Breakfast in Bed= More Energy

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I don’t know where she got the idea. Though I think it might be from a commercial on Disney.

MB had decided she was going to make me breakfast in bed.

So I was told I must stay in bed.

Which I did.

We made it easy on her and there were doughnuts to pass out.

She took our order and one by one she brought them in on napkins.

She of course saved the chocolate one for herself.

She was smart enough to know not to climb in bed with hers.

She stood and ate it. Before she was finished I believe TB was up with the vacuum and was busy vacuuming on and off for the next 15min.

As I am eating, and starting to become more alert. I realize she had taken a long time in the kitchen to just get 3 doughnuts.

I turned to her and said ‘did you make a mess in the kitchen?”

She grins.

I sigh.

She says “but Mommy, when you get breakfast in bed you have more energy to clean up my mess”

What can you say to that.

I said nothing.

I gave her a super big hug.

Went about the day with smiles.

And let TB clean up the mess 🙂

She was right I do have more energy. And am thankful she didn’t try to make a healthier breakfast.

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Red Carpet with a 5 year old

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Here are word by word quotes from MB as we watched the E! Emmy Red Carpet.

“That is the guy from AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!” (Nigel L.)

“Oh mom look at that dress….it just has too much black and the way it just hangs. Not pretty” (didn’t get the name :()

“whooo, whoo…I love that dress, I love it, I love it. She is so pretty” (a blond in a red dress)

“When is Hannah Montana going to get up?”

“Who is that…he is funny” (Tracy Morgan)

p.s. How happy am I that she loves watching this as much as I do.

Poor TB kept turning the radio up louder and louder. His favorite line was a girl from Glee to Kim Kardashian, who said “I am a big fan”….his response- fan of what?? I love the way you walk around the house with you family and get filmed???

And I thought Claire Danes just looked incredible. Incredible!!!!!!!

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