hand (make that one finger) not sure how much use it will get. But as TB said MB will love it for movie nights. Guess we will be moving movie night to our room 🙂

I shouldn’t tease…it’s a nice setup and maybe it will give us an excuse to watch more movies. I heard you can download movies straight from netflix so that could lead to more impromptu movie watching. That being said, very soon I will be decreasing my monthly trips to OH (this should be read with much enthusiasm but also some stress as upcoming court dates are still looming) which is where I watch all my chick flix I might find myself with more movie desire too. The one thing we can’t count on is rainy days for movies…but no complaints on that. Just today we had lunch outside in the 110 weather and we both commented on how good the warm air felt…I love being warm. I relate the AZ summer (when in the shade) to be cuddled up in a blanket. Who doesn’t love that.

With MB at her dad’s this month it is so quiet and driving me a little nuts already (its only been 5 days!)…I have some books to read but I have found with the stress of court that I can only keep my attention in a book for so long. So tonight I have turned to TV…thankfully I have a couple old favs that I can set to DVR and will keep me company. So you think you can Dance and Big Brother. So now I will settle in with a glass of wine and my DVR to catch up on some TV.  Hope this will distract me for the night.

Wow I just realized I rambled on and forgot the starting thought of my post (hopefully you have bared with me)…as they were finishing testing the setup of the new TV and Blueray I was asked for a DVD. Hmm…where did we put that box. Oh wait there is a My Little Pony DVD on the counter (a recent gift to MB)…should I be embarrassed as I handed our incredibly talented neighbor (who has a darling boy- but no girl now, well at least for another 6mths) our available DVD selection. I had to laugh…and it was pretty funny to hear them in there testing it all out with some giggling girly soundtrack playing on the movie. So I ask the question if you were asked right now for a DVD what would be in your reach? Something for you or something for your kids? I realize that if it wasn’t My Little Pony it would have been Shrek, Toy Story, or Princess and the Frog. The odds were never in my favor that it would be something adult or cool.

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Sunscreen, please.

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I am curious how much sunscreen we are going to go through this summer. When we moved in and emptied the boxes between the 2 of us we had about 10 various bottles that were probably in some cases over 4 years old. Ohio  and NY didn’t need much sunscreen.

Times are a changing, I have already had to buy sunscreen 3 different times since we moved to Arizona and I see it becoming something of a standard on the shopping list. I started wondering just how many bottles we are going to go through this summer. Of the original 10 we unpacked I think 7 are left…but part of the problem is those are from the days before the spray can. I have to say I have decided other than my face I am a spray girl. It is just too easy, not just for the kids but for me. So I will save those for the guests!

Tonight I went out to lay-out and read after the workday was done and it was so simpler to just spray it on and plop down on the chaise. Not to mention no greasy hands for handling my Kindle.  Yet the spray can seems to empty out a lot sooner. Combined with being outside getting sun somewhere between 5-7 days a week there are going to be a lot more bottles of sunscreen in my future. More than we had in the past, and definitely more than I had in Florida. That is only because back then I was in the dumb, stupid phase of dark tanning oil with no spf. Or hours of swim practice with no sunscreen on at all. Ahh to be young and foolish with no thoughts of aging skin or future skin damage.

Now off to the store for more sunscreen, and deciding if what spf for what part of the body. 12spf for the legs, 30 for the arms, and what for the face- 100? Oh the science of tanning properly has just got a lot more complicated.

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The Heat is on

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It official, the Heat is On. Today was the start of “monsoon” season…but no rain. Just hot.

To document the occasion I got my first burn. Nope not a sunburn. Got my body covered with all the  right levels of sunscreen by the way how in 10 years have we gone from 15SPF to 100SPF?

Ok back to my burn. I burned my hand on the garage door. Now here is the interesting part- it wasn’t t  the outside exposed to the intense sun- it was the inside of the door.

I had just collected all the trash around the house and was taking it out for the night. I watched into the sauna, whoops sorry the garage, and open the door. As I go to unlatch the screen-door my thumb gets burned. Hot, hot, hot. Now the screen-door is metal and black and after further investigation I believe the sun hits that latch- but WOW. It was hot, but I didn’t realize it would leave a mark. It did.

As I walked to the mailbox, enduring the 105 degrees, getting a little sticky – enough to make me think maybe I would get in the pool and scrub the tiles tonight. Just an excuse to cool off from my 15min walk outside. As I am walking back I notice my the big red spot on my thumb. Yep- my first burn. The first of many I imagine. Have decided the pool can wait till tomorrow- after a good hard run. That is if my bum ankle and burned thumb don’t keep me down…is it just Tuesday??? At this rate, with an incident a day, I might want to re-think the Grand Canyon hike.

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